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Victoria S Jul 2014
You tore a coffee addiction straight from the marrow of my bones;
You did it with those dark-roast, morning-sunrise eyes.
You did it with a glance.

It took weeks of constant coffee consumption for the addiction to settle and cravings to begin bringing me back each day,
but with you (your eyes that scream contemplation, ambition, enthusiasm, strong coffee)
I am hooked after one sip.

Without a doubt I know, in the marrow of my bones, that I will awake to a caffeine headache when I awake without your eyes near mine.
The strong black coffee that used to hold constant occupancy in my veins through a charming addiction will no longer do the trick.

You (your eyes that scream contemplation, ambition, enthusiasm, strong coffee),
With a glance,
You've got me addicted (forever).
I'm going to keep coming back.
"He was contemplation and enthusiasm, ambition and strong coffee. I could have looked at him forever."
-E. Lockhart, We Were Liars
Victoria S May 2014
You've got me writing our story before our first hello.
With you I've fallen in love with things I don't yet know.

How did you mange to catch me so quickly?
Victoria S May 2014
A future that's evaded me
finally focused in your eyes.
Victoria S Feb 2014
I’ve never been good at choosing favorites.
I couldn’t tell you my favorite book (I love them all)
I couldn’t tell you my favorite color (so many have caught my eye)
My favorite film eludes me (I’ve watched many)
And my favorite song is simply a melody of them all (playing on constant repeat in my head)

My favorites are lost somewhere among the endless list of the things that I love (you, you, you)
They’re resting on the tip of my tongue (struggling to make themselves known)
I suppress them.
I cannot choose favorites.
I cannot commit.

I can tell you what I love (I love you)
I can tell you what I adore (I adore you)
I can tell you what I need (I need you)
But, my dear, I am sorry, because I never could choose favorites,
And I cannot choose you.
Victoria S Jan 2014
I just spent 10 minutes flipping aimlessly through the blank pages of my journal;
Longing desperately,
For a day when I will fill them with endless scratches of ink that document in detail the extravagance of the journeys that you and I are enjoying and the love that has swept us oh so hurriedly away.
I'm waiting.
Victoria S Dec 2013
The concept of you overflows much of the space within my scattered thoughts.
I want you here to cradle my wind-chapped hands in yours and giggle as I read you my winded attempts at poetry.
I want you to enter into the unknown with me and stay up as I hold you on the nights when the aching takes over us both.
I want you here to fight and wrestle with me over which movie we will cuddle too tonight and I want to listen to you rant passionately about the injustices you have seen in the world today
I want to love every broken piece of you and mend every shattered dream and heartbreak you've experienced back to health
And I want us to work together to take on this world that scares us both to death,
I want you in the most innocent of ways,
But God do I want you,
More than I ever thought one could want a concept of a man who has yet to find a find his way to me.
I hope you’re searching.
I hope you’re wondering.
I hope you’re waiting.
And dear God, I hope you want me as much as I want you.
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