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No one knows my tears, my pain, my struggles, my thoughts like my Pillow
September 17, 2020
The door that was once
I thought
never existed.
Was now
my comfort place.

Sorry that I didn't
know you
Sorry that I'm too
too naive,
too selfish,
to love you first.

I'm sorry now that you're gone,
I'm sorry.
I dont miss you
I dont miss your face
Your laugh
Your hair

I just miss the touch
Someone by my side
To laugh with
To hug

Does everyone feel this way?
Living day by day,
unable to escape?

I used to be sad
Now im just numb
I miss when i would cry
The sadness would fill me to my brim

But at least then I wasnt empty.
you HAVE
to go your own way.

whether you like it or not,
that's where you're g o i n g.

so you might as well
make it
and fun
  as hell.
Let this not be a generational curse but if so, let the chains break on me
Let not history repeat itself, for I will not do what she did
Let people not see her reflection on me
I am my mother’s child not my mother.
Let her curses not fall unto me
Let her sorrows be washed away by the sea that are in my eyes
Take away the knife that is in my heart
I am my mother’s child not my mother

When you fell my heart and tears fell too.
I am my mother’s child not my mother and you are still my mother
I didn’t want it to be perfect,
I just wanted it to be with you.
When life gives you lemons
What do you say?
Do you keep them for yourself?
Or give them away?

Will they be sour if you eat them?
Or sweet if you leave them?
You’ll never really know
If you never receive them 🍋

— The End —