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Victoria Thng Nov 2023
we didn’t speak about us to anyone present,
we just existed like we didn’t exist before this,
like we were two strangers meeting for the first time.
Victoria Thng Jul 2023
it’s hard to admit sometimes,
that i’m always the one that people choose not to want.
the fact that i have to let go of everyone i love,
and ever loved.
not because i do not want them,
but because they do not want me.
Victoria Thng Nov 2018
don’t hurt anymore,
young heart.

you don’t deserve
to be the old soul
that you are.
© victoriathng
  Jan 2017 Victoria Thng
That line you see where the sky and the sea meets is the exact same line that separates them

I am the sea
You are the sky
Love is our horizon
  Nov 2016 Victoria Thng
Ana Sweeney
My heart feels like it's
made of glass, if it cracks,  
it will shatter into tiny
granules of sand
Within the palm
of your sweet
  Jul 2016 Victoria Thng
The reason for the silence
Is because I no longer wish to be hurt
By the sounds of your voice
and the false hopes they bring
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