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10h · 30
My Own War
I started it at birth
when evicted to light
tiny fists clenched
begging for a fight.
Angry always angry
Punch you in a bar
buy you a sorry drink
drive you in my car.
I'm the only war dead
buried in my sick head
I surrender to myself
I lie dead on a bar shelf.
I often dream of you
in ***** dens
in crack houses
insane asylums
you're everyone
I've ever yearned
I dream of you in
hospice morphine.
birth the earth allows
seeded after the plows
food for us to try again
another year in Eden
**** the clearance bin
we're flush Gatsby gin.
1d · 18
You and I
It's coming through a hole in the sky
It's decadence from back in the day
It's coming through a crack in the wall
It's debauchery and she's here to stay.
A time to live and a time to be our time
it might not fit just right but will do  
for our never mind and who really cares
we found our perfect paradise for two.
2d · 50
Pet Peeves
When jealous boyfriends
get away with killing girls
fence posts breaking skulls
blood paints grass in swirls.
Two piece Patty at the pool.
2d · 176
Just a Vision
I saw you on the subway
  lost you in the crowd
  love you like yesterday
  alone in the party cloud
  backstairs naked chance
  touch hearts and parts
  we make our music dance
  I drink to love's starts.
I call this death
end of breath
laughs silent
life is spent
No dreams
light beams
dark as buried
casket carried
planted deep
soul to keep.
3d · 48
Flotsam and jetsam trapped
in errant brain cells electric
hits on every nerve tapped
face twitch gnarl hand sick.
Cells break up and divorce
cheat alone and together
by love or brute force
insane light as a feather.
Who owns my epiphany?
  Is you or is it me?
  I broke the machine
  left my part unclean
  blood or oil dried
  gears and cranks died
  screeched to a halt.
  Blame the Gestalt.
4d · 90
If I Had a Heart
If I had a heart I'd pray
  If I had a heart I'd stay
  If I had a heart I'd try
  If I had a heart I'd die
  If I had a heart I'd lie
  If I had a heart why?
5d · 59
I Hate Love
I hate its expectations
demands and frustrations
tired drools and snores
and all the ****** bores
wandering eyes are trouble
divorce broke kids in rubble.
5d · 173
I can't not desire
my heart on fire
for your perfume
permeates the room
I'll stalk you tonight
just a perfect flight
always arrives on time
bar stool next to mine.
I'm really more you than I know.
Who said that? Am I inside a dream?
Are you my shadow less shadow
the ghost in my machine?
I do horrible things, is that you?
Are we partners in these crimes?
I see horrors on our horizons no
matter you or me or us. End times.
5d · 13
She was the most demanding.
  Claws always at my throat.
  She ****** me in real dreams
  I shivered in my overcoat.
  Mother's milk and final ****
  always the last shot for luck.
5d · 33
A hotbed of deception
  A dollar each confession
  tenfold more to forgive
  trade your lust to live.
  Kneel take your penance
  in your mouth this once.
  Don't forget again to come
  penance take it up the ***.
Birds cawing. Rats gnawing. Cats clawing. War.
  Bells ringing. Choirs singing. Dead bringing. Dead.
  ****** faking. Thief's taking. Mischief making. Leave.
  Alice small. Alice tall. Red Queens fall. Afterlife.
  Ambien is my only savior to take me away from 3 am.
  Mind stops exploding and I fall into darkness again.
6d · 20
Dorm Room ,1985
Slightly ****** and drunk
  we enter into far out reaches
  of the universe to microscopic,
  subatomic worlds. We wonder if
  life's a dream, then argue whose.
  Is time travel possible? Maybe
  we're all from the future or past.
  If we changed an event from the
  past would we exist in the now?
  3am we all dream of tomorrow.
6d · 15
Alphabet. Morphine.
The pill. Free will.
Opera. *******.
Shot deer the sad ****.
Love replaced by lust.
Bigger is a better bust
****** or ***** a must
waits for tongue's ******.
7d · 68
Christ Bar
I live in a Church
soul kept in a jar
I stop Jesus search
found him on a bar
stool next to mine
we talked of fate
society's decline
everybody's hate.
I slit my wrist and let the red ink
spill upon the page and I scratch my
message to my past loves. Listen. Do
you hear the wind whisper through
the trees? It speaks softly of pain
and journeys back to healing. Love
over and over 'til the peg fits hole.
Perfect. Rare, but entirely possible.
Love's corpse will never agree to burial.
It holds you hostage with guilt
razor sharp against your throat.
Love letters nailed to bedroom doors
wake the broken hearts within like
a church with stations of the cross.
Sep 23 · 76
What am I?
Am I bulbous?
Am I purple?
Am I throbbing?
Might I *******?
Will I disappoint?
too soon too late?
Sep 23 · 21
Little Richard
dancing in the flames of hell
in a place I belong with friends
long gone reunited, cold beers,
A/C now it's like Georgia's summer
and he beats the keys to death and
the rest of us back to cool life.
Sep 22 · 74
Dirt Poor
Do you know these people
  dirt poor with joyful eyes?
  No tears or pity asked they
  work hell's cloudless fields
  every meal fatback and beans  
  sharecropper hands of stone.
  Sunday overalls starched go
  to Church praise Jesus, atone.
  Saturday nights there's music
  and moonshine and slow dance
  they give up the ghost midnight
  still clutching in fierce romance.
Sep 22 · 57
Bethlehem, PA.
the *****'s strewn about the room
     like branches from a violent storm
     some ascending some descending
     some dying some better off dead

     you better watch your manners even
     in a crack house lust will bend even
     stubborn knees to adore coveted bones
     and defile you with stubborn needs

     a savior is born from these ashes
     hope delivered from a crack head
     rising above human frailty we
     will all crawl to a promised land

     the crack house is no place for
     punctuation or capital letters
     My arrogance is misplaced. We
     have needs that won't be silenced.
Sep 22 · 57
Hospice Care
Boys play at growing up and shaving.
     Girls bleed into the women we desire.
     I smelled you bee to honey a craving
     you set my little world a madman fire
     Love a solemn hymn on the black keys
     in church before humanity we swear
     kneeling on painful wood on knees
     have hold better worse hospice care.
Sep 22 · 30
I have no heart no soul.
  I live in a field of corn
  never empty never full
  never died and never born.
  Clothes stuffed with straw
  to scare away black crows
  until the harvest in Fall
  death beaten chaotic rows.
Sep 21 · 61
Love and Other Myths
We watched from a rooftop
across the great city
4 in the morning
lit up and pretty
a little drunk but
mostly just tired
dawn broke and
I was inspired
in central park
we made our bond
you said I love you
now and beyond
I said I love you
you answered ****
love floats in jetsam
drifts in bad luck.
Sep 21 · 54
Birth and Death
Live or die a tick of time
every life worth a dime
cries of help from a mime
all birth and death a crime.

Delivered from womb to light
blinded by the sun in flight
nobody has an actual face
in this white beeping space.

Wrapped in a tight shroud
my burial a gathered crowd
weep and laugh all so loud
baptized in a raining cloud.
Sep 20 · 44
Dorm Room ,1985
Slightly ****** and drunk
  we enter into far out reaches
  of the universe to microscopic,
  subatomic worlds. We wonder if
  life's a dream, then argue whose.
  Is time travel possible? Maybe
  we're all from the future or past.
  If we changed an event from the
  past would we exist in the now?
  3am we all dream of tomorrow.
Sep 20 · 52
Working Class Martyrs
We build the steel cathedrals miles high
  in the middle of the great cities. We dance
  on girders among the clouds driving white
  hot rivets into iron. We fear no man.
  When that whistle blows we scurry to our
  Bar. Brothers, we raise glasses to martyrs
  who fell that brief time to their honor.
  We toast more each day and pray and pray.
  We keep rabbit foot and four leaf clover
  and holy water and pennies in the poor box.
Sep 20 · 46
Don't Slam the Door
Don't slam the door, boy, when you leave.
   You made your bed with that worthless *****
   and you'll both end in hell's kitchen weeping
   for your unholy child born within deep sins
   of forbidden flesh and lust's laughter. Look
   out for fire. I pray for your souls always.

   We lived with our love and sweet daughter.
   We had a son soon after. Like rabbits.
   Years later you are all dead. Life moves on
   and as I near the grave I slam every door I
   can and give my blessing to every **** thing
   that lives outside the lines. They matter most.
Sep 20 · 32
Buzzards Over America
We circle the sky above you
as you die in your own *****
numb with a needle in a vein.
We eat the dead leaving bones
for proper burial and salutes.
Flag buried was made in China.
Sep 20 · 113
Boston 1978
I had a room in a garret.
She had a room without heat.
We had holes in our hearts.
I called her from a phone booth
and went to her cold bed. We
pretended love and slept warm.
Sep 20 · 30
Alphabet Insanity
look in the Shrink's book they
pretend to know our afflictions
catalogued with treatments.
Our despair is hope in hopeless
shadows cast from burning bridges.
Between the trenches of war among the
    shell holes and pieces of men strewn about
    there is a patch of grass untouched to
    remind us of good old days in pubs where
    we shared pints with one another and spoke
    of the excitement of war's engagement how
    we scatter the enemy and in a month plant
    our flag on a hill of their blood and bones.
    Men and horses dead on the barbed wire the
    smell becomes normal rats eat us in sleep.
Sep 19 · 41
Betsy Winters
I try drawing you from  old memories
   but don't get your eyes right. I can't see
   the body that destroyed my earnest vows.
   I can't feel your warm young ******* and
   ******* that grew so hard by my caress.
   I can't see us dancing naked in the dark.
   I wish I'd kept the photos. I cremated you
   in an ashtray drunk mourning our death.
Sep 18 · 115
He reminds me of me at 10
  best of intentions and trust
  a world that hasn't had time
  to **** a spirit and hope yet
  I'm not that cynical. I'm 72
  still love women at a distance
  and dream young boy dreams
  where we dance all night in
  7th grade with dark beauty's
  desires I never understood.
Sep 18 · 39
You and I aren't that different.
  I'm insecure and missed love's touch
  fighting ghost's dying while I dream.
  Am I breaking my own heart as such?
  I'll be your dancing monkey if you want.
  I promise you I will break every mirror
  too honest with your reflection as it is
  hovering near your worst nightmare fear.
Sep 18 · 126
Acid Trip
I saw God's spark set me in motion.
     Hell broke loose and molten metals
     exploded into a universe too big to
     imagine. Light begot light and suns
     were born. Globes crashed into globes
     stars blinked in night's black canvas.
     One burst light of a thousand suns
     blinded me in my tiny eternity gone.
Sep 17 · 35
I Do and Don't
We spent our pain on us in
  for a penny in for a pound.
  Married pregnant in our sin
  teenage hubris will astound
  in the summer of love again
  ripe naked ******* are found.
  The vows made are abandoned
  shame my constant companion
  new love stillborn in manger
  guilt's madness constant danger.
Sep 16 · 135
We Were Lovers Once
Playing with toys and jealously.
Now you spit me out in anger
no more games. No more friendly.
I feel the heat. I sense a danger.
I hear your rattle before a bite
venom saved just for me after all
I offer my vein to take your spite
pride a haughty spirit before a fall.
Sep 16 · 60
Back Stairs
I remember your touch and I hunger
like the night we became us on the
back stairs as the party faded away
into white noise and my heart beat
into yours and I knew my world just
fell to pieces and broken promises
and broken children were here.
I relive it one second at a time.
I still look for you everywhere
to find our back stairs again.
Sep 16 · 36
A Thong in Sweatpants
My wife favors sweatpants and sweaters
  like a nun. Under her armor she hides
  Victoria's secret and pierces my heart
  and slays my dragon with her thong.
Sep 15 · 27
Bent Time and Space
My life is not a page
with gibberish poetry
more of a fire of rage
atomic bomb imagery
melted heart boiled tears
I picked flowers never
in the radioactive years
time healed the fever.
Sep 15 · 50
Chelsea Hotel
Chelsea Hotel

Addicted to your taste
your crazy waste
self inflicted pain
to your flesh stain
I gladly confess
squalor's mess
rats scurry
in a hurry
to nowhere
already there
mirror over bed
you giving head
come again
love the sin
tip the maid
don't be afraid
Janis won't care
lay her truth bare.
Never kiss and tell, Leonard!
Man created God in his image
to explain how we landed here
on this perfect human stage
our sun will burn out some year.
Everyone has the perfect God
now only made by China's slave
labor keeps us safe in our cars
land of the free and the brave.
Sep 14 · 46
Hounds of Hell
I'm ****** and Genghis Khan
Chuck Manson and Joe Stalin
I'm the monsters under beds
evil clowns coming up stairs
who denied Christ thrice and
left my kids in an orphanage
while I ****** a fallen nun
in Boston. I was saved against
my will. Shrinks gave me pills
to keep hell's hounds at bay.
Sep 13 · 38
She Lives in Me
The only one I ever fear
is she who haunts my dreams.
The one who carries my heart.
She loves me more than life.
She knows everything about me.
I'm her world. I'll be her grave.
Sep 13 · 57
Barbarity of Beauty
the bells ring
dangers begin
wages of sin
desires again
**** the nuns
burn the ones
set it in motion
a witch's potion
beyond our shore
a King's *****
an oath she swore
an eye for an eye
the innocents die
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