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Jul 2021
The perfection of triumph
to form a stellar nebula of what is
the next chapter arrives to collect

And bring it to a close
just to leave behind a smoldering corpse

the core expands as it does cool
after burning its hydrogen fuel
ejecting the he said she said tool

outer layers
sloughing away
words covered in dew
brining a star's false twilight
as the flora swings back the curtain
drop into this deep well

of conscious fare
a direct deposit
a victor's enlightenment
standing from inside the vale;
a weakened canvas
without a promised word to spare
just a dithering of parting
from a sky lit window; all too stagnant

Where is there to hold cover?
What is left to hide behind?

The messages
of everyday depths
of everyday depths
a sunken ship
below the surface

Just a tousling back and forth
out through the mouth
puerile to the brain
the questions taste
Just a chirrup of a phrase
gone awry

Into hollow shaded parts of hue
the lambency of a first call
muting itself
and wishing it to be other

A bandwidth of loss
For the reward of two

In the interest of truth
Written by
LannaEvolved  F
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