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HOPE Nov 2022
you were just someone I met on the road,
yet you found your way into my heart,

I gave you a place to hide,
yet in the end I was just someone you used to know.
HOPE Nov 2022
in the middle of the night
where your eyes are never closing
and the River is forever flowing

stand there over the window
close your eyes and feel the breeze
healing might find a permanent home
HOPE Nov 2022
There are moment I just miss you,
Like then, like now, right here,
Where your presence is forever hidden,
I just miss you

Divided by oceans,
Separated by Heaven,
Your face hidden forever,
I just miss you

I loved you when you visited,
I loved you when you packed and left,
Even when you broke my heart,
I loved you

No! Wait,
How can love ever be in the past tense,
When it reside in the heart till forever?

I love you, I love you,
And endlessly, I love you
And if forever is a long time,
That's how I'll continue to love you,
With no expiry date.
HOPE Oct 2022
Yet nothing happened today

Either battles nor victories,
Compliment neither condemnation,
Not phone calls neither emails,
Of satisfactory news either unlawful,
Nothing of sadness either of happiness

Yet nothing happened today,
Hope whispered.
HOPE Sep 2022
I do not desire to dine outside my dreams,
As they have became my daily bread,

I get to feel you,
I get to touch you,
And I get to hug you one more time,

For in there you are forever presence.
HOPE Sep 2022
As they upheld you,
with their precious wings,
I thought they will stop a minute,
halfway through to Heaven,
look at my fragile heart not ready to let go,
Yet nothing.
HOPE Sep 2022
I acknowledge you,
I feel your presence,

Just one request,
Please, don't stay forever.
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