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2.3k · Nov 2021
Suicide Watch
I'm broke and alone
into a river a stone
a desert bleach bone
don't answer a phone
1.6k · Mar 2021
I'm ashamed of my affliction
   through no fault of my own.
   My life's been lived in parts
   watching from the dark alone.

   Afflicted. Conflicted. Addicted.
   Betrayal. Portrayal. Burial.
1.5k · Jun 2021
I'll Write a Song
I'll write a song
with music and rhyme
and poetry dripping
like dew from a vine.
I'll steal an orchestra
and God's own choir
and serenade you
to my bed of fire.
I'm ancient
my life
packed neat
in boxes
in the attic
by my wife
just waiting
for last breath
and my burial
in our plot.
Send the lot
to Goodwill
to be forgot.
1.2k · Apr 2021
Mute Mourning
She was terrorized of heights.
   I marveled at her bravery and
   pain that put her on that cliff
   she jumped and broke hearts
   and more lives than she knew.
   We gather mute to mourn.
1.1k · Dec 2021
I Remember Them All
Wish I could reach back through time
  and touch those gone still remembered.
  I'm pieces of them sewn into a quilt
  keeps me warm in my dreaming slumber.
1.0k · Feb 2021
When I'm Drunk
Everything makes sense. I love my life.
I'm a genius and perfect parent and a
motivational speaker and **** star.
I split atoms and human nature.
I paint you beautiful and real as
impossible as that might seem.
1.0k · Sep 2020
The Poem
I want to write the poem
you always quote to impress
friends at Hampton parties
and read to your children
so they understand why this
whole mad spinning life is
worth the price of admission.
We might be born in a manger.
We might be Mary Magdalen.
We might be a million peasants.
Nobody will ever remember a
million peasants. We know Christ.
911 · Oct 2021
3 am in a diner inside of Nowhere
we gather like the dead sipping coffee.
We're lost souls. We love bright light
flickering florescent and neon spelling
our message to the dark night. We are
nighthawks who travel your dreams.
806 · Oct 2020
3 am in a diner inside of Nowhere
we gather like the dead sipping coffee.
We're lost souls. We love bright light
flickering florescent and neon spelling
our message to the dark night. We are
nighthawks who travel your dreams.
740 · Nov 2021
Moon Dance
free as the blowing wind
  naked in your dorm room
  where the light will bend
  watch us lost on our moon

  it feels like the first time
  but I'm leaving tomorrow
  no reason and no rhyme
  off to Boston no sorrow.
713 · Jan 1
New Years Eve
2022 will carry her own
baggage from the future.
We'll welcome her with false
hope drunk midnight kisses
hit or miss it's just another year
closer to death still unforgiven.
695 · Sep 2021
Plastic Life
Plastic picnic
plastic spoons
plastic love
plastic moons

plastic vows
plastic years
plastic ******
plastic tears

plastic promise
plastic flowers
plastic fuckless
plastic hours

plastic hospice
plastic dying
plastic caring
plastic crying

plastic boxes
plastic keepsakes
plastic palaces
plastic mistakes

plastic bride
plastic honeymoon
plastic false alarm
plastic lover soon.
681 · Aug 2021
Nothing is Blessed
A Bach piece never heard
was played for the first time
by a cello player in a courtyard
of a bombed Berlin hotel.
I knew it as lovers know each other.
No secrets. It resonated in my heart
a lifetime of troubles and
brief interludes of joy
where baptisms don't matter
and nothing is ever blessed.
671 · Apr 2021
End of Time
Time is worth more than gold
on your deathbed being sold.
Expiration dates aren't legible.
Just ask a drowned 10 year old.
Cancer is the roulette wheel.
After chemo see how you feel.
Just sell my soul for morphine
with the pain in my machine.
669 · Apr 2021
it makes us better
   love harder
   never quit trying.
   biting monkeys
   screeching madness
   always on our backs
   a time bomb to
   keep us guessing
   when when when
   the answer is
   too late to matter
   too late to change.
665 · Oct 2020
Bouquet of Poems
I'm poor. All I have
is a bouquet of poems
I wrote for you that
won't die if neglected.
634 · Feb 2021
The Clown
I hear your bones rattle in the attic
  after midnight and my fear beats in
  my ears. I know you'll come for me down
  the stairs silently and do it all again.
616 · Jun 8
Echoes of Life
Echoes rebound off the bedroom walls
   as she screams in pleasure to a deity
   that better hears whispered prayers.

   Violin Concerto in F Minor, Vivaldi
   is the soundtrack when seed and egg
   meet in her and make our child.

   Love bleeds all over feuding families
   as guns like thunder roar through the
   night delivering the required martyrs.

   The dead are mourned with a dirge of
   voices echoing off the hills and the
   building threat of vengeance. Storms.

   Anger thrums just out of hearing,
   just out of sight as our child is
   born into this unwelcome cauldron.

   This night defines me. Unbridled joy.
   Hope for our familial peace. Not to be.
   My child loses her mother to violence.

   Echoes rebound off the bedroom walls
   as she screams in hunger to a mother
   who better hears whispered prayers.
614 · Aug 2021
****** marys at breakfast
blood red roses at her feet
blood upon her pink suit
bloodless as LBJ sworn in.
JFK sacrificial lamb on the
altar of the Deep State.
A storm is always coming.
Death is always on the table.
598 · Nov 2020
The Caged Bird is Screaming
The caged bird sings!
Such a wonderful song
to wake to begin the day.
She is screaming for her
freedom from the cage.
I scream from my perch
in this zoo of houses and
neighbors and weight on
me to provide and be king
with all the answers for you.
I know why the caged bird sings.
593 · Oct 2020
8 Minutes
Anybody ever understand me?
I try to make a point but silent
stares fill me with terror. Do they
hate me or am I on fire naked?
I have equations to prove my point.
Einstein agrees with my logic and
if the sun dies in the blink of an eye
we have 8 minutes to say goodbye.
586 · May 2021
Whipping Post
I was dragged to a whipping post
    and ******* desperate naked angry.
    Bring blood from lashes of a devil's
    tongue until I'm moved to creation.
    Writing poetry is a lonely effort
    full of doubt. No one likes a word.
    I drink me insane and set it on fire
    I burn lines of smoldering emotion.
565 · Dec 2020
Hello Poetry
Hello Poetry
    Front Page

   her hair
   son of golden soil
   sudden death
   make yourself
   the slide
   consume your soul
   she believed
Let's meet in a church basement on Sunday night with coffee and stale donuts and stories of lost souls writing our hearts out and pray to a higher power for one of us to be discovered on Public Radio
539 · Aug 2021
The earth isn't flat.
God is not a puppeteer.
Earth shifts beneath us.
Life's not a dream of gods.
I'll nail my heart still beating
to anybody's church door.
532 · Nov 2020
My Generation
Most of us are dead. We never
saw it coming. We are wrinkled
and bald and smell like old people.
We're invisible. You visit us in our
old folks home on our birthdays
to celebrate another year survived.
531 · Jul 2021
Screaming in Silence
Going mad in complete silence
is easy, military drums snap
rat a tat tat, the bugle plays Taps
A million soldiers march
silent past me to their graves
while my son is buried alive.
519 · Aug 2021
Schrodinger's Cat
I'm living but
I'm dead am I
cat in a box?
Maybe I'm just
a loose thread
unravels in time
world comes apart.
496 · Jun 2020
Dead Soldiers
Chess pieces off the board.
Playing in the park in shade
of oaks dropping Fall's leaves.
They lie stiff under sheets in
foreign fields loved ones won't
recognize in tears and sobs and
prayers of despair to a deaf God.
Death ends the games tonight.
493 · Apr 2021
I Love You
I Love You! Every living one of
you. I think kindly of you all.
Come over for Sunday supper
and bring a dish and stories.
491 · Jan 3
We've all gone crazy lately.
I don't wear a tie or cut my hair.
I smoked some hash and lost my
mind a little bit. Save me from
a world I don't recognize anymore.
I dress like a clown and eat drugs
to keep me up and down and level.
Friends are straight or hippies each
seeking their very own Nirvana and
I walk a tightrope above madness.
488 · Apr 2021
old soldiers sporting bravery's medals
  then comes the blaring marching band
  next are the clowns and the jugglers
  children waving flags don't understand

  still too young to know war's truth
  soon enough it will be their turn
  fresh young faces eager for glory
  will march into their hell and burn.
483 · Oct 2021
Suicide Note
I'm finally done
  answered to the gun
  held to my ear
  without any fear
  this is my suicide note
  final everlasting quote
473 · Mar 2
There's anger
in the chamber
no love lost
with a stranger
remind me to keep
track of every sin

I'm trying
I'm lying
I'm crying
I'm spying
I'm flying off
the handle again.
460 · Jun 2021
We've loved in planes
  that spin out and dive
  loves crash and burn
  yet we still survive.
  I crash into your arms
  and hate I'm so weak.
  People cheer me but
  never what I seek.
459 · Nov 2021
Birth of Aphrodite
She is delivered from
the froth of the sea.
The goddess of love
and  perfect beauty.

I've loved her many
times strange brew
I can't resist. All were
Aphrodite I always knew.
459 · Oct 2021
Lolita's Sin
******'s sin is mine alone.
She never understood her power.
She wanted innocent flirtation
while I desired her perfect flower.

Her mother died to save her
but just saved me instead.
I brought her to my bed for comfort
that was the night we finally bled.

****** floats wild on the wind.
Her cheap perfume makes me drown.
She died birthing our mortal sin.
I cried for her. Lust took us down.
449 · Jun 2021
Drunk on a shaking plane
escaping myself again.
Everyone wants some.
I bled out and it's all gone.
I love all of you.
I hate all of me too.
444 · Apr 13
Bob Dean
We share a sense of humor.
  I'd trust you with my life.
  You danced a ballet in the
  bar introduced me to my wife
  you saved me from Eric's ego
  my plumage was always *****
  life ebbs and flows still waters
  run deep. You have my respect!
428 · Jan 2021
He's broken and lame
played but lost the game
destroys himself in flame
sorry that he even came.
Bleeds to death at the pool
shot like a useless mule.
426 · Jan 20
Stranger in a Bar
I'll tell you things
I never tell 'cept
stranger in a bar
slam my fist into
fierce night for
stranger in a bar
Forget the priest
forget confession
I'll tell my sins
to a stranger in a bar
nothing left but my
forgiveness and a
dime a dance and
sleeping in the arms
of a stranger in a bar.
410 · Sep 2021
My old blue veins
are a map to a lover
bleeding past stains
still left to discover.
Tomorrow never comes.
I am yesterday's news.
We were the only ones.
I sing yesterday's blues.
I drink the bitter wine
I cry such bitter tears
for lost chances in time,
but laughed for years!
409 · Jan 2021
Lyrics Searching for Music
If only I'd known from the beginning
   things would take an ugly turn.
   While my well intentioned gift of love
   played out too soon and burned.
   You could have worked out nicely since
   my mother would never approve.
   I destroyed all your pictures, got new
   bedding. All traces I will remove.
   Tomorrow I'll find your replacement
   and try once again to make it last
   forever after. I keep trying to make
   a Madonna from ash. Same old past.
405 · May 2021
I hated you for being so different.
   Wealth and power obligations
   the confines of civilizations.
   It hit some raw nerve inside
   from which I could never hide
   It was truth. It was forbidden.
   Sadly, in the end, it was hidden.
Nothing left but forgiveness anymore.
404 · Feb 2021
Losing My Mind
water drips. metal clangs.
The world swirls in floaters
in the edges of my eyes almost
visible like God but not quite.
I blink and write my soul down
word for word and try to be real.
All I ever am is almost a disease.
I love for moments but never more.
402 · Apr 2021
The wind blew up her dress.
  Those lips sang to me from
  shore like sirens of Ulysses.
  I was tangled in the sight
  caught in a net of memory.
  I was trapped in her riptide.
399 · Jul 2021
You're Tick. I'm Tock.
You say Tick
I say Tock
we live on opposite
sides of the clock
you're even
I'm odd
You're Satan
I'm God
You're vilified
I'm deified
We're spent time
to just die
without a why.
398 · Sep 2021
Countless atoms arranged
just so to make this a me.
I'm here and now to write.
I speak for this entity.
I'm almost ready to dance,
finally take that chance,
sing that song of songs,
find that lost romance.
395 · Dec 2021
Burying Jack Daniels
I've known you for years. Grandad introduced us.
    You always made the room glow and laughter flow.
    You calmed me when I betrayed those I promised
    to never betray. You made me smarter than I was
    and clever when I was dull and modest when clever.
    There's always a madness in the air when you grace
    us with your presence. Thing is you make me ugly.
    I dance on tables with lamp shades on my head and
    drop my pants and invite kisses and go naked at noon.
    I plan your funeral. I bury you in a potter's field.
    I've tried burying you before. Like Christ you rise.
    I put a stake in your heart and salt on your grave.
    You refuse to be banished from the lives we live.
    Maybe you'll stay buried beside me in my grave.
393 · Mar 2021
Strike Me Blind
See Hear Speak nothing.
Let me ****** and drink
and watch comedy videos
and take Ambien to sleep
and Xanax to live a life
and die on time forgotten.
Leave the bleached bones
of freedom in our graves.
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