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Rebecca Nov 2023
It swoops about me;
I catch what should
be caught
Dropping a few:
I push away
What can wait.
I reach with eager hands
Life’s great blessings.
To live the mix of
Good and bad.
Rebecca Nov 2023
Stolen with a bit of silence.
Seized by a lack of flow:
Lack of self with numbness;
Self  is gone.
Shocked away.
The thief left with her
Leaving just a shell.
Gone before leaving.
Rebecca Nov 2023
Patience, wait outside the door,
Gentle look as approach,
Cautious step as walk by side,
Nudges to feel the pulse on wrist.
Gentle licks for temperature.
Knowing something not quite right.
Awaiting the need with careful thought.
Something born to and not taught.
Some creatures just know the task,
The want to cure,
Know the careful wait,
Nurse dog deep inside.
Rebecca Nov 2023
With seashell propped
Against her curls.
Her mouth held
In line of concentration.
Her five year old self listened
For sound of ocean.
Last summer’s trip
Trapped inside.
Rebecca Nov 2023
Once I knew my way;
No need for a map;
Sometimes I grew bored
Or tired with the journey;
But I did not lose my goal.
Then I began to walk
Others’ paths
From my own.
Somehow they slipped me.
Now I am lost
Without a map.
Please return me to my way
So that I may complete
My trip.
Rebecca Nov 2023
Never accepting what I say;
Always reading more in simple no;
Just sit still;
Stop the search for undertone;
Just as I say;
No more, no less;
No importance at all;
Just is;
Live your life with as it seems.
Stop the thought of so much more.
Happiness may actually find you
If you cease.
Rebecca Nov 2023
If we live long enough,
Our past turns dry.
The past of minutes flees.
The memories of childhood
Linger a bit longer.
Funny to remember the first
Better than the last.
We are blind to our past
As it grows increasingly dim.
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