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 Jan 2013 Vivek
Oh silly,
you travel miles
from your owner
the beauty of the globe
rib cage, torso, and body
you finicky
little thing
you annoy me so
you jump from
stranger's hearts
to stranger's hearts
lavishing in their adoration
and unusual beauty
you trapse around
masquereding yourself
as an authentic barer
of real love
a skilled actress
this world
that your owner,
is right there with you
all along
Oh you tormenting
amber *****

Here I am
always stretched
in two places at once.
be still, my heart.
 Dec 2012 Vivek
Abhilasha Roy
If frozen clouds of cancer wind
floated through this cavern grey,

and found us, waiting for each other
drunken on a pensive day-
  I would take them into me
'cause, love- there is no other way.
I usually write poetry paired with illustrations. And this piece was born out of an image too. This is a great site, and I was keen on sharing my work. The imagery however cannot be uploaded here.

For anyone that is interested- this is my link-
It seems to me that I love you
and I'll show you this poem in a few months
when you ask me how I feel about you
or if by then you love me too
but maybe by then you'll have better things to do

your eyes are glossy and I sneak
a look and I layed my head near your neck
and shook while I feel your heartbeat against my cheek
and hopefully you'll hear me screaming in my head

*kiss me
kiss me
kiss me
 Dec 2012 Vivek
William Fischer
A caress,
    A captivating touch,
    A smile gone.
    But not resented.
    What remains?
     The burden
     Or the freedom?
    That I no longer wish
    For such affection.
 Dec 2012 Vivek
 Dec 2012 Vivek
I'm smiling as I write this
feeling a burst of bright
light up my insides
My hair is bouncy
from all the floating thoughts
of beauty
twirling throughout my brain

I have a smirky
quirky little step
and I  might swim up to the ceiling
in the ocean of glee
that surrounds me
the little fish
of freedom
will join on the journey
of joy

My lashes are catching
stars shooting from my pupils
instead of thick aligator tears of sadness
And I'm frolicking on cloud nine
a cozy little comfort of cotton

My darling it's true
I'm ******* finally over you.
 Dec 2012 Vivek
Your rails, my ways,
Your wheels, my speeds,
Your trees, my greens,
Your wind,my sting,
Your rain, my gain,
Your drops, my crops,
Your clouds, my shadows,
Your lanes, my cranes,
Your field ,my scenes,
Your farms, my charms,
Your ponds ,my swans,
Your streams, my dreams,
These lives, are strides,
My life, confides,
Without your's, mines' lost,
Mines' alive, on your's cost
 Dec 2012 Vivek
Tanvi Mittal
I am gazing at an evening sky,
So fascinating! That these words are deprived to imply
It seems like a huge canvas,
That nature has painted so brilliantly taking its own time.
And with all its instinct & power that made it a bit divine.
It is certainly an incomparable art piece,
With fringes of scattered clouds amidst reflecting the rambling rays of setting sun
Best illustrating the sapient strokes of most blended colours that an artist can learn.
And that soothing cold breeze that flows through my fingers strengthening the happiness of being here.
And the whole scenery so elegant,
Stealing my contemplation so well,
That I feel unable to move my eyes from there.

I kept on staring it till the last emitted ray of the drowning sun dove into the deep darkened horizon
and the twinkling stars came, indicating the advent of another night of this beautiful autumn season.
 Dec 2012 Vivek
Jwala Kay
You became my convict,
a murderer of my happy days,
a cigar that I puffed the wrong way,
an terminal illness
that I would take no pill for,
my best deal to die
o'er a brokenheart,
my final destination
when I am lost and broke,
the reason to meet a tailor
for my suit,
to go into a coffin;
when you could have been
by my side
and into all that I ever dreamt about
as I planned rest of my life with you.
You could have been my Snoopy,
for I could have been your only
You could have been my lover, my escort,
my bride hanging onto the other side of my lips.
Goodnight now, Mrs. Sanders!
Goodnight so long, so far!
An untold love!
 Dec 2012 Vivek
Jwala Kay
It was not like any other moment.
I was standing in my ward.
The ever dark and cold closure.
My dampened single-bed room.
My four-walled medium.
While, it was outside, so calm and still
Must be hibernating.
But poor creature, it waited
Waited, just a handspan
away from my window pane.
And my bolted glass window
did not welcome it.
And so it waited, settled
Closely watching another soul like itself.

I stood more like a rock
Staring at that pallid one.
Communicating in dead-muteness.
A despirited eye-contact.
In a moment or so, I slash
Slash my burdened eyebrows
O'er my wet eyeballs.
Apologizing for my plight
Of unexplainable helplessness.
And it waited there, calm and still,
Hearing my unspoken Testimony.

Thus we waited staring at each other
And between us was the adamant
Glass Window - slumbering soullessly!

It was darker than me.
But was getting paler and paler.
And I stood at the same spot
Staring and blinking
Waiting for it to flutter away.
Afterall, unlike me,
It had a huge space to fly.
And I know that, for I've stared,
Out of the window before,
The whole world.
But it stayed there
As if, afraid of flying, like me.

Hands swept across the clocks
And It turned paler to a fairer one
Stained with frozen crimson red veins.
And by twilight
the fair creature broke its penance.
Got blown by the breeze
And laid on the soft snow
On the concrete floor.
Then there was voidness.
Nothing to stare at.
No more soul to share my story.

I stood there, calm and still
But this time a tear rolled down
From my sunken eyes.
And then I closed my eyes
in prayer and wished
for the courage to
Shatter the glass window
And jump out
To become a gravestone
For my li'l pal's corpse.
A moment before receiving NED.
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