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m Sep 2023
the clear view from our window
now ***** from both sides
no matter how often i clean mine
the view's filtered through the grime
m Sep 2023
we all feel the same vibrations
we just need to get onto each others frequencies
worst pickup line ever
m Aug 2023
its all in the delay
taut rope ends
beside a microphone
still, no one hears
m Aug 2023
we had good morning kisses
now they land on your cheek
hugs, with arms at your side
how much less can you give me?
m Aug 2023
don't come
stay here
negative tape on repeat
what do you want?
sit in it
the sunlight shines through
surrounding clouds thicken
m Aug 2023
your mood dictates the day
multiple days
it lingers
m Aug 2023
am i saying how i really feel?
or what I'm suppose to be feeling?
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