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Feb 2022 · 57
HOPE Feb 2022
This afternoon when the sky was transparent,
Even pasture looked more Greenery,

I danced to the rhythm of my heart,
Had conversations I never had

Yet in the midnight hour,
It rained till the last drop,
With no one to hold the Canopy.
Jan 2022 · 72
HOPE Jan 2022
No life came with a manual in this universe,
Maybe the ability of pausing oxygen to nasal cavity, yes!

But we keep parading,
On peak and melancholic,
Sometimes with a turtle ramble

Like sand through the hour glass,
So are the days of our lives.
Jan 2022 · 188
HOPE Jan 2022
Not only you and I,
Hound that became a companion,
One you get intimate with,
Either chattels you adore,
That is meant to be loved!
Everything wanna be loved.
Jan 2022 · 47
HOPE Jan 2022
Few years in, lifetime to go,
Yet this hour feels like yesterday grieve
Unspoken words carried by the wind back to my head,
How I wish we could still have those conversations,
Of my rollercoaster life,
And make a wish in the presence of the moon,
While you plant kisses on my forehead

You are still a resident of this heart!
Like this morning when I dialed your contact,
Only to be reminded of how you reside in heaven now
There is water from the moon on my pillow,
Yet yesterday there were ray of sunshine on my window

Tell you about emotions changing colours as Chameleon,
One moment is white, next moment blue
I am forever engraved
#GrievingJourney #DaysAreNeverTheSame #PainDontExpire
Jan 2022 · 341
HOPE Jan 2022
Out of all highways,
I driven on with no destination,
And finally finding one within your heart,
Took my eyes of the steering wheel.
Jan 2022 · 163
HOPE Jan 2022
"I love you,
I love you too"
Yet the season came to an end,
Once they realised they were not meant to be

I tell you, sometimes love is never enough.
Jan 2022 · 317
HOPE Jan 2022
Your heart stopped beating out of
When you starred right through my
And fail to notice you were racing
against the clock.
Jan 2022 · 426
HOPE Jan 2022
I idolise it here
And despise it here,

We rekindled our love,
Under the stars,
Looking at the moon
Yet part of me died in here.
Dec 2021 · 106
HOPE Dec 2021
I never prayed for you,
I prayed for my soul

For I longed for peace,
I desired love

To see butterflies,
In someone's eyes

As mine sparkle like,
a midnight twilight

I prayed for a brotherly love,
I never experienced

Something to challenge me,
To see a better reflection of me

I never prayed for you,
Yet God gave me you.
Dec 2021 · 500
HOPE Dec 2021
How vulnerable we were
That night,
we made love
And shed tears
Then broke each others hearts
Dec 2021 · 67
HOPE Dec 2021
I am switched back to the factory restore
From fully charged,
to connect your device
Smile within our faces,
to Sunday morning blues
Holy night under the stars,
Christmas carols with burning candles,
and I look at yours with no one to hold it

Our song on the radio "Oh holy night, the son of Mary"
I sing my part, look over my shoulder,
close my eyes, to think I'll hear your voice,
as you sing your part,
yet nothing but breezes of trees

Everything is new even life where you are not on it, it's new
Even this Christmas without you,
is filled with fresh water from the moon
Like Mary, I have embarked on a journey,
I never prepared myself for
Oh! I'm Engraved forever...
Dec 2021 · 121
HOPE Dec 2021
I saw her face
On a broken mirror
Clothed with a smile
Yet fragmented as the reflection
Dec 2021 · 361
HOPE Dec 2021
Two hearts,
meant to beat as one
But yours beat for her
and someone else
Yet you say love isn't suppose to hurt
Dec 2021 · 90
HOPE Dec 2021
It is aesthetic when you smile,
You become a blooming flower,
That is nourishing hope.
Nov 2021 · 190
HOPE Nov 2021
Thought she got this in the luggage,
Stuffed through each pocket,
And secreted miles away
Yet she opened her eyes,
And found everything unpacked
Nov 2021 · 58
HOPE Nov 2021
I took the photo album out today
Of what we call our frozen memories,
I hold dear to my heart
How I wish I got to hold you forever,
not just these pieces of papers in my hand

Sometimes I hide behind my smile
Sometimes I find a corner and just let it rain
Yet you taught me that every that I misses you,
I must look up in the sky
But there is a tear everytime that I blink
And sometimes I go insane,
neither lose myself when the emotions weighs up

I realized I'm not strong enough when I miss you,
Oh I'm engraved forever...
Oct 2021 · 254
HOPE Oct 2021
I'm still feeling blue
When I reminisce your smile,
so bright as though the ray of sunlight
yet mine turns cold and lovely
as frost on a windowpane.

I get blue,
When I reminisce your lineaments,
so innocent, the angel you were
And I close my eyes, nearer you are
yet you are so far away.
Oct 2021 · 91
HOPE Oct 2021
When she hold on in a breaking moment
Through emotions no one would understand,
It is Him

When she lays down under the tears of heaven
That ushers tears on her eyes
To the glimpse of heaven,
It is Him

When she think she is healing
Then in between breaks down
Yet never gives up,
It is Him

That uphold her hand
Capture her heart
And never let go,
It is God
Sep 2021 · 67
HOPE Sep 2021
Once upon a time
She found a companion
Who permitted her to sail
Within the pool of his heart,
Became the beats on his lips
Forever and a lifetime
Yet he made her parade
On fractured glasses
As she pick the share of her scars
Sep 2021 · 105
HOPE Sep 2021
Of what once was called love,
The enigmatic intimacy
sparkling as diamonds
Ocean blue as violets,
Look, it doesn't look red as Roses anymore

Flashback sails within the galaxy
As clouds journeys within the sky
Grief has taken over the dance
And happy feet seem to find no rhythm
In the end all withered, like flowers it did
Sep 2021 · 98
HOPE Sep 2021
A beautiful Spring Monday
with lilies dancing in the sun
with the melodies of the bees chanting
like happy feets in the musical concert

The butterflies roaming around
wearing their colourful clothing
which they cannot see
yet the world can

It looks overwhelming,
you should see the view
Sep 2021 · 108
HOPE Sep 2021
Its the feeling you feel
Not spoken in so many words
Or in a language precisely understood
Just one word, maybe this and that
But it is unexplainable, as love is
Definitely causing a scar, of holding on
In hope and in faith,
Yet a new day is not so new anymore
Sep 2021 · 97
HOPE Sep 2021
Would it make sense
How the emotions waves subdues
And desert me giggling through raindrops?
Aug 2021 · 184
HOPE Aug 2021
Today, just today
It feels blazing
More dazzling
Clouds so crystal
And yellow in colour

Waves so still
Streams evaporating
Just flows of recollections,
beautiful reminiscences
Of forever and a lifetime
Aug 2021 · 83
HOPE Aug 2021
You vowed lifetime
Yet you gave half of the time

You strategized our alleviation
Within the face of the universe
If I could stroll the heaven with you
Yet you vanished, all alone
And captured half of my heart

Split second on the clock
Ticking and ticking soundlessly
To forecast we are running against time
Maybe I would have mastered to let go

But look, the enemy of mankind,
Like a rushing mighty wind came
And grab you within a blink of an eye
And left my heart bleeding
Oh let this God see through this pain,
That I feel entitled to ask "why"
As He effectuated a cryptic pierce within thine heart,
Yet you are stronger up there than you could ever be in here
Shona Ferguson Tribute
Aug 2021 · 68
HOPE Aug 2021
Worthless and rejected
As your servant Joseph
Yet you carried me through

Discouraged and weary
As your beloved David
Yet you held me close

While the world convinced me
I wasn't meant to be loved
Unconditional love you showed me

I came with nothing
As empty as the sky
Dispirited like a sheep without a shepherd
Yet I became your everything, Daddy!!
God loves me that much
Jul 2021 · 156
HOPE Jul 2021
Put off the flames
Close the door behind my back
Yet love came like a rushing mighty wind
Jul 2021 · 295
HOPE Jul 2021
Labored of immorality to immorality
By the blood sanctified
Apparelled with righteousness
Now gaze on the price,

Jesus Christ
Jul 2021 · 65
HOPE Jul 2021
Migration of stars and the moon
Dancing around in circle like lovers do
Doesn't look titillating without you
Jul 2021 · 80
HOPE Jul 2021
Lying there helpless
Heart beating against the clock
Drowning on the pool of his blood

A lighter in their hands
Burning sensation within them
Blink of an eye, already inhaling smoke
Its flame, flame and flame after flame

Laboratory, hospitals in flames
Coffins in the middle of the roads
Corpses decomposing in houses
"Brown is brainless" they say

I close my ears
To the sound of each trigger
As I say a silent prayer
"God, preservation of life"

Smell peace for the last time
As white swivel to red
Then red to ashes
Back to before 1994, I long to see freedom

Because our nation is burning
Pray for South Africa. All feels like a horror
Jul 2021 · 475
HOPE Jul 2021
Maybe I believed too much in their intimacy
That I unlearned to indoctrinate this brittle heart
Pros and cons of disappointment
Now it all feels like hallucinations
That can never swivel into authenticity
Maybe I just believed much in the tale
Yet they took it as a play
Still I feel broken
Jun 2021 · 71
Mama, Happy birthday
HOPE Jun 2021
Many years ago
On this very day
God allowed you
To share your loudest cry
Turning into a contagious smile

A visionary
A lover
A mother
Who even lost one of her breed
I call you a general with scars

Here I am
With the pen in my palm
Strolling smoothly like a silk cloth
Yet I thought the ink would be dry
But how will it dry on a special day,
When the poet only release what is buried deep inside?
It is my mother birthday, and I told myself I will not write long caption as words are never enough.
Jun 2021 · 96
HOPE Jun 2021
Poetry is a song
Full of mellifluous verses
Written within the galaxy

Once you start rendering
It keeps flowing
As though the sky is pouring
Leaving you mesmerized
As if the ink can be stoppable
Jun 2021 · 383
HOPE Jun 2021
When my day is done
The heart stop beating
I breath the last breath
Close my eyes for the last time
And the sound of my voice is no more,

Don't shed a tear,
If you've never done
in my breaking moments

Don't come for night vigil,
If you've never came for a visit
in my most trying times

Don't put flowers on my tomb,
If you've never let me smell
the fragrance of the lilies
in my happiest times

Love me now
Hug me now
Wipe off tears
From my teary eyes
At this moment
Before my day is done
Jun 2021 · 127
HOPE Jun 2021
If you parade with your pains,
What would be the significant of smile?
If you parade with each drop of tear,
How are you ought to feel the rain drops?
If you wander with the visibility of your bruises,
What will make the dance circle not be painted red?
If you only hold broken crayons,
How is the rainbow ought to be coloured then?

Yes, you are broken,
Yet not destroyed
May 2021 · 144
HOPE May 2021
Was once nonexistent
No companion, no home
Just wandering around
Like a bee trapped on a can
Until the man of my calibre
Came along and occupied this heart
And love found home
May 2021 · 546
HOPE May 2021
Every word said
Just felt unsaid
Wounds appearing healed
Unnoticeable kept bleeding
Like a drop of water on a loose tap

Only the smell of an ink
With the turn of each page
Wet with each tear,
Understood the procedure
Of her words becoming a prescription
May 2021 · 66
HOPE May 2021
Put on her shield
Raise the double-edged sword
Placed within the palm of her hand
Just like Moses she will lead

Clothed with piety
Take on the sling, put on stones
Mouth full of praises
Like David she will subdue

A warrior of exactitude
Rising against the Amorite
Full of dispute
To authenticate

Possessing like Joshua
Dominating like Judah
And birthing new creation like Mary
For she is of Jesus Nation
May 2021 · 1.2k
HOPE May 2021
I asked him the other day
"Do you love me?"
He placed my hand in his beating heart
Whispered on my ears with his calming voice
Opened my eyes to read between the lines
And made me taste the liquid from his well
Until butterflies were chanting on our heads
And he said "That is love"
May 2021 · 69
HOPE May 2021
Yes, life is worth more than dollars
A piece of diamond treasured
A sweet aroma through bunch of lillies
Even a kiss in the sunset in the middle of nowhere

Death, Life,
Still beyond human control
But I'd choose none today
Yet I choose "thank you"
If I choose gratitude, I'll still be given life because a grateful heart attract more right?
Apr 2021 · 119
HOPE Apr 2021
It was this other day
Picture it in your mind
Pen it in your heart
Once the ink is dry, let it go

Dry bones once breathed life upon
For supernaturals to come into existence
Became dry and useless once again
Just like useless agony, let it go
HOPE Apr 2021
Collection of Stars
doctorate acknowledgement
Written her name on it
It all meant nothing

Its the bruises she wore
Wounds she had clothed with
Oceans she drowned on
Mountains top she fell from

A wounded lion continuing
To rule in the jungle
Like a general in the kingdom
Who is recognised by scars
Apr 2021 · 78
HOPE Apr 2021
Till our eyes were ocean deep in the red sea
God knows we prayed
Till our bodies could no longer race against our heartbeat
God knows we prayed for you
Stood in the gap for the life of an amicable soul
As if we had the supernaturals to stop the universe
But still you said, "I wanna go home"

Courageous Ella
Full of cheeky laugh
Unexplainable aurora
I watched you ride beneath a new born sun
Just like horses embarking on a rote of new Jerusalem
That we are all set to paddle upon one of the good days
When time begin to run against the clock

One beautiful morning
God called you to stroll the heaven with him
Held your hand to let you smell the roses full of life
And danced through the melodies only played in heaven
I can picture you looking at your mommy and your daddy
Whispering "I love you but I wanna go home,
Tell Raphaella she'll never be alone, I'm now her angel"
Basking into the arms of the Father wearing crown of victory
In loving memory of Israella Bushiri.. Fly little angel
Apr 2021 · 87
HOPE Apr 2021
Freedom declared
From hands of Pharaoh
But art have been mastered
Painted ourselves with colour of hatred

Blue rising against another blue
Self taught of being not good enough
Envying another instead of congratulations
Convincing one self that wealth is not a friend

Propaganda has anything to do with blue
Prison cells full of broken African souls
As convinced that we are worthy of conviction
Even persuaded of guilty of a fellow before proven otherwise
Apr 2021 · 89
HOPE Apr 2021
There were decades
Where it felt like years
Hours that felt like months
Minutes that felt like days

Each second feeling like
The sun could no longer rise
Where her eyes are lifted up
Rather filled by this twilight

Every morning welcomed
By puffy eyes within her face
No longer cheeky laugh
That happiness looks as

Bit under the weather
Emotions all over the place
Silent in His presence
Tears doing the talking

For the longest time she smiled
Revealing the glimpse of her dimples
As a sound of a victory
Through the storm she made it
Mar 2021 · 75
HOPE Mar 2021
Till our eyes were ocean deep in the red sea
God knows we prayed
Till our bodies could no longer race against our heartbeat
God knows we prayed
Stood in the gap for the life of an amicable soul
As if we had the supernaturals to stop the universe
But still you said, "her day is done"

In the middle of the night
You strolled down the garden of Eden
With the angels singing holy holy
And picked up the most blossoming lilly
Of all the roses that were fading
Hand in hand shining like a piece of diamond
"Well done, well done" He said,
As He took her home, her eternal home
Today we lost an angel, She went home to be with the Lord😭
Mar 2021 · 58
HOPE Mar 2021
Ocean deep are disturbed thoughts
Sky high of dragging frustrations
I weep same as clouds full of emotions
River flowing silently in the middle of nowhere
Here I am dressed with a gown of sorrow
Intensive silky pieces within thy shoulders
Oxygen unable to reach those lungs
Whereas I desire to inhale some one more time
Mar 2021 · 141
HOPE Mar 2021
You have been too swamped to note
The colour of blood within me
That have been outpouring for decade

But how could you notice?
When I also take pleasure sighting
Over my veins becoming dehydrated
Mar 2021 · 340
HOPE Mar 2021
Today I'm in awe
Like great miracles
Perfomed a decade ago
That left prophet Habakkuk in awe

Today I tremble down to my knees
Like the Israelites at the red sea
When seeing the impossibilities
Of the sea being divided

As I say goodbye to the roof
That became my umbrella
In the rainy days feeling cold
And gave me warmth

I say goodbye to the house
That became my refuge
And a hiding place
Still I called it Egypt

Goodbye to the place
That denied me peace
But left me in pieces
I couldn't even pace

Today blood
Become thin like water
New relations awaits us
Finally I call it home
Mar 2021 · 129
HOPE Mar 2021
Fear is more like a stress made disease, it only exist when you allow your mind to dwell on it. Becareful of what you let your mind process.
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