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Cry me a rainbow river

Set aflame by red neon lights

As I walk past the dark houses of lonesome town

I miss the illumination of your smile.
Falling into a rabbit hole
Plunging headlong into a colourful wonderful
The ecstasy of forgetting reality
In the poison forest

Inside the womb of the emerald snake

I planted the spawn of the Devil

Selfishly hoping to ease my pain

And as you can tell

I'm lamenting
The cage of warmth
In front of my drowsy eyes
            I smell the stale stench of days locked in disguise

The common eyes
Inside sockets of a tired brain
            I stifle my nausea under a pillow of ****** pain

How they pain
These weak limbs
How they cry
For an immediate outlet
                   Relief! Where art thou, brother?
Lying in the grass
Pushing against the orange sunset
I creep softly into a new day
The tree in our backyard had spilt into two
Two jagged columns of lifeless wood
Forced apart by lightning

I had to get it removed
For it might have fallen onto some young shoulders
And robbed me of my laughter once again

I remember the time
When you and I would climb this tree
And dream of faraway lands...foolish lands

That was a long time back
And today with this tree
I shall uproot the last vestige of us

And maybe then
I could tailor my memories
And suit them to my own liking
The sound of skin against skin
A slippery silence
Interspersed by soft, sweaty thuds
Two bodies wrestle
In the dead night
Sometimes I wonder...
Do I really long for love?
Or is it heartbreak that I'm in love it?
New spring grass

Breaking from beneath a sheet of ice

It has been five decades since we looked back

At the only home we know for now

But times have changed for the worse

It is time we grasp the answers blowing in the wind

And read them out loud

For everyone to understand
An old muse
Now gone away forever
Stray thoughts
Which now gather dust

The silhouette of an unfinished dream
With all the makings
Of a story
A masterpiece

I look at half done paintings
I read poems abandoned midway
And wonder about the story
We can never be the end of
My mouth is dry
And my heart thumps away
Like that of a young lover
I fear what I cannot see
We all fear what we cannot see

Precisely because
We cannot see it
And therefore know not
When it will arrive.
Making up life as it goes
You gotta think of tomorrow
Not a child anymore

The camera pans once
I sigh at my desk
The room swirls into ribbons of ash

We rush out onto the sidewalk
Pushing a wheelchair
I don't sit on
As of yet no one has seen it
As of yet it is unknown
Though if this way it remains, for time immemorial
I shall have it's seeds, in the graveyard sown.
On her waist
Are swirls of black and brown
Smooth, like a worn polaroid
Beginning and ending in her heart of thorns
There's someone who has to end the conversation
Someone who has to start
But who decided this order?
I will never know.
But it is confusing all the same.
There ma
There goes my mind
I left it waiting
For my future child

Now I'll take a sip
Of present's wine
And take a nap
Until the end of my time

Yes ma
I know ma
I didn't make it
I didn't make it
Unsavoury rhymes swing by course

I have nothing left to write

Gnashing my teeth I tell myself

I can think of nothing, but that's alright
On a yellow, sunny morning
A grey cloud strays into the blue
The early monsoon
My first attempt at composing a haiku
A lost lover's death
Unknown but profoundly felt
A hidden tear falls
You walked towards me
Dragging the shackles of love
Hoping to be freed.
I fail to understand myself
Fail to comprehend the future
The world keeps turning
And life goes on.

And with life I have to run
As it rushes past me in giant strides
I seem to fall behind, so far behind
That future to me is nothing but a blur.

But I shall keep on running
For it is all I can do
Run and run
Until my sky turns blue
White carnations lie
For while you still see the world
My senses are dead.
The wretched song of silence
Snakes into my ears

The heap that wrecks of violence
No corpse in one piece

Shut your eyes
Close the doors
And hug your ****** limbs
The blood red track of limping feet
Shall lead them to thee
The memories around me
Blur into a golden time
Everything swirls around
Into a marriage of day and night.

Things that I wish to forget
But can't help remembering
Merge with the remaining bits
Of the rapidly fading good ol times.
Pink lip tint smeared on the cheeks
Sweet closeness beneath those cosmetic colours surface
Bringing forth the melody of spring
The sun can beat down like a hammer
On the malnourished shoulders of the abandoned
To whom shade isn't an escape
But a hard won trophy
Bruises deep inside my ribcage

None on the surface

Thus no one sees

Until they turn me

Inside out.
On the tip of my tongue
A tiny spark
That could ignite
All of my future
Take one more chance at loving
And let your heart touch the sky
You'll see that you're welcome.
The night is drowsy
But she is still awake
Her hair tucked behind her years
A spectre awaiting death.

Blood red and paper white
My queen is the ghost of the night
Matted hair
Sticking to their cheeks
Closed eyes
Looking at
The darkness within

A broken smile
So warm on my senses
Gunshots heard
From the unknown distance

The tears have long dried
They only smile.
I was fed chunks of fire
When I was young

And thus now I spit flames
Whenever I speak
This is not enough
Give us more than lies
Sugarcoated with prejudice

"The rally rhymes ring true

We have never been satisfied
We want more
We have wanted more
All the time

Young voices have whizzed past your years
You have not listened
Flashes of red have covered your shoes
You have closed your eyes
Words if worry have trembled in your throat
You have decided to keep quiet

Oh great monkey man!
Oh great monkey men and women!
Look at us!
We are you, crawling in the dirt
Look at us and we shall
Take care of everything.
No room to breathe

In a room-fool of people
Clouds swirling in a grey palette

Blue meandering round the edges of the evening star
Shards of dusk disappear into the horizon
Drop by drop
Tears gather in my trembling hands

The damp smell of rain masks the stench of misery
Like the spider I waited
In the lonely Crack
For Isolation
I ran from my ghosts
Mid length, mid-parted hair
Flapping in the wind
Like the deformed wings
Of a newborn crow.

I ran to many houses
I knocked on many doors
But no one let me in
For I had no love, no home.

Then I hit a wall
And had to turn around
My hair grew into real wings
And I was able to fly up and out.
I woke up
The wonder of last night's dream still lingering in my eyes
It will be a great day
But boy! Was I wrong!
Never knew that our love was nothing but an egotistical illusion
Never knew that the lack of validation
From people I thought I could care less about
Would matter so much.
I hate you
For the mellow smile that lingers on your lips after our fights

I hate you
For the faint scent of November that clings onto your shirt every Saturday night

I hate you
For the arrogance of your elegant hands every time you hold me

Why can't you be like to me for once?
Why do you have to be wonderful, so high?
I'm so insecure
So insecure of your laughter
Of your lively eyes
That I don't really know what I might do
If you were to go away, if you were to die.
Please stay a little longer
Until the spring flowers bloom
I promise that by then
I'll be done forgetting you
Behind the darkness
Of your bright smile
Your back
I cry
Stars in her eyes

Feet in the gutter
As the heavy winds
With invisible hands caress the coconut trees
And the sky is painted orange
I walk to the little house.

And there I see
A reflection of you and me
I see the crown of dusk
Fading into evening grip of vice.
My senses seem to be everywhere

The early morning rain hasn't stopped
But the sun's golden arrows
Pierce through the wet curtain of raindrops
The leaves are gilded with golden dust
Washed away by the lazy rain
Replenished by sunlight

Someone calls me to the dining hall
The crunch of gravel
Rings in my morning ear
The slapping pelts of water
Against the fabric of the umbrella
Such a wholesome breakfast
Of nature's loveliness
All gone
In this confusion
Of a morning
I was very young
When Mrs.White ook away the ornate plates off our walls
She'll keep them safe for us..mother had said

Twelve years later
I stare at my memories in an unknown room
I see them eat out of the caskets of my ancestors
I had wanted to retrieve those plates
But now
I'll leave them all behind

Of all the things I need to forget
They will, by far, be the easiest
Brittle kisses
A faint, soft touch
My senses crumble into fine dust
And nothing but the whiff of a past affection remains
A transparent give and take, a predictable farewell
Your songs, your words, merge together
And I see that I no longer remember
Those proud fantasies
Of childhood
She was a perfect, beautiful mystery
And that was all of her that I had loved.

My name was called
In the very end
And I said so.

And Surprisingly
Everyone else
People are dying everywhere
And yet we go to war
**** even though we cannot save
Hurt even though we cannot heal
We humans only have ourselves
And yet we fail to show a shred of kindness
When it is most needed
Rule of nature? Oh yes
Inevitable? Oh yes

That is for you to decide.
The notes of an old song
Float to me from the east

I gaze upon the emptiness of my heart
And forget my love for you for a while

I rest in the musical silence
Free from love's sad woes

           And then, my friend
                          I open the door to my heart
                                          And once again I fall in love
Stretching my voice
Until the very corners of the town
Ring with sonority
Up from the cliff
I shout to the unspeakable

And back to me
They send their silent answers
On invisible breezes
That carry the cries of the unheard

Then from the cliff
I sing their woes
For everyone to listen to
And for the masked leaders to heed
Let us all sing together
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