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seer human Aug 2020
From, Mia

A woman so selfless
Queen of generosity and forgiveness
The thorns, prickled its throne
To whom, so lovely, place a crown

A new bloom sunflower
Let poor bees **** its nectar
Fulfilled the sweetness of hunger
Though they shall not be parted

For humans' mindset curved like rainbow
Few colors, quite distinct, have dark shadow
Gazing, adoring, so gorgeous petal
Turned exposed, too old, torn by sharp metal

An outcast smiling under mask
Forgotten by people she trusts
Molded paper fly freely through darkness
From, Mia, who died, drowning under sadness
#drowning #outcast #forgotten #from, mia
#poem of sadness
seer human Aug 2020

Winner! Winner! Chicken dinner!
Shout of a wicked fortune teller
Man so wise became a winner
His opponent get gun;pull up the trigger
Gossipers yell "police chase the killer!"

A man black suited reading newspaper
Squint-eyed; wrote "May I get your number?"
Waitress come near read the paper
Sherlock whispered "payment,later"
#sherlock #winner #chicken dinner #wise #unlucky
seer human Jul 2020
Behind the walls

The loneliness torments dim clouds, non stop heavy rains, and sufferings under deep oceans
Once a concealed masks flowered, bottom known as shallow captured shortness of smile
The blaze on spirited heart pressured itself, rope crawled on darkness, gripped and pants
A race among complexion turned into permanent scars was disputed into lingering trail

The soul kept on creeping out like dark secrets being confide
Billion of people drowning inside which wildly roared but helpless in coming tide
You, who veiled the whispers, endured battled fight under countless nights, yet tongue-tied
Streaming stories of variety faces was once upon a time, escaping into untold mysteries and hard to find

— The End —