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Apr 2020
The golden goddess looks around the cold dark house of horrors and see a large light shining from a room upstairs. The  golden warriors follow the horses up the stairs to look  at the bight light ad a large tunnel in a bright red room.

A frantic golden goddess leads  our army up towards the room while the black creatures begin to break down the cold doors of evil.  At that point the gargoyles fly down from the large black  mountain  and start to attack our brave bodies in the house.

We all quickly run down the  dimly lit tunnel towards another  bright light below. the evil black creatures begin coming up the stairs firing laser shots at our warriors  heads. Our army manages  to blow some of the dark creatures apart with  our glowing cyber swords of hate while running down the tunnel.

After reaching the end of the tunnel  we become trapped inside this big green world of plants and trees everywhere. The dark creatures turn back halfway down  the tunnel laughing at our warriors of hope.

All of a sudden  thousands of green goblins appear in front of us surrounding our full army with hate and anger across their deep red faces. We are all made to stand in a line on the  green grass of  goblin land.

The gremlins point their  big machine guns of hate at our bodies making us throw our weapons on the cold  green grass of horror.  An army of gremlins  march us down towards a bubbling orange river  and make us all strip to the smiling hordes of other goblin creatures.

I look in to the eyes of luitent megs while four goblin monsters force  the underwear off her shaken body. we are all made to sit in a big steel cage of horror while the goblins lead tow naked  warriors to a long  blue pole.
The golden goddess and her army watch while the  goblins begin to cut off each finger of the brave warriors  hand. We all scream anger at the goblins while they  begin cutting the poor souls  faces off with a large glowing red sword.

A disgusted golden goddess screams in terror while the bodies fall to the the floor faceless with eyes and noses lying in the thick mud of evil. The horses  bounce up and down in anger at the goblins evil  tricks of horror.

We all  lay down in the damp cold smelly cage of hatred  while the big blue moon shines over the world of the goblins.  The green goblins guards sit and watch our defeated bodies in cold cage of hate.

written by wayne mockler
ownership and copyright wayne mockler
adult horror
wayne mockler
Written by
wayne mockler
   Bogdan Dragos
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