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LannaEvolved May 2021
The dream was real

Felt by the drops of a summer moon resting in its orbit
I remember when your arms would coddle me at under silky sky mornings; gravity taking shape

Let the patterns listen to themselves
see what they see
through their window eyes

Let the numbers stand there
be what they are

in their bodies
when it equals soup and salad
without a price for bread

Let the silverware be tarnished
and cups clinch
only quiet figures hear

When we gazed into eyes on cut up streets
midnights in July
thinking about our untold stories
lightening August set off days apart

I began with love, hoping to stay there
I don’t want to leave another note

I don’t want to leave another note
I want a feather-bed to rest our heads on and make love

You have no idea how much the burgeoning of reminiscence relieves me when it costs not one molecule to love
to make us whole again and again
It’s free because it’s there

Feel the motions electric breeze like the wind
sometimes it places us on the pane
to watch us move

holds us in between the spaces
I am now in the scene of a precious transition inside and outside bream breathing in pink noise
washing away all that was left that came before restarting the scene

Once more
is an opportunity for the bird to saddle back on its wings
perch on the top of its one and only  
and try again  
saving what’s left of its oxygen
a single tree
meaning is without nothing  

There is something there
something there
these feelings pared
in our chemical reaction
evolving in our evolution  

Let’s agree that
1+1= 3 years
and two turns into one squared

Memories stay
when they’re still there
there is no erasing
what has not been left undone
in the kind of ink
that makes a white board look
splayed out
and painted  
in the image of our golden chair
leaving its imprint scintillating  
unscarred; unerased

leaving their mark
underneath the lindens in the back and to the right  

We used to taste the warmth of ripeness
in avocado green and lime juice press
no more pitted seeds

We’re standing there
standing; looking
from its new location
coming from an alternative universe
understanding ourselves
from a different place

Let the numbers stand there
be what they are

Let the math not add up
in their bodies
of matter
gravity taking shape

Will always
equal where we are
LannaEvolved May 2021
Artistic Enlightenment:
The knowing that we can be spontaneous beings in a world of uncertainty.
More now than ever before.
As artistic creators we can envision the truth of a moment in a dream, but still understand the causality that time moves on without us always being present to it.
Like molecules of human consciousness, our beingness moves through and through until they stand still.
We have to stand still sometimes too and allow all the noise that comes with the effort pass at the same time.

Loyal to who you are is what you have the power to create.
Ambition can be paced.
Your desire to produce and provide value will be fulfilled when you begin to share gratitude for the “I am” that you hold yourself to be in the back of your vision. That vision is a part of you.
That grand vision is your mind.

This is what God or the Universe has chosen for you to put back into the world for yourself, this is all you, so that can feel that come forth and be all that are for others.
LannaEvolved May 2021
on top of this mountain  
ice translates the morning  
into textured hues

holding space
a tempered mood
the gaps within the crevices
await their next patient
cover the sleet of past years
after Innocent expansion founded

prepared and ready to hear time to use its wiser words
readying to speak out on behalf of itself

the clocks of experience taught its distance in a cold hiding place
calling out beyond the peaks of this mountain: the shadow of its
fearful chasm persisted:

“You must find another way” shouted the early tinges of this sun’s glare
like a vein’s intentional gaze
Purple and green light
you're somewhere out there this mountain felt it
for all the sunsets God has ever named  proclaimed it (in me)
heaven heeded the specific tone
the only thing needed: was to listen to it's causality
and so it acted upon the thought
like a silent note swirling around
franked for some time in the future
passing as bicycles
fading out
cross crossing the steep of this mountain’s hill

It got out of a maze that swiveled and turned at its intersection
no stick needed
shift and change positions
until it fits in
thoughts imagine colors
the picture stays in mind
I didn't act until I felt time holding my waist
the arteries opened up
wrapping me around in Chenille
moves its wand
whispers in this mountain’s ear

habits focus on the final flower
selected once
revisited in the dreams of the observed human looking down

persistence enwraps itself around the crevices
fills them graciously with consideration
the taste of specificity
In its human rapport
had been selected

This mountain’s end
does not replace the past
it’s fullness predicts the future
To be whole

(The most beautiful opportunity to live and to reign your love in)
LannaEvolved May 2021
Gold: What a perilous color
If you knew me you would complete this sentence: The dance of my hands...

Take away the ornamentals
If you were a maze I’d keep
the funnel going
And leave you on the ground
You keep trying
How can I refuse this history
Your eyes on me
In the times
I didn’t even know
I was scared

Metaphor of the golden chair:
Grounding in the chair
Stability and steadiness

The chair
A stained engraver of wisdom
A distanced observer
never goes away
It levitates
without a floor
There can be no door

Sat in the corner with a cushion under
the past
Do we spin and spin until we’re settled?

A sand dune still smiles
in its discomfort
Overhearing the conversation

Let’s talk about our night on the rooftop
I’ll I had to do was open my arms
Stick out my eyes tussle my hair
handprint my aura on your tongue
And still you persist

The shape of the chair
Obtuse and contained
Its insides are safest when left to its own devices shield itself from any interrupters
Sun rays spanning
Guard the

Gift giving celebration
A secret wish
It turns on it sides
Still confident  
A Neon light
Fills my sanguine sensitivity

Can we see feelings that cannot be seen?
To felt feelings; the purest kind of seeing
This is 5D vision baby. I mean it.

Open the drawer this time
The chair will unlock your world
from the inside
Your mind
mind reads my insides
All over again  
Open it up
Unwrap the words with your lips
Now look up with your serene
You’re facing the other way
after you
read it

Makes me smile hard and true
like the lotuses laid calmly across
my *******

Let your glands embrace the message
I have been saving for you
genitalia secreting the flow

It’s more than that
There’s a layer left
To feel relaxed
Taken apart even in its sturdiness  
the invisible ledge
Where this chair sits
LannaEvolved Apr 2021
The Light always bars the shadows.
God is a guide to what is for you not to change your circumstances in place of You. Only you do that.
LannaEvolved Apr 2021
Knowing what missed me
me the room
to find what is meant
for me.
What is meant is how it unfolds naturally.  

The perfect karma awaits to be unfolded.
LannaEvolved Apr 2021
There is no should in life, but there is always room to feel most alive. You ever have, you’ve ever been before anyone before you.

Inner Power  
I’ve been analyzing inner personal power for years, and yet the only way to grasp it is to feel it happening to you.
It is a striking balance between feeling a relaxed mind at ease with your thoughts and channeling those thoughts into productive action that brings you closer to your goals.

I am self-actualized, fully functioning, creatively alive
Never forget what you have
The glass is never half-empty.

Psychoanalytic theory believes that we all have an evil creature within us
That’s not true.
Some have only decided to nurture that part of themselves as themselves to stay there forever as they call it light.
Claiming not a thing to honor or and nothing to hold; t keep safe in life.

Love, beauty, and appreciation

People who know how to enjoy their lives know how to live their lives and are never a burden to anybody!
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