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Floresville...    Seashells and prayers.
Here is a girl who loves to write, read and fidget with circuits. An Engineer-cum-Writer..I do a lot of things like poetry, photography and painting.. ...
Saul Makabim
What does it matter...
Asha Nicole
I myself can speak only so loudly, say only so much and feel only so deeply. My poetry does the rest. Everything within me eventually ...
CA Guilfoyle
F/Tucson, AZ    Being in nature and the wilds, this is my truest love. - My Poetry on Thru Media CA Guilfoyle aka CA Colbert
Katharine Kvh
Just a girl.
MacKenzie Turner
I really like how this black and white photo makes me look like a professional.
Amanda Neufeld
They tell me I live in my head. Maybe I can offer you a window to look in, or open one to look out.
Clemence Huet
I makes no promise for words of wisdom. This is merely alphabet spaghetti, badly arranged into a mismatch of fragile phrases.
Loxlei Blaire
That skull had a tongue in it and could sing once.
27/M/Fremont, CA    Write me a picture.
In need of a Friend
He has a way with his words, that makes me swoon.
Grab a gun step inside
David Hostetter
Things fall together.
edna ellwood
Paige Walker
My muse visites me from time to time and lately this inspiration has been pestering me about going public with some of my writings. As ...
Linaji is a writer and artist. Her work can be found at: and .
She said: "You're the most expressive person I've ever met." And I think I can live with that.
C Rosser
Ahmad Cox
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