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LannaEvolved Jan 2021
If I were to look at myself through new eyes
I would see the adjustment of the lens as vividly as it once lived in my mind  

I would see the moth stuck
in the Venus fly trap
cycling around a light that would never come down
It was an illusion of the most high
only to show me the shadow
of the butterfly  

Caught in between its flight from the thorn
and red illumination
It took 10 years and one more
of metamorphosis
to see the change
I clung to

In this dynamic  
In the rain
The leftover film dissipates
That is freedom  

As it came to life.
When you change what you envision in your mind you will see the changes you wish to take place in the outer world. It will happen because you assume it to be, and so it shall be.
People can change according to how you observe them to be, and you will know when you must leave either a situation, a relationship, or any form of personal commitment to improve the relationship you have with yourself, which in reality will only lift your mentality, emotional health, your actions, your beliefs, your confidence, your self-respect, and what you believe you deserve in all areas of your life dramatically. You’ll see. Assume that you have all that you need and wish for already despite the 5 sensory data presented to you and you will know the happiness you know has always been possible before you could see it come to life.
Change takes a risk in having a new belief deep down.
That’s bravery at it’s finest. When you’re brave that is when you receive the best of your life. Don’t give in. Don’t give up. Never settle for what you have in front of you just because it exists. I love you. And I believe in all that you are and your power to change your circumstances because after all the time has passed and washes over you are the love that you seek.
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
Life is a sacrifice
Not the imprisonment for
what we do not

Falling in love with
the entities, the opportunity,
the open doors
to that unique
human being
who comes to us in the middle of
night and kisses wholly

Who pays attention
to the definition of things
will never lose you
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Marbled in my decisions
I was still
I found my way around the corner
as the road steered me to a new dimension. Reality wasn’t real before.

It was just my hologram
Standing before me.
I mastered you.
I needed what was so unlike me to change me to become the best version of who I can possibly be. I have used the power I have gained to understand myself and all the amazing things I can do and create to make my life what I had been hoping it could be. If we persist enough we find our way through the difficulties that appear to stop us from having what we could only wish for. We create our own changes and that helps to create an even more evolved version of ourselves and in the end a more fulfilled gratitude for life. The people we meet after we change our mental patterns lift us away from lost and guide us on  the way to health and wellbeing. That’s where we want to stay.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
I watch and see with glittering eyes the whole world around me

As the greatest secrets are hidden in the most unlikely places

I envisioned through my travels
the faith that met my hands

First imagined

We both believed in magic manifested

Forever yours as a rare jewel
Found on the most unexpected of days.

Godly love never fails

it creates shivers

It comes with patience
In what was once lost

What we found

I feel the feelings every time you capture my spirit body and mind.

I soar in a ****** crave

What is love but the feeling of kisses for eternity

The soul becomes dyed with the color of such a simple thought and yet becomes the truth when we least expect it
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
If you never expand by using the value of every situation to teach you as you would learn from a project you will only see undefined visions of a futuristic hell
once awoken.

Life is not a dream
It is every moment living
So live it greatly  :)
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
How do you know?

Two bodies


from their silos

taking the shape of
two creatures
different accelerations

Destined to dance

Made to fit inside a block of ice
Holding a best kept secret
Together apart
From all the universe to find

A bumblebee
attuned to her
final harvest
Searching for nectar
on planets nearby
There is time enough
to repollennate

Saturn rings of ice
and Jupiter

Swinging towards each other
He passes her by
catching up
After years of

Time akin to sleep
Fiberglass insulation

Looking back
Thinking about the next time
They are going to meet
It already happened

Ahead of their destiny
The past that becomes the future
Are they not thinking at all while moving?

A frozen moment alive

Moves so slowly
Nondescript fragments of time
as they are

Racing ahead on a predestined path
that cannot be changed

There is no going back

Destined infinity
Perfected collision  

As the sun watches

Another cycle

Hopeful to witness
the last
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
Your truth is raw. It does not accept cards.
Pay it forward with your own and the other will receive it in full.
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
My mind has been lifted, my spirit heaven apprehended, great art invites us to apprehend its beauty for it knows that I am the result of progress that has been chiseled time and my time here is eternal.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Where have you been
the last 10 years

So much has happened
that I've concealed
in the vault of permission

For the first time
I am revision

You've become more than all you've done
I tell my former self
As it balks at my
Progressive ideals

Now you see me
As I am

And I am
Fully me
Finally free
To be who I've decided
Is me

Change would not have come if I had waited

For some other person or some other time

I am aware
For change is a created thing
Among the masters of their destinies

Nietzsche says:

“I am a forest, and a night of dark trees: but he who is not afraid of my darkness, will find banks full of roses under my cypresses”.

I dream in order to act with grandeur

Essential dreaming is nursed in imagination
To know that form of love.
To know someone who takes another as they are is the highest form of light I can be
and belong

To the acceptance you bring.
Standing by

I tell my former self
To stay strong
You are a brilliant
Compass of madness

That has been
guiding yourself

You have arrived. I am grateful.

There is a point at which you start to feel that the intensity of all things is so unbelievable, in its enormity of will to believe better exists for you out there, you wonder how you’d ever been walking around at all.

With eyes held so tightly; slivers, chopped, before. How on earth did the light get in? To those desolate pieces needing to be filled so much?
How did I ever arrive here?

Perhaps, just in being led me towards the heat.

There are days when you may feel unable to move or, sometimes, breathe.

In these moments, one cannot fathom how there is anything left to do,
but let go and know
your own faith is working
the scene
Love begins.
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
Creative ideas just flow out of my mind naturally
Artists: Natural selection = the flow of creation
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
You are powerful. You’ve done amazingly well for yourself and you always will.
See your worthiness, feel your importance, and pitch the self-doubts.

The world needs you right now.
It is still a place full of magic that bends to our dreams. You are loved.
You are important. You are valued.

If you need something, anything, ask for it. And if someone asks you for help, give to the best of your ability or try to find someone who can.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Distracted by the distance
Walking on tattered roads  
Ocellated eyes found me

Cold thoughts
Another mile gone

New words entered
And were sewn

The reality of what might be  
too much to bear
But the need never came near
to haunt my thoughts again
I let it be...

5 years later.

The forward of
of a fresh chapter
writes in feathers
You’re still there  

Like a book
newly released
speaking in printed form

Reflecting on its parts
Sectioned into twos
like a grapefruit and its humanness

The core is heaven  
Melting into uncharted territories  
I am willing to go

I met the uniqueness of a friend
Turned lover  
Transformed into
all that was
like water

And I found this treasure
People do not always appear as they seem, but they can change depending on how we view them outside of ourselves.
The circumstances, environment, and sensory data we decide to live and surround ourselves
with respect to a person can change depending on how we reflect what we think about them and how we feel within.

Circumstances change. We can learn to see others as more meaningful or less depending on how we choose to see them from a certain perspective.

We can become happier when we transform a repeating passing thought or maybe something that began as a fleeting temptation into a steady conscious interest of desire to be pursued because we are generally interested in learning about this person outside of the superficial criteria they may meet in the external world and therefore, develop those feelings into something more.

Turning thought into action is a powerful blended combination of simply thinking about what you want vs. creating what you want; being proud of who you are and yourself for being clear and determined in your choices in love as well as in your commitment to it and the journey towards finding it can make all the difference in how you feel about it as a process and your dynamic with that special person too :)

Love, then, becomes less of a temptation and more of a pursuit to be cherished and deliberately chosen.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
Gem in the Hollow
Holographic signs
make my new mind blind

Mind blown
Freak show
Broke bonds
Bound in brick foam

Guide yourself
Ask yourself

Feel what's been given
Learn the stones of transition

Find the tranquility to be one
with your soul

Let go
Like the
Odonota (infraorder)
En pose

Moving alongside
A butterfly's eyes
Black and gold
Gleaming inside
Her wingspan

Represents your mindset
With me

Glow and glide
With me

In memories afloat

Underneath a Rose

Petals whispering

“Hello” can you hear me?
This feels like Mystified aloe
Trust me.

Citrionic tears
do not forget

This could be
Paradise Found
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
I wanted to express my feelings for you after having such a beautiful and spiritually productive day.

Learning and growing with like minded people who I inspire and who inspire me to keep nuturing my life forward.

I also wanted to tell you that I prayed and thanked God after our call last night for the past few months, for if I had not gone through that experience with another
I would not have seen the truth as clearly as I do and loving your spirit would not be at the level I love it now. 
I mean it.

When something that ultimately feels wrong and unhinged inside both literally and metaphorically disrupts the spirit;

Whatever was ends.
And what is possible resets whats meant to be in motion allowing everything to become and feel right again only to perpetuate new growth and future learning.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
All of the love you have given to the wrong people-
will find its way back to you with the right person.
Stay inspired.
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
You are not going through it, it is going through you.

You are the way through and knowing this is a power that is changing how you show up for yourself every single day.

Because you are simply pure magnetism.
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
Love is the feeling of what it feels like to know
without a glimmer of anything but certainty.
That Love is faith in what still exists
In the sliver of a piece of the life
you always knew lives and breathes deep inside you
A new life where the moon overlooks
the shadow of doubt and dust from a past one
It is to form the new horizon of truth happiness inner peace in silent deserved action. This truth you know.
Believe in that love.
A lovely heartfelt message delivered by butterfly that has found her wings again over the past 4 years; learning to understand the love that resides within herself and always has.
Cheers to the day all my amazing Shifters, to this day, and to the happiest and beautiful of Valentines to you all. Love is here for you now.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
You don't have to know me
To write a word

Or feel me
out there

Feels like I'm in space

Feeling you walk next to me
on cross streets

And not see me

Seeing you discard the moment you clicked

My picture

In a mirage of meringue and memories
Stuck inside my brain
This hurts

Please Forget



Do not favor only the word
Is that all you have?
Is reality as bleak from the inside out?
Tell me.

You make it seem so far away
Disjointed like limbs miscounting their branches disconnected from their hippocampus

Your prefrontal cortex
For the Jugular

I'll have you know…

I can cough up whispers
Tingling twisted

Circles around my
Shortened breaths

Wrapped in all I know

Still I would never see your paintings on the wall

Still You could never see your paintings on the wall

False poetry and lines
Unraveling the recital of a lifetime


Stop writing.

Leave me to reflect amongst the truths that refuse to let me go

That continue to let me know how much stronger

I can be

How much I am without your weight
Your manipulations on high
Swirling like puppetry
upon my shoulders

Knees abound by once your word

I once read you Khalil Gibran
I remember that.  

The Prophet is my life.
And I love him.

I can only imagine someone like him
to fawn on
and vice versa
Oh, how the times have changed...

To make a Lover's call

For it is clear as the Praise on my

Softened pillow

Dried tears

I am not calling

I am Becoming

Fully Me in Furnished Uplifting

Unpeeling in the Layers of immaculate forms

Smiling into sunset waters

At peace
With Me

I am home.
Use your instincts and your gut calling aka your intuition to make judgments and decisions about what is right and ultimately best for your wellbeing.
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
Ingmar Bergman scenes and Jewel’s poetic dreams figurative memes spilled like ashes across the page to be holy, unheavy, and alive is a granted feeling of being on high

Like God, he told me, only words get washed away if not kept sacred

Inside the blood and the host
irrevocably so
Whatever blindness calls itself
There was nothing left to be said
And so I dropped that filthy knife

Hot with the stain erased spilling on its face cooled by a star

I am not in the creator’s mind
I found the him within me

The ageism and the orientation of today’s world is met with chaos from the stories of so many...
How do we move on from such loss?

I don’t need new age *** or dates with the illusion of a soulmate that follow what the tarot’s say I need to make me happy today

I lost someone, I lost something, and that is enough to feel it.
We are not here to deny another’s pain

Death’s foreshadowing pretenses could never prepare for a dream
Filled with the hollowness of holiness and shallow breath
Makes a night of manipulation evaporate

A year later, I sang as I carried myself away
I went the mile
I walked to the depths
3 years later to the date
April 20th

The day I released all of the hurt I chained
To my self worth as a bad dream
As an epiphany of the love I wanted
Like a little girl
Lost and waiting on the front porch looking out towards the sky wondering when the truth of my own love would come
To lose hope in intervals treading for reciprocity was the garden gate I needed to find myself anew

What I once feared was in me, was never in me and I yet the idea was at the same time

Strong diligence makes the heart grow that much more aligned to what creates your will, your beautiful will; a peaceful manifesto of a great new world
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
Love with you is admiring the trusting realism of the blessings I have encountered both with and away from you
Knowing the day of that imaginative act woke me up and has been one of my greatest
self love victories.

How misguided we are in thinking our best partner is there when we haven’t believed that of ourselves.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
A part of me would like to have the new
But I wouldn’t be who I am if I didn’t learn to persevere through these times
And become self-made on my own

Always finding older friends and mentors
helped me learn and grow
If not for them I would still be stuck, lost, and reliant on them.
(Little did I know at the time I wrote this piece, I was stuck, lost, and reliant on the wrong people for support and correct spiritual thinking to guide me through to the next level of my life).

I had to learn to cut the cord.
Not everyone is mean to stay until the end.

People are people.
Blood cannot always occupy the meaning even after they say they care.
If they have to say it, they don’t truly know caring’s worth.
Learning and growth about yourself, about others and who you surround yourself with is your priority.
LannaEvolved Dec 2020
Have you ever thought about the qualities

that silence shares?

I haven’t, but I’d like to someday.

It reminds me of

Earth’s luxuries

How everything was created to show us

the signs of becoming

when Light runs its deepest course

Sitting with the pit of a fruit in my stomach

Looking to the space between

Knowing someday that you and I will be

under the same sky


To imagine the day when a soul finds itself  

in another

Merging into an embrace of Silk Silhouettes

Hands held tightly around their bodies

They just know.

Nothing ever comes to us without

accepting the space exactly the way it is

Loving it and all the beauty it allows


an ever growing thing

Grateful for such moments

Infinite patience

A tiny ladybug

painted peacefully

on its stem

A higher power

believing it has you

to rely on..
LannaEvolved Dec 2020

Surrounded in silence

Earth’s luxuries

Knowing that everything was created
to show

The signs of becoming

when prism lights run the deepest

Sitting with the pit of a fruit in my stomach

Looking to the space between

Someday I will find my person under the same sky

To imagine the day when a soul finds itself  
In another

Merging into the embrace of Silk Silhouettes

Hands held tightly around their bodies

We just know.

Nothing ever comes to us without accepting the space exactly as it is

Loving it and all the beauty it allows

For Eternity is an everything

Grateful for the moments

Infinite patience

Is knowing a higher Power
And believing it has you
Support finds us in many different rays;
A butterfly’s wings are always filled in color no matter how blind we may feel. When things go wrong or a way we may not anticipate or accept for ourselves internally, we must become our own savior and rise above them to find a solution without giving up. This means continuing to do what’s best for us while staying with your assumption at the same time. :)
LannaEvolved Mar 2021
I am not what happened to me.
I choose to be what I have become.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“The internal creative force that I choose to embody proceeds intentional effort to create confident external results, and that makes up my life.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“ Self-selected Power is owning your purpose; the culture of one’s strength from within.

It is the why before it becomes the how.
The what after it confirms itself by conscious design.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Movement is creativity and spontaneity
The art of it is release and relieve
Creativity is health
And to be at ease with health is medicine
This is what makes us come alive

Performance is the unguarded feeling of exasperating freedom escaping through the neurons of the mind down to the lungs underneath the nerves down into the cells and out through the heart.

“It is the body in all its forms.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Art reflects back to us the nuances of what we are secretly needing from others
who haven’t been able to give.

That is why I am so specific in the details and delivery of all my actions.

I depend on my consciousness to make up for any of those I might have wished to go differently, so that I can create my new world and own it’s peak simultaneously.

Take down the mask and reveal all your truths waiting to be seen, to be heard, to be felt, to be imagined and you won’t feel disappointed by another’s”.
To change is to change the face of our own mirror. Man must change himself if he is to change another.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“When the hologram of everything you don’t want to be (angry, hurt, ill or in despair) is on the other side of your world, even hearing or witnessing these feelings can challenge your mind to appreciate all that you are creating in your own mind and feel that much stronger about who You are and what you’ve become throughout the years.

Remember the route and the cause: to create a new chapter, and that is something to be proud of.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Value is the kind of character in which you live through your intentions.

You have to be intentional about the value of you, for that is the virtue of self, and the premise of I am.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“The most important things to us will leave us if we cannot find ways of sustaining their value.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Remember, you are the razor in a box of erasers. Let go of the past and reclaim what is yours. Do it for your truest self.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Become uplifted in claimed rejuvenation.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“A butterfly’s wings are always filled
with color no matter how blind they may feel. Appreciate your own greatness and
know support will find you in many different rays.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“The worth of every story made me.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“A true creator is a dreamer, a visionary, a leader, an entrepreneur, a winner who just won’t give up.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Unmask your Purpose and let it Breathe.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Are you passionate about possessions or core elements? Depth does not end. What you are serious about drives you to be where you are creatively.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Acting, like any creative endeavor, is about stepping out of yourself more and more in order to test your own limits, so that you can be authentically who you are at your core. It is the greatest test of the me and the not me.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“Not knowing the difference between 'acceptance' and 'friendly tolerance' is how we lose out most if not all of the time when we are out of focus”.  #truthsrule
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“A mental emotional shift creates the space for behavioral and collective change.”
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
“When expectations are low, we don’t live up to a standard of aspiration, but when we have both we understand our purpose clearly. That can really help us to believe in them, and at the same time raise ourselves up.”
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
The essence of a successful life is going beyond your mistakes, bettering yourself every step of the journey as you are learning what want to embrace, and achieving what you are capable of on every page.
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
Power is owning your purpose and that can only represent strength from within.
It is the why before it becomes the how.
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
Get past how and simply do.

Worth is in doing NOT in fearing what happens next.
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
Numbers are second to the creativity
it takes to reach them.
Keep focusing on your vision.
LannaEvolved Jan 2021
Regaining your inner power:
“When you use the vision to build yourself you automatically propel your dream.
Then unwanted people and feelings must depart any part of your world”.
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
Everything you choose can and will show  up for you. Any form of struggle- emotional or physical harm comes when we lose who we are.
We can only get it back when we are authentic in our deliberation to intentionally find ourselves through the art of our own personal “creator identities”.
LannaEvolved Feb 2021
Feel every emotion in your body taking place. For this inner wisdom is guiding your senses to do even more seemingly impossible greater things.
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