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Vivek Jan 2013
Royal indeed it is my Scottish mile,
May I borrow your body awhile,
Your brew gives me just the smile,
I'll save you forever in my travelers file!!

Another year now, another year new,
whiskey, one too many a few,
like strangers who haven' a clue,
one more night, at the backpacker's blue!!

Now or never, those eyes shine forever,
in my senses, in my heart, in my pyre,
bagpipes printed over the hogmanay's flyer,
singin, hey ya'll, cry me a ****** river!!
Vivek Dec 2012
For them who dwell in mindful wanderlust,
their love, the road; their home, the road,
To grapple their love, their home,
We dont give them their birth right,
cos we, the orderly chaotic,
they, allow me to rephrase,
say, keep order!!
To hell with the gatekeepers,
Let's hop borders shall we?
before all that's left to hop,
are landless latitudes!!
Vivek Dec 2012
Sunshine, evenin' rain,
Clouds in the sky
And shapes we try
We are the children of stars,
Orphans from Mars,
We smile during the day,
We smile alight,
But on a blue moon Monday,
We cry during the night!!
Vivek Dec 2012
Spanish spells of spiral rainbows,
Ringing reels of never ending wheels,
Streaming thoughts these and those,
A faint memory lingers up so close,
Crashin', hoppin' and crossin' strange souls,
Drawing loops around eleven blue moons,
Isolating strands from a wizard's brown brooms,
This world we walk in a tunnel within a tunnel,
To a white light that coils into a top selling gospel,
Euphoria, like blood rushing through star links,
Monks walking walks, rebels of insane sanity,
Cellular beings conversing cosmic ideas,
In this mindless, lunatic transmosphere,
Whom we call almighty, i call cosmos,
Painting his masterpiece, grandest of all,
Overlapping hearts of belated despair,
And hormonal tricks of magic lust,
Waking me up from half forgotten dreams,
Why did the summer go so quickly?
Was it something that i said?
Lovers shoring along, the shores of your cavern,
Like autumn turnin winter, images they unwind,
Drifting past memories, in the Canvas of your mind!!
Vivek Dec 2012
Before paper bills and money
We'd share all those beans,
Wild flowers too and honey
Not anymore but in lucid dreams

I'd strike a chord
One maybe two
But if you climb aboard
Many more, I'll show you too

With no baggage wish I were walkin'
Roads traveled and those not, havin' some fun
Sigh those bills!! no I ain't complainin'
Here on the eleventh floor, I'm just cleanin' my gun

Downed my whiskey, while the peeler swayed
I kissed goodbye to a beautiful flight
Lay rocking by the moonshade  
"Make that a double" I said, "its a cold one tonight"

Before paper bills and money
Cosmic harmony was the terrestrial theme
By the Clyde over tomorrow's journey
I'll Breathe My Swinish Dream!!
Vivek Jul 2012
Over smiles gliding away towards the dim light,
smile I; but in random strangeness am I?
Rapid prototyping I mean every single quark,
that Oh my sweet sugar! I too have a mark,
from that rain that whispered to you and me,
whispered smiles, tears and fears;
Dreams many; good, bad and ugly,
Copper reflection on waters even,
Amidst viscous colloidal air we crawl,
we crawl, we wander with the ghost,
sculpting puddles of mud into shapes,
shapes we knew one too many, A ritual;
a melodic romance, a trance; how spiritual!!
Dangling and lingering, on cozy clouds,
conversations lie hanigin', pretendin', being!!
Unharmed random rainlets, dropping,
screaming, loving, inspiring living,
masking inner selves, a little guilty,
a little blooded, my little beloved!!
underneath religious rain,
sculpting carbon dance under raining eagles,
wondered if I was turning tender tables!!
Vivek Jul 2012
Drapes for windows anew, imitating neighbourhood too,
Furniture rearranged, pictures too; all in blue,
Watchin’, dreamin’ lucid at the porch, of you;
Lay hanging on by the leash, I wait to let go,
Like magic birthday candles reignite, reignite,
Thoughts raced of rats and Tremor Christ,
Dried tears shed tumbling down as I cried;
With every moment I lay, I lay inspired;
I’ll make my yellow bucket list,
This’ll also include in it some of Budapest,
I’ll head off maybe from Scarborough,
Go all the way to Bali with packs of Marlboro,
And maybe then, I’d have answered;
All those questions that have lingered,
And maybe then, I’d have lived,
All those rights and wrongs, greeted and treated,
I’ll travel alone but not lonely,
My feet, my only carriage, I’ll carry;
I’ll carry me home one night!!
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