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Inibehe Okon Jul 2020
Recently I was reminiscing on my past and I discovered that I may not have known God personally as my saviour, but I understood the principle of "Writing your own destiny/The power of your words and imaginations ", or maybe I thought I did  
For those who studied in Nigeria, in junior high school we had a subject called 'Business studies' , and one course in it was learning how to read and write SHORTHAND.
I was really terrible in that stuff, so much so that, all I thought of was how I was going to pass that subject in the last junior certificate exams (JSCE).
On the day of our exam, I turned to the page where we were required to translate in English, a passage written in shorthand. There and then, I knew I had no idea of anything, but I can't leave my paper blank. NO WAY.
JUST FOLLOW ME.. you'll know what i wrote  
Same thing happened in university. An impromptu test was given of which I was not prepared for.
Another challenge of not writing anything stood before me again.
I simply remembered my secondary school days and to be honest, this is what I wrote( I may not remember word for word, but I'll give a brief summary of the intro)..
"Dear examiner, do you know that Jesus loves you? If you dont, allow me to use this medium to tell you so, since I have no idea of the answer to your question."
So on and so forth...I made sure I shared the little I knew on God's love
Yea.. I think in the one of my JSCE, I remember adding this line    
' I know this paper will be marked in minna, so if you are a Muslim don't penalize me for talking about my God on this exam answer sheet '. Funny right   ?
I wasnt born again then, however I was by the time same repeated itself in university.
Now guess what!! Surprisingly, I didn't fail these courses. I got an overall B in business studies and a 6/10 in that course in university (I Have a colleague who can testify to this )
I don’t think I understood why I did so in Junior high, but since I got a good result, I thought of it the moment I was faced with same cross road at university (PLEASE DON'T TRY THIS O).
NOW I CLEARLY DO!!. What worked there was the PRINCIPLE OF IMAGINATIONS/SPOKEN WORDS, in the bid to writing your own destiny.
Never ever give into failure-- NEVER.
Failure is only a thing of the mind. If you allow the thought consume you, in no time, your life will become a living reality of your thoughts and words
Whenever you are at the crossroad and failure seems to be starring at you right in the face, choose life, choose success, choose anything but failure-- and ACT IT
You may call my experience luck, but I want to believe that it was this principle that worked for me- I believed what I did was going to get me in the clear, and sincerely speaking it did (Mark 11:23)
I choose success
I choose prosperity
I choose victory
I choose affluence
I choose any and every good thing God can give, because I will never settle for anything LESS
true life

— The End —