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971 · Aug 26
Once upon a time

I decided I'd design the universe

Make the stars dance according to my whims

Fry the sun in butter until

It was as golden as I wanted it to be

                            My universe lasted for a while.
Pink plastic flowers
Strung across the barren trees
Like sakura blossoms
They slowly sway
521 · Jul 14
No escape
I shall wait for tomorrow

While I forget myself in today

Drunk as I am with anxiety

I have nowhere else to run to.
The both of us together
Me and you
You and I
We keep waiting for our friend to come
To bid him a final goodbye

We've been waiting for a while now
This friend is yet to arrive
And I sometimes think I've forgotten
How he sounded and looked like.

Forgotten if he ever asked of us
To wait for him in silence
But why then do we keep waiting
On life's little bylane?
370 · Jul 29
An oddity
Sometimes I wonder...
Do I really long for love?
Or is it heartbreak that I'm in love it?
366 · Jul 4
I have failed myself with such absoluteness
That not even death
Would be of any use
336 · Jul 25
Sing me a love song
But I can only sigh.
And wait for a dead melody.
325 · Aug 25
Two ****** eyes look at me

From the tiny crack between the shutters

Little by little a vacant face
Comes into view

And I realise

That the good days have come to an end
282 · Jul 9
Yet to finish
Colours fade in
Heart reeks of blood
On this hot July afternoon
I close my eyes to your song

Evening rubs on the windowsill
Louis Armstrong paints a dead memory
I am yet to open my eyes...
For you are yet to finish your song
252 · Jun 30
The moon tonight
Silver glistens on a bare rooftop
Night stoops onto the cement sidewalks
We plan our lives, our joys, our sorrows
And stare at the unusually bright moon tonight.

It seems like a golden orb
Peeking from beneath a muddy sea
It's glow diffusing into the clouds and the air
We stand and stare
And then close our eyes
As we grasp for the invisible warmth
That surrounds us
Cry me a rainbow river

Set aflame by red neon lights

As I walk past the dark houses of lonesome town

I miss the illumination of your smile.
200 · Jul 5
Gradual Nonsense
White noise
White lies
A thin white cat
Rubbing against my thighs

Grey skys
Grey storms
The grey lane between
All that is right and wrong

Black hearts
Black eyes
A black crow
Feasts on rotting mice
197 · Jul 1
Beginner's Haiku#1
On a yellow, sunny morning
A grey cloud strays into the blue
The early monsoon
My first attempt at composing a haiku
173 · Jul 19
She had gone mad
Word got around fast
But we had all forgotten what she had said

It was the way she said it that mattered to us
For that day it had seemed to us

That she had gone mad
Absolutely mad
125 · Jul 10
I'm sorry
But I couldn't get myself
To love your empty words
121 · Aug 20
Baby blue patches of the winter sky

Adorned by small furry jewels

Falling down

All falls down
Her house isn't somewhere I look forward to visiting
The streets are broken in places with garbage all around
It stinks, right to the almighty heavens, I think
And if it wasn't for her
I would have avoided
Going there
That is where she lived
And that is why
It became my favourite place
In the entire world

In the entire world
103 · Jun 29
The last flake of dawn
Like the last flake of dawn
We glimmer, and then subside
Into the steady afternoon
Alight with hazy feelings.

We wrap ourselves within our world
And imagine it to be
The best of all possible worlds
For some unknown, shallow reason.

Then we forget the chair, the table
The grey room we are sitting in
And immerse ourselves
Into the harsh light of today.
102 · Aug 4
Sawdust tears
They gather on my dress
Glistening like magical crystals

Which slowly vanish
With a single touch
99 · Aug 13
Pink lip tint smeared on the cheeks
Sweet closeness beneath those cosmetic colours surface
Bringing forth the melody of spring
92 · Jul 16
My chest feels stuffy

Maybe it's time my heart

Gave it's job to my brain.
87 · Aug 21
Set the night alight
Feet caught in the brambles
Let your voice reach the moon
Roaring rivers of sadness
Be the friend you've looked for
A long time
79 · Aug 3
Done forgetting you
Please stay a little longer
Until the spring flowers bloom
I promise that by then
I'll be done forgetting you
71 · Jun 15
As the heavy winds
With invisible hands caress the coconut trees
And the sky is painted orange
I walk to the little house.

And there I see
A reflection of you and me
I see the crown of dusk
Fading into evening grip of vice.
All the doors are closed
And the windows bright
It's a toy city
No one laughs here, no one cries

In the afternoon on the road you will see
A running man, a swaggering child
And then night falls before the sun goes down
In this toy city of eternal night
The bed sighed.
        It had been awake for a while now.
Bathed in harsh electric light, I too,
        Could feel the weariness of my dead eyes.

But sleep refuses to alight!

Countless silent nights I have spent
Tired, withered, weary
But still
             Unable to rest.
62 · Aug 16
Falling into a rabbit hole
Plunging headlong into a colourful wonderful
The ecstasy of forgetting reality
52 · Jul 25
Half histories
Tearing out the pages
Of unwanted history
From a mahogany back
Splattered with blood
Leave me not now, my love
I haven't had enough of your love tonight

The fragrance of your warm limbs
Have intoxicated me
Slowly but surely
I'm losing my judgement

So wait
For a little while
Let me run my fingers through your soft locks
Let them loose
Let them free
And throw them
All over my unappeased heart

Stay with me
A little longer tonight
51 · Jul 6
Take one more chance at loving
And let your heart touch the sky
You'll see that you're welcome.
50 · Jul 28
Light up my life
Like a sky full of dying stars

Because my life
Has been useless so far

The starlight enters our eyes
Even though the star is dead

I see my reflection smile
Even though I've long been led
Away from life.
They named her Patience
Hoping she would put up
With the unflinching burden of hatred
Hoped she would stand through it all
To emerge out into the boundless open
A space with no history
No prejudices

So she took up her pen
Held it so high that it caught the sunlight
She raised her voice
So that it broke through the walls of prejudice
And with threads of intellect wove her thoughts into order
She was Patience
But she did not intend to wait
For a saviour
A tribute to poet Patience Agbabi
48 · Aug 21
Stars in her eyes

Feet in the gutter
48 · Jul 24
The pearl that I dug out
From the heart of the ocean
Loved not me, but the dead oyster
47 · Jul 23
Shackles of Fire
Lately, my dear
The winds have been
Surprisingly strong
And I swear that I
Would have been
Blown away
Had it not
Been for
Shackles of fire
Which prevent my
47 · Jul 9
White carnations lie
For while you still see the world
My senses are dead.
46 · Jul 29
A pool of useless tears
Blood and sweat dirtying the ground
Useless words that hold no meanings
Useless actions that hold no truth, no determination

This foolish one is such a waste of space
And this foolish one is well aware of that herself

But, what to do?
She still loves herself
She still hopes for a better day
And so this fool will live on and on and on
Until she is exhausted of life, devoid of time
46 · Jun 30
While she lay in bed
With her head on the pillow
She could still see
A small patch of silver woven in twilight
And shadowy pale forms
Dancing in the empty room
She turned her head
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44 · Jul 25
The sleeping child
Her head on one lap
And feet sprawled across another
Her midriff was levitating in darkness
44 · Jul 6
A stone in my throat

I gasp for breath as I drown gradually

Into a quagmire of useless rules

That no-one cares for, but is afraid to break

We know now why the caged bird sings

But that's all it seems

We know everything, but understand nothing

And unfortunately that seems to suffice
43 · Jun 30
Children of heaven
Matted hair
Sticking to their cheeks
Closed eyes
Looking at
The darkness within

A broken smile
So warm on my senses
Gunshots heard
From the unknown distance

The tears have long dried
They only smile.
43 · Jul 13
The opposite effect
Spread hope like hatred
And truth like lies
43 · Jul 8
Online Friends
Deleted yourself from my life with a click
Afterall, we were strangers behind the screen
Locked away from reality we talked through the night
And when we ran out of topics we bade a hasty goodbye
43 · Jul 11
I was twelve
Twelve when I saw my parents fall out of love
Twelve when I was told that my face looked better from afar
Twelve when I was taught that being a feminist was silly
Twelve when I heard that I wasn't meant to cry aloud
Twelve when I felt that it was time I died
Twelve when I decided to cut open my wrist

And then I started to write
It is now on pages that I bleed
43 · Jul 12
Bruises deep inside my ribcage

None on the surface

Thus no one sees

Until they turn me

Inside out.
42 · Jul 5
Help me
Tired and yet not weary
Disgusted by myself but still I keep going

Knifes are a welcome escape
But the fear of pain bites stronger

Loved many but do not remember how

I wonder
If we are all such muddled creatures

Why does it seem we are linear

From the outside?
42 · Jul 4
High oceans
The pristine expanse of glassy bluegreen
White foam tumbling into nothingness and resurfacing
Long shrill notes that rent the misty air
The high oceans, bedecked with flair
There a glossy fin, there a sleek twisting tail
Boundless eyes, with many a stories to hell
Drowning in freshness, in the midst of human greed
Tis the creed of the mighty ocean, from humane shackles freed
42 · Jul 5
Runaway genius
The unruly boiling cauldron of genius
Escaped from the grasps
Of the ignorant
And that was the last time
We heard anything about it
42 · Jun 30
There will be change
Nothing you can do about it
Best it will be
If you start swimming
Or else
You shall drown soon in apathy
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