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Dec 2013
The concept of you overflows much of the space within my scattered thoughts.
I want you here to cradle my wind-chapped hands in yours and giggle as I read you my winded attempts at poetry.
I want you to enter into the unknown with me and stay up as I hold you on the nights when the aching takes over us both.
I want you here to fight and wrestle with me over which movie we will cuddle too tonight and I want to listen to you rant passionately about the injustices you have seen in the world today
I want to love every broken piece of you and mend every shattered dream and heartbreak you've experienced back to health
And I want us to work together to take on this world that scares us both to death,
I want you in the most innocent of ways,
But God do I want you,
More than I ever thought one could want a concept of a man who has yet to find a find his way to me.
I hope you’re searching.
I hope you’re wondering.
I hope you’re waiting.
And dear God, I hope you want me as much as I want you.
Victoria S
Written by
Victoria S  PNW
   els, --- and A Mess of Words
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