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I bought breakfast for a Communist
to discuss our differences. He drank
***** and I had coffee. I don't feel
superior just sick from last night.
He hates god. God is evil to poor.
I said he deprived the poor as
the rich process fat from masses
to boil it into flame to read Marx.
I asked if I wore his Marx hat
and shout among the masses
could I convince them God is
not dead but Marx is long dead?
Your breath rattles in a fragile chest
the heart feebly clanks to push blood
when there's a bit in the aorta. You're a
young man in an ancient failing body by
an unknown disease. You lean on a cane
slumped in a chair waiting for a miracle
that won't come for you. You're a skeleton.
We fear death. We fear you. I fear ignorance.
Bailey-Boushay House provides exceptional and compassionate care to people with ***/AIDS as well as end-of-life care for people with ALS and other complex conditions.
There's a Yankee ship coming down
our river. We surrendered but blood
is still wet and bad. We keep our rebel
flag flying. I'm 15 and hold my dead dad's
rifle proud with unsure courage today.
I saw the cannon smoke before the sound.
and it sent me to the promised land my
head was vaporized and then my body fell.
1d · 103
I steal what I need.
    The sun and moon and
    your heart and stars
    time and beauty and
    God's grandiose plans.
    I'll build a universe.
    We'll be the King and
    Queen. We steal dreams.
2d · 35
My brain has become a web
of confusion and delight as
I hold you close dancing out
of step with yearning heart.
I know this place spinning
like a plate on a stick as
I lie in fields in a scarlet
sky with you yearning too.
2d · 74
I steal what I want.
    The sun and moon and
    your heart and stars
    time and beauty and
    wistful looks crying
    I'll build a universe
    for us. We are King
    and Queen. I steal dreams.
    I always dream of you
    You dream of me too.
2d · 23
Communism 101
Hours on the clock
    monkey's on my back
    the greatest reset
    never take that bet
    no time to chit or chat
    no time for this or that
    we'll all live in communes
    singing the same sad tunes
    while we all starve to death
    giving up our collective breath
3d · 19
Put Down
Sick as hell he needed to
be put out of his misery.
I spilled a river of tears
waiting until his ending.
We laid him on a blanket
and fed him endless treats
while the vet put poison
in him to give him peace.
We're both chasing *****
in our dreams together.
Black water. Sunlight.
   How to drown at noontime.
   You'll end up caught on
   a log in shallows where
   you're found and catalogued.
   You ended more lives than
   your own. Family is dead
   emotionally and buried.
They can't even tell you goodbye we love you and we'll miss you!
3d · 33
None of You
Time always takes what it's owed.
  It steals beauty. It steals youth.
  It steals memories and secrets.
  It erases love's loss after all.
  I had all of you, most of you,
some of you then none of you.
Alzheimer's disease is the most common in people over age 65.
I wear his flannel shirt and see his
old hands how can I be free? Let me
live my broken life the best way I can.
You were a war hero but I'm just a kid
who adored you and fell short of the mark.
Give me a mission. I'll fly and die for you.
4d · 30
Church or State
Is it Church or is it State?
A dollar short and day late.
Holy water incense.
Scientific nonsense.
Teachers ****** virginity.
Senators leave you drowned.
Presidents become be clowned.
Don't trust the Vicars
always in your knickers.
Don't you worry, Baby, just
hold onto these matches.
I have the gas can full
and a nuclear winter in
my secret laboratory.
I'll write the wedding
vows that stick this time.
Time travel takes a heavy toll.
5d · 384
I Love You
I Love You! Every living one of
you. I think kindly of you all.
Come over for Sunday supper
and bring a dish and stories.
5d · 51
West Virginia
The government's crawling our hills
  the tax parasites after our stills.
  What we make is our own free to taste
  so leave us out of your ******* waste.
  We die in your coal mines for you.
  Death isn't enough for us to pay due?
6d · 33
New World Order
New World Order

   an inch or a mile
   or a simple smile
   or Peter Rabbit
   or deadly habit
   pull the lever
   just be clever
   slit your wrist
   never try to resist
   new world order
   with just one border
   without a fence
   or gaudy opulence
   just an open wound
   never healing
   a fierce desire
   without feeling
   are you black or brown
   or professor or clown?
   never mind your history
   it all remains a mystery
   in this world with no past
   an invisible cast.
I draw my face on a bar napkin.
    I look like the night we met.
    Take me back to that night again
    when we hadn't touched just yet
    but yearned for Love and touches.
    I draw our family on a bar napkin.
Read it like a ****** having ***.
It means something different to
each of us. It can be painful or
funny or full of **** or falling
like Alice down the rabbit hole.
It can mean different things at
different times and circumstance.
It makes us feel in a Chemo Life.
I hold my pen too tight as
I strike the page in pleasure
and put the alphabet in order
to scream ******* in a poem.
It hurts so good to be heard.
There's a rebel boat coming
  close enough to see hatred
  in blood red eyes. Ring the
  church bell to call to arms.
  Powder in cannons delivers
  our death's surrender now.
7d · 57
Rabbit Hole
I go to sleep feeling dread
    in the morning I feel dead
    fog never lifts from my head
    I need Methadone to be fed
    I can't forget what she said
    Take the red pill instead.
I'll stumble over for a visit.
   I'm kinda' drunk.
   I hope you're not too sober?
   Are you insane like me?
   Contrary as a crooked line
   and seeing my favorite ghost
   on sleepless midnight's asking
   where have you been my love?
Apr 2 · 150
Roller Coaster
I used to look to the future,
        the only thing left is a past.
        There's an emptiness I can't fill.
        I've always been troubled fun.
        It's a steep price for a ticket
        to a ride that lasts a minute.
        The line is long but moves fast.
        Afterwards you change your name.
        We never drown in the shallows.
        We always preferred the deep.
Kathy became KC. Betsy became Liz. Terry became Tara. Lynette became Libby.
Apr 1 · 167
Pose with me. Smile.
   I'll be your friend
   in a picture frame
   'til the bitter end
   nailed to the cross
   of your destruction
   buried in shame
   and a resurrection.
Happy Easter. He is risen!
Apr 1 · 339
The wind blew up her dress.
  Those lips sang to me from
  shore like sirens of Ulysses.
  I was tangled in the sight
  caught in a net of memory.
  I was trapped in her riptide.
Mar 31 · 71
I never believed in anything
as much as I believed in you.
I'll never forget you. Your
heartbeat is still in my own.
You taught me how to love.
You taught me patience and
humility and to be kind when
it wasn't deserved but needed.
God's own Golden Retriever.
We tattooed his paw print on our wrists. We'll never forget him!
Mar 30 · 334
Strike Me Blind
See Hear Speak nothing.
Let me ****** and drink
and watch comedy videos
and take Ambien to sleep
and Xanax to live a life
and die on time forgotten.
Leave the bleached bones
of freedom in our graves.
Mar 29 · 144
I let my shadow go today.
I set my youngest free to be
herself with her own shadow.
She will call me less now but
she's in love and I won't let
it matter. God, I'll miss her.
Mar 29 · 46
Closing Time Waltz
When the bar lights blink off and on
  and last call announced half hour ago
  we calculate the odds as drunken sailors.
  The bar is full of sirens calling from shore.
  These beauties must've appeared recently
  cause I never saw them earlier. We take
  their measure and like dancers we choose
  partners and meet near the door and waltz
  away together into the night. We find our
  way to beds holding on to this life raft
  as desperate lovers often do. We love
  the best two drunk strangers can do.
  We wake in morning light blinking.
  We'll always do this dance again.
Mar 28 · 40
Fat John
My roommate was one of a kind.
  "******' A, Chump", belonged to him.
  He gulped life like a drowning man.
  He wasn't handsome but he had charisma.

  I worked in Waltham, Mass. We were all
  misfits but smart as whips! We kept the
  DECSystem 10 computers serving brainiacs.
  We worked and partied hard. The olden days...
Mar 28 · 21
Bad Movies
Everybody dies. How doesn't matter.
    Life's a bad movie with a sad ending.
The living still send bills, call you up.
    Emails not returned to those sending.

The inks wet in the memory book.
Sooner than later you're forgotten.
Cremains in a dusty urn on a mantle. 
Funeral flowers turn black and rotten.
Mar 26 · 15
Whipping Post
I was dragged to a whipping post
    and ******* desperate naked angry.
    Bring blood from lashes of a devil's
    tongue and **** and **** and *****.
    Writing poetry is a lonely effort
    full of doubt. No one likes a word.
    I drink me insane to set it on fire
    and light lines to burn poems down.
Mar 26 · 67
Marty Gentleman
Marty's Mass

  He died sudden like with
  a blood infection that ******
  his heart valve up. He was
  cremated into basic atoms of
  ash reduced to a jar of himself.
  He was always bigger than life
  and the irony is blatant. Thursday
  is a mass for him and I'll be there
  somber faced and heart of tears
  to pay my respects. I want to laugh
  out loud at his stories and jokes
  he told. The man could sell you
  your own soul and you'd thank him
  for saving you! He was a Gentleman.
  That's the greatest compliment ever.
Mar 25 · 55
Catcher in the Rye
Catcher in the Rye
Men all learn to lie
Women learn to cry
shrinks learn why
soldiers learn to die
angels learn to fly
we all say goodbye
regret we never try
Mar 25 · 41
I never believed in anything
as much as I believed in you.
I'll never forget you. Your
heartbeat is still in my own.
You taught me how to love.
You taught me patience and
humility and to be kind when
it wasn't deserved but needed.
God's own Golden Retriever.
Mar 25 · 22
Mississippi Delta
Cotton obsessed, ***** oppressed,
    Southern charm and whipping the help
    mint juleps in the oak tree's shade as
    Delta planters tamed this flooded jungle
    with a thousand slaves bought in kennels
    filled with a savage fear of lost orphans
    from lands beyond reach of our dreams.

    A noble savage we tried to free in Civil War.
    Free to live in squalor with **** schools and
    **** jobs and **** projects to call home.
    Don't fear these truths. Don't stare blind.
    Carry this prayer to your altars and pulpits
    and shout from pews demanding justice.
    Sing of misfortune and tomorrow's hope.
Free the slaves, just not into my neighborhood.
Mar 23 · 28
1981 Boys Club
Mullets and discotheques,
gold chains round the necks,
lines of coke, smooth *****.
Buying drinks, making passes
back when everyone was gay
then the scourge had its way.

Skeletons rattling breaths
clutching the hospice deaths
Really nothing left to say
just hold my hand to pray
friends please bend a knee
thank their God their free.
Mar 22 · 146
I've finally come undone
   the whole crazy orchestra
   plays frenzied on the sun.
   I stare hard to see them
   in the blinding light of
   noon finally seeing truth.
Mar 19 · 61
Last Kiss Again
there's a lonely beach
I'm sitting in the hot sun
I wish you were here
to lend me your shadow
and oil my back and kiss
me one last time again.
Mar 18 · 17
Russian Revolution
They took away my throne and stole
    my crown, stripped me of my epaulets,
    spat on my family and killed us all.
    Chaos reigned and rabble took control.
    Crazy zealots fought it out and the
    Marxists won the dice roll and killed
    religion and freedom and got rich
    living like kings selling our rags.
Communism never gives up!
Mar 18 · 33
I Hate Me
I hate me. I don't know why.
I want to live in a cocoon
forever. I won't hurt you
again. I'm a live love grenade
never in it for the long run
just a night or two and watching
you go into love's harsh fog.
I'm a live wire in a storm.
Mar 18 · 60
Love Just Out of Reach
I'm just a junkyard dog.
Old scars tell my story.
I'm left water and scraps.
Alone in the dark I sleep
and dream of a better life
and love with *******
I smell beyond fences.
Love is just out of reach.
Do all poets have favorite children they've created? This is one of my favorites but please don't tell the others.
Mar 17 · 22
Goodbye, Cincinnati
There was an easy way into your heart.
There's no easy way out. You thought it
was forever but there's no such thing.
You don't need to hear it or even fear it.
We ****** goodbye in your dorm room.
I went to Boston and was reborn again.
Pepper your deaf Dalmatian ran into the road and died. I buried her in the grave our marriage shared.
Mar 17 · 15
God Damn British
We come from hopeless histories
  to America with hope in pockets.
  We work like madmen tireless to
  earn our keep and feed we Irish.
  I feed coal to iron furnaces and
  load cargo in ship's hot holds.
  We won't starve to death here.
  Maybe I will be remembered.
  My great grandson scratches
  my story into his silly poems.
My dad said his grandpa John Donovan always referred to the British as the ******* British. Google the potato famine of Ireland and see why. The ******* British took all the beef and crops poor Irish farmers were providing from their farms and sold it for handsome profit and left the Irish to eat the blighted potato crop to die or escape to America.
Mar 16 · 64
Broken Warriors
The war was won the men came home
   broke but ready to fill the cradles
   and cry on the shoulders that matter
   and smell of the remembered perfume.
   They spent the venom into wombs to
   bring corpses back from ugly death.
Mar 16 · 278
Watercolor Portrait
Every color of the rainbow
  shadow and nuance and love
  eyes face hair and lips
  your eyes thalo green
  mixed with bits of sun
  face ochre mixed with coffee
  hair midnight black mixed with
  beach breeze and *** perfume
  lips rust lust in a hayloft
  blush leaves a hint of crimson.
Mar 15 · 65
Giant Wheel
Each generation
moves the wheel
proud another turn.
It's all been done before.
Mar 15 · 34
One Word Poems
   ­   never.
Mar 15 · 14
Scorched Earth
I told you how this ends. Fire
  and brimstone. Corpses beyond
  recognition, blood, bones, body bags,
  the kids, and worst of all animals.
There's no escaping the fires
of Hades once unleashed.
Mar 14 · 23
Broke Love
I fell off the Earth awhile ago.
I'm floating in time and space.
Time's never ticked so **** slow.
I think I recognize this place.
My lovers wait in beds for me
on fire with hate where I burn
I'll visit you with bent knee
and love you with all I learn
Mar 14 · 23
6 Alcott Lane
I'm barely awake from a dream. I
    need to call home. 6 Alcott Lane,
    Greenhills. Is my room still there?
    Is the Xavier pennant still nailed to
    the wall, and Christ on the cross?
    That room was my growing up womb.
    I found my *** in that room. I puked
    beer in that room. I played with my
    plastic super heroes in that room. I
    was sent to that room when I told my
    parents that I got Kathy pregnant.
    I know there's no going home.
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