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All the doors are closed
And the windows bright
It's a toy city
No one laughs here, no one cries

In the afternoon on the road you will see
A running man, a swaggering child
And then night falls before the sun goes down
In this toy city of eternal night
Aug 31 · 31
Blood soaked feet
The wretched song of silence
Snakes into my ears

The heap that wrecks of violence
No corpse in one piece

Shut your eyes
Close the doors
And hug your ****** limbs
The blood red track of limping feet
Shall lead them to thee
Aug 30 · 21
Bad poem
Unsavoury rhymes swing by course

I have nothing left to write

Gnashing my teeth I tell myself

I can think of nothing, but that's alright
You can take your time
Laugh out loud
Cry your heart out

You can do it
No-one minds

We're all the same here
Aug 29 · 30
In the poison forest

Inside the womb of the emerald snake

I planted the spawn of the Devil

Selfishly hoping to ease my pain

And as you can tell

I'm lamenting
Aug 27 · 29
I was here too
I keep my eyes open
Stare at the summer sky without sunglasses

Look at the snowfall
Until the snowflakes melt into tears

I was scared
That the moment I close my eyes

I would be forgotten
Even though, it probably wouldn't have made a difference
Aug 26 · 965
Once upon a time

I decided I'd design the universe

Make the stars dance according to my whims

Fry the sun in butter until

It was as golden as I wanted it to be

                            My universe lasted for a while.
Aug 25 · 325
Two ****** eyes look at me

From the tiny crack between the shutters

Little by little a vacant face
Comes into view

And I realise

That the good days have come to an end
Sleep has abandoned me
Under the white ceiling
Lit up by fluorescent green starships
I sit. Wide awake in the middle of the darkness
I had wondered for a long time today
Wondered if I should break this rule
That I have set down for myself
And then I realised
This wasn't a rule
It was me
It was
What I am
Aug 23 · 30
No room to breathe

In a room-fool of people
Aug 22 · 36
Yep, she spoke for herself and hurt her enemies

But it ***** to be killed all the same
Aug 21 · 48
Stars in her eyes

Feet in the gutter
Aug 21 · 87
Set the night alight
Feet caught in the brambles
Let your voice reach the moon
Roaring rivers of sadness
Be the friend you've looked for
A long time
Aug 20 · 121
Baby blue patches of the winter sky

Adorned by small furry jewels

Falling down

All falls down
Aug 19 · 28
Brusque strokes on calm white linen

A wave of serenity broken little by little

Into the night of the dawn-like smiles
When the perfume you smell is familiar
But not the face.
It pains
Pains so terribly
I can't breathe
Mom's calling me...
But I don't think I can go

Please dear
This is important

Oh well
I'll tell her for sure tomorrow
Aug 16 · 62
Falling into a rabbit hole
Plunging headlong into a colourful wonderful
The ecstasy of forgetting reality
Aug 15 · 12
The great grandmother, who closed her eyes before I opened mine
Left her cold imprint, forever on my rounded forehead
Not with her own senses, no she didn't
It was the lips of others, related and unrelated
Who decided
To let her faint memory
In me
Does it really?

What is my name to her, a dead woman?

Who in her life, had barely been called by her own?

Who would never have known, fifty years after her death, a girl with her blood running in her veins, would be given the same name?

Had she known then, would she have liked it?

To have someone you do not know, have you as her "namesake"?
Aug 14 · 38
Rimmed with silver on the edges

Deceiving lies and unfulfilled desires

The shape of a teardrop
Aug 13 · 99
Pink lip tint smeared on the cheeks
Sweet closeness beneath those cosmetic colours surface
Bringing forth the melody of spring
Aug 13 · 29
Such difficult morals you have
There are no loopholes
No room to breathe
Do you enjoy this?
This slow torture
Suffocating into those strange rules you make?

Maybe I AM
Just a rebellious, gusty adolescent
I hate crying myself to sleep every night
I hate hiding my face every morning when you leave for work
Just so you don't have to see
My ugly swollen eyes
So that you have an "ideal" morning

I WILL say what's on my mind
Whatever you make out of it
This strange masquerade ball that we attend everyday
Seems to be hosted especially for the both of us
Only for the both of us

What's the point in hiding your face?
Aug 12 · 24
I was trampled on
Heavy boots pinned my face to the ground
My once hooked nose became a broken mess

But then again I heard those words
"You...must...stay... strong"

I'm sorry but I'm afraid
I've let you all down
I cried. I cried until my eyes were swollen
Only then, and only then
Did I stand up again

I lost my strength
But I'm slowly regaining my courage
Cry me a rainbow river

Set aflame by red neon lights

As I walk past the dark houses of lonesome town

I miss the illumination of your smile.
Aug 11 · 24
Mistletoe heart
I've kept my heart in a jar
Locked my tears in the sky
Don't need to cry or hurt anymore
But I feel so empty, and I wonder why

Mistletoe shade is scarce
Mistletoe season is yet to come
And like them I'm ******* out the life out of my past
Curving endlessly into the tracks of my last run
Aug 10 · 24
The tears of the sky
The birds flew away from their nests

Their silent songs enveloping their abrupt farewell

Like an abandoned child, those lifeless straws

Soak the tears of the empathising sunset
Aug 9 · 39
Room to grow
The sunshine halo
That surrounds our entwined fingers
Sings the song of beginning
The melody of the young dawn

We've only just begun loving
We've only just started to try
And I hope that it'll be very long
Before we bade goodbye
Aug 8 · 20
Killing you
I have killed your memories do I get rid of these remains?
My awkward steps
Beat a tattoo of regret
In my shrinking heart
Her house isn't somewhere I look forward to visiting
The streets are broken in places with garbage all around
It stinks, right to the almighty heavens, I think
And if it wasn't for her
I would have avoided
Going there
That is where she lived
And that is why
It became my favourite place
In the entire world

In the entire world
Aug 6 · 33
There's someone who has to end the conversation
Someone who has to start
But who decided this order?
I will never know.
But it is confusing all the same.
Aug 4 · 102
Sawdust tears
They gather on my dress
Glistening like magical crystals

Which slowly vanish
With a single touch
Aug 4 · 30
A flashy facade
Words drive me to the steep edge
I breath a lie of relief
Aug 3 · 79
Done forgetting you
Please stay a little longer
Until the spring flowers bloom
I promise that by then
I'll be done forgetting you
Aug 2 · 19
The moon tonight#2
A flattened piece of metal
Carved into an unruly circle

Freshly dipped in pale golden paint
Dropped into a glass of blue cocktail

.The paint slowly spreads into curves of the night.
Aug 1 · 31
Brittle kisses
A faint, soft touch
My senses crumble into fine dust
And nothing but the whiff of a past affection remains
A transparent give and take, a predictable farewell
Your songs, your words, merge together
And I see that I no longer remember
Those proud fantasies
Of childhood
Jul 31 · 24
Our storms
I had thought
I was a person like no other
Felt that the storm in my veins
Roared only through this body I own.

But then I stepped out
Out of my room and into the world
And I met so many, and I saw so many
Who thought the same, who felt the same

And I had thought this would cause me pain
But surprisingly I
I felt happier than when
I had cooled my storm in silence
Jul 30 · 33
Easy to forget
I was very young
When Mrs.White ook away the ornate plates off our walls
She'll keep them safe for us..mother had said

Twelve years later
I stare at my memories in an unknown room
I see them eat out of the caskets of my ancestors
I had wanted to retrieve those plates
But now
I'll leave them all behind

Of all the things I need to forget
They will, by far, be the easiest
Jul 29 · 370
An oddity
Sometimes I wonder...
Do I really long for love?
Or is it heartbreak that I'm in love it?
Jul 29 · 46
A pool of useless tears
Blood and sweat dirtying the ground
Useless words that hold no meanings
Useless actions that hold no truth, no determination

This foolish one is such a waste of space
And this foolish one is well aware of that herself

But, what to do?
She still loves herself
She still hopes for a better day
And so this fool will live on and on and on
Until she is exhausted of life, devoid of time
Jul 29 · 24
Chunks of fire
I was fed chunks of fire
When I was young

And thus now I spit flames
Whenever I speak
Jul 28 · 50
Light up my life
Like a sky full of dying stars

Because my life
Has been useless so far

The starlight enters our eyes
Even though the star is dead

I see my reflection smile
Even though I've long been led
Away from life.
And then I cried

Raised voices from the living room
The sound of glass breaking

I hid my face in the blankets
The tears soaked the pale green fabric
Into a grey-green expanse of misery

I couldn't let them catch me crying now, could I?
Maybe the world is round

But it has sharp edges

That have wounded me

More than once
Jul 27 · 29
A nocturnal tussle
The sound of skin against skin
A slippery silence
Interspersed by soft, sweaty thuds
Two bodies wrestle
In the dead night
Jul 27 · 39
A tattooed rose
On her waist
Are swirls of black and brown
Smooth, like a worn polaroid
Beginning and ending in her heart of thorns
Jul 26 · 32
Grey addiction
A dark room
Greyish lights on a young face
From a thin box
Of addiction
There's a glint in your eyes
That only the mirror
Has the privilege
To behold
I balance a heavy stone
Well polished, evenly cut into a knife
On the tip of my tongue

The blood seeping from the thin cut
Must remain hidden
Under the thin edge of this weapon!
Jul 26 · 25
Scarred roads
Settling into the colours of life

We grow into tomorrows we do not know

Our scars become familiar pathways

That lead to the house of forgotten times
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