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Carla Mar 2020
I open the curtain and look out through the glass at a new world, a still world ,eerily silent. Something wicked this way comes, to mind. Inside,my worried breathe fogs the glass. Outside, is the unknown I wont invite in. Be calm, i tell my heart as I let the curtain fall down..on me.
Carla Mar 2020
Some are rowing, some drifting, we are all in the same boat. Few are sailing, many still.  Others are barely afloat. The seas are uncertain, the waves seem immense. This worldwide storm has grown so intense. All of us worried, all of us thinking, how do we keep our own boats from sinking? Stay calm, and be hopeful, dont panic. Its a tragedy yes, but not the Titanic! We can weather this storm , and yes,we can break its tightening grip..if we band together by staying apart becoming the mightiest ship.
Come together by staying apart. Prayers to you all!!
  Mar 2020 Carla
i would spend my whole life
missing you ;
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