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Alyssa Sep 2018
Guess I was a fool,
to think you were pretty cool.
The karma came back i see,
guess i couldn't run far from it so, gotta let it be.
Hate that I let myself fall so easy,
cause you stumped on me as you pleased.
Let the war be done with cause just like every other war,
you left your mark on me.
I'll never forget you, east.
Alyssa Sep 2018
You appeared out of nowhere,
It's funny cause you were here now you're back there.
I didn't think this would last this long ,
Somehow this has prolonged.
I catch myself thinking of you,
But I think I kinda knew.
You intrigue every particle that lives in me,
Which keeps me wanting to take you out for tea.
It's been almost a month now,
I hope I don't end up with just a bow.
You're so beautiful in every way,
But you got most people hitting the highway cause hell boy, no way.
Hope someday you read this,
And by then be almost mine at the very least .
#random #east #arabiannights #littlebird
Alyssa Mar 2018
2.45a.m, wondering what the future will be.
What we fail to understand is that the present is the future.
Every action now will lead to reactions, up ahead.
We wont know until then i guess.
Gonna spend my time wondering and hustling.
Alyssa Nov 2017
You hear people say "my heart is yours" frequently.
But what determines when we should,
or hell, if we even could.
Maybe it's the longing desire i feel in my soul,
and it doesn't seem to go cold.
Maybe it's the scent of your hair,
which left me with no air.
I feel like i want to give my heart away,
but will it come back or take a sway away.
People come like the wind,
some of them leave you next to a bin,
now, ain't that a sin.
Givin' but not recivin'
Alyssa Nov 2017
It's in the a.m where I find myself thinking about you at times.
I guess you were the one, the first one.
It's amazing how it's been so long,
Yet you're the one I think about.
I read your writings, amazes me and keeps me in a daze.
Maybe it was for the best but it's okay, let's skip the rest.
We're both different people now.
Years worth of memories, sorted into different categories.
This one's for you and us or rather what was of us.
Avenged sevenfold
Alyssa Oct 2017
I know* what i am supposed to be
I know what i have to currently do
I know what i have to eat to keep my body healthy
I know how the world teaches us about love
I know the pain of losing someone you love
I know the satisfaction of having your fav burger
I know the feeling of walking late into class and having everyone stare
I know what it's like to miss someone that your heart literally hurts
I know why day becomes night
I know what i dislike
I know the sickening feeling you get when you're havin' a ****** week
I know, I know- the comfort words.

The problem is, I think I know what I may actually not.
Alyssa Oct 2017
Spend all your time waiting,
for someone to come whining.
But didn't realize that you were just wasting,
ya feelin's.
Could you have made a mistake,
like that time you ate that last slice of cake or that time you decided to get baked.
Red bull on a high but falling soon like the sky.
There ain't running now, don't try to lie.
Someday this will past,
hope to GOD this wont' last.
high sly
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