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17h · 36
Katie was our first born.
Proof of our forever love.
Years evaporate, her scorn
tells us Good Bye shove.
17h · 30
Drunk Enough
I'm drunk enough to drink
a toast to my own demise
no fear no time to think
death comes no surprise.
18h · 25
I can't control my inclinations.
I try so hard for explanations.
All I got in and out deviations.
Might I buy your expectations?
20h · 18
Erection Guilt
I bear shame forever after
searching my directions
throughout my lustful life
always guilt by erections.
I have eaten my witches
at their birthing sections.
I reached inside my heart
and found the broken part.
It was not believing in love
only hold lust's black dove.
1d · 11
Just Human
So much overlooked
some misunderstood
I'm human selfish
heart made of wood
passion fire close
not what I should.
1d · 22
Pretend to be perfect. A Masquerade.
  Age and pounds of flesh will betray.
  We all pour through the hourglass
  swallow anything keep truth at bay.

I'll live a century and we'll all fly.  
I've broken many hearts; mostly mine.
  Let's meet in a Cabaret on Venus and
  Share our dearest sins one more time.
Always the sweetest taste of all.
First French kiss and touch a bra.
You tamed my snake with your kiss.
I tasted your secret garden's bliss.
2d · 32
Flawed Beauty
Whenever you think of me
I'm just lost flawed beauty.
We were always meant to be
madness always set me free.
3d · 18
Becoming Poet
I learned my ABC's and read the secrets.
  Words like puzzle pieces showed me truth's
  that Gods never thought we'd understand.
  I found poetry at world's darkest edge
  when flying too close to her boiling sun
  at midnight in my blind blank black heart.
  Ginsberg told of his generation's addiction
  crawling at dawn to find their needed fix
  what rough beasts, their hour comes due
  slouches towards our Bethlehem
  to deliver the final crucifixion.
3d · 20
Devil's Chess
All the kings lied.
All the pawns died.
Lonely lovers cried.
Justice again denied.
Cannot change fate
once more checkmate.
4d · 112
War's Red Mist
Death's lipstick kiss
fire's breath and rain
in blood war's red mist
we pray stop the pain.
5d · 38
I'm a Pinball
I'm launched into life
from silence into noise
no choices just chance
don't tilt against boys.
6d · 30
When You Draw Me
Capture my face on rough paper.
Press hard make thick graphite lines.
Bonnie and me on a bank caper
G men made us pay for our crimes.
I didn't mind the dying as such
as our beauty shot to hell so much.
7d · 35
War's Interlude
We all **** near died
fighting the thunder.
Lucky ones survived.
Interlude Down Under.

War's widows ****
in desperate hope
to find Love's luck
in one more trope.
Jul 15 · 37
Pledge of Allegiance
I pledge allegiance to the flag
of our founding warriors
constitution verbatim
forget today's horrors.
Jul 15 · 37
Altar Boy
I'm an altar boy raised by nuns,
trying to dance on the wild side with
guilt my constant companion. I bury my
conscience under absinthe and *******.
I wake naked and bewildered among people
searching for clothes caught in piles
never to be found again. We cover our
shame with anything we can and slither
out the door in splendid wonder at what
we dared do in such a strict world. We
are strangers who will meet again in
tomorrow's ****** of our own creation.
Jul 15 · 40
Fighting Irish
We've been beat near to death.
  Irish mules pull English plows
  rocks and clay our last breath.
  You steal our milk, eat our cows.

  Steal our island as you might.
  Ireland is Our emerald sacred
  We keep our dignity and fight.
  Pubs crawl with pure hatred.
Jul 14 · 38
My Exit
You got a fast get away car
I have a needle of escape,
no cops no jail no czar.
No crusader in a cape.
Just a quick goodbye
without prison ****.
Jul 14 · 39
Danny Ayer
This old arthritic man
pain my constant friend
will jump from fry pan
into my youth's fiery end.
Danny Ayer died in 8th grade driving a '57 Chevy pedal to the metal down Dead Man's hill in Winton Woods.
Jul 13 · 242
I Love
I smell your hair
I love you then
we kiss us there
perfect within.
Hank Kissinger was a cruel kid
who grew up into a psychopath
complete with his patent bid
to destroy filthy needy trash
all dead in his nuclear bath.
Jul 13 · 34
One Word Poems
   ­   never.
Jul 12 · 49
My Dear, Katie
I wish that I knew you more
than I knew your brother.
How can I even the score?
Jul 11 · 32
There's an open window.
**** it and say goodbye.
Jul 10 · 64
First Touch
I found a magazine
left lonely in a field.
I was 13, what I'd seen
set me free. I was healed.
Jul 9 · 44
Trailer Trash
I'm wearing Camo shorts
a wife beater undershirt
I'm 75 run 2 miles a day
ignoring arthritis  hurt.

I live with 2 dogs, blind cat
and the wife of my dreams.
Our happy hour from 7 to 11
Franzia romantic as it seems.
Jul 9 · 49
The Prince
I was firstborn son
namesake was done
delivered by a nun
already on the run.
Jul 8 · 37
It's Been Real
I felt pain and cleansing rain.
I burned in summer sun shines.
Faced bullies on a playground
Fell in love forever many times.

Made some babies lost a few
Eden Park's greener grass
in the insane summer of love
much too much **** and ***.

I'm dead now I guess so
I miss laughs and crying.
It's painless and forever.
I want to fear my dying.
Jul 8 · 33
God Awful Alone
I'm god awful alone with friends.
Why? What piece of me is missing?
Is my world always just pretends?
Married again and again dismissing
cracks in my mind the shrinks deny
the quacks follow Freud 'til we die
over and over they ask only "Why?"
no answers to question always I lie.
Jul 7 · 45
War's Grin
Give an inch
keep the dead
**** the king
maggot bread
fight tomorrow
eat our sorrow.
Jul 4 · 34
Full of Shit
I drove a dump truck
full of lies and blight
through the blinding
of the sun's true light.
I delivered it to you
Happy Hour at night.
Jul 4 · 47
The 4th of You Lie
Our government is a carcass
parasites eating its ideals
political prostitutes rich
from inside trader steals.

Lobbyists own all of DC.
**** the bone marrow dry.
**** the middle class now
the poor will do or die.
Jul 3 · 59
Puzzle Pieces
I had a breakdown fell
apart in puzzle pieces
everywhere I spilled
was bits of my verses.
Help me put me back
to myself again, please.
Jul 3 · 57
Drunk Speak
We are both in our cups
when we drunk connect
one calls one answers
the same numb correct.
We talk forever after
with echos of laughter.
Jul 2 · 54
I Won't Bury My Lover
She died
I'll never
know why
it was left
for me to
bury her
I will join
her in death
final breath.
I lie in her grave
and slit my throat
bleed out our
true baptism.
Jul 2 · 48
Canary in a Coalmine
That day was so long ago
memory is vague shadows
quiet whispers in the snow
prayers for the widows
tears for Canaries caged
as the coal mine raged.
Jul 2 · 42
75 and a Half
I'm still that little boy
confessing little sins to
be forgiven by a penance.
Instead I ate a nun's stew.
Acquired taste devil dance
before I die one last chance.
Jul 1 · 42
Second Hand
Time is a brooding storm
hovering behind my back
threatens every tick tock
as universes always stack
Tarot decks against a ****.
We're always hanged seconds
before we *** on the clock.
we love the patient serpents.
I say swear words,
  smell sweet girl hair
  I never knew before.
  Susan Tucker was my
  first confusing kiss
  loved forever more.
Jun 30 · 53
Life is real
we lie
we steal
we cry
girl killed me
robbed her womb
too small to see
tiny attic room
we would've
had a ton of fun
you could've
known your son.
Jun 29 · 51
Beyond Reproach
I outlived such penalties
that bring me shames' fines
or ugly looks in churches
where Jesus truly shines.
Old mad Bill still searches
for his lover in the mines.
Jun 29 · 34
Life is a Timeshare
You have limited weeks
that are still available
small vacation peeks
your time unassailable.

Leave it clean so new
guests thoroughly enjoy
their pristine view
of this brand new toy.
Jun 27 · 54
It bullies us constantly to
be at a place a specific time
God help us if we're late
no excuses it's a crime.
Seconds we race to please
the clock we fear wicked lies
it rules the fools we truly are.
We live and die like flies.
Time Flies!
Jun 27 · 55
I lost you in my chaos
some hurricane attitude.
I've felt the sacred loss
inside painful solitude.
I look for you everyday
in the out of way places
we always seemed to stay
searching all our spaces.
Jun 27 · 27
Struck by Lightening
I'll ******* 'til there's pain.
Be like we dancing in the rain.
Thunder keeps our screams quiet.
My hearts beating a prison riot.
Jun 26 · 49
I Threw My Family Away
I threw my family away
beer cans along the way.
Ohio to Boston ******
saved me from asylum.
Jun 26 · 25
Rattlers and Scorpions
I'm lost inside a desert
among it's cactus forest
hell's heat beats me down
blood blinds, eyes drown.
Water was a never thing
inside a mad song I sing.
Jun 26 · 25
Small Sins
Unknown ******* I loved
for moments slit my wrist
before I had a chance to ***
died in her perfume's mist.
Jun 25 · 45
Uncle Harry
He sees the children
the hunger in his eyes
the innocence burden
heat between his thighs.
He tickles them to death
within a silent child breath.
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