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20/F/under the sea    hi i'm misha and i don't exist
Canada.    My name is leon and I can't write for shit.
DC    hi I'm Razi. if u would like to read my novel it is on this here website: otherwise, here is some shitty poetry, most ...
oh no
USA    hey jupiter, nothing's been the same
Behind You    If you're easily triggered, be careful reading my poems. COPYRIGHTS- All rights reserved on all works posted by Rita C. Don't regret the things that ...
Chris T
Let's try that again.
hell    the powerhouse of the cell
Avery Greensmith
at this point you just want them to hear your voice
Michael TheRabbitGod
On a plain.    I am simply the who I am is what will exist for the happening is what I had occurred. I'm a big nerd.
qynce b
illinois    my name starts with q and rhymes with dillweed. i write haikus.

— The End —