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An unknown feeling warms my heart.
Your nearness ignites a spark ,
in the depths of my heart.
With your arrival came an emotion
This is my story
a story that never got its start..
I loved you behind the shadows
knowing your heart was never
mine for,
I tried to hate you but such is the
power of love
I ended up aiding you.
I wish I had the courage to confront you,
that my heart beats in a mad way only for you.
But fate decided to play a game
and you ended up with my best
I saw you getting cheated on ,wounded..
no matter how hard I tried to avoid ,I got caught in tending to
your wounds.
In a plethora of emotions I was lost for days...
until I realized,if I ever loved you
I'd let you free.
'love' such a beautiful emotion
taught me the value of sacrifice..
Cherish what you have,until you know its gone,
because regret's the greatest luggage you'll carry on.
Love is an emotion that can make someone's life,even if it is in the form of a smile.So stay positive and happy even during this crisis,stay home stay safe. Create and cherish moments with everyone soyou don't regret later on.
Relationship is fragile ,just like glass ,once slipped
through your hold shatters ,
never to last.
Broken pieces may be collected
Alas,rejoining them has left many defeated.
Once upon a time you and I
shared a bond,
Pure as water,hard as steel,guarded a heart
which thrived to feel..
Misunderstandings creeped up like a deadly virus,
wreaked our bond
annihilating any means of  trust...
Hatred grew, anger sprewed ,and all that survived was a little girl
with feelings left mute.
All she ever wanted was the love ,warmth of her bro
now as time passed by ,no matter how hard he tried to bring her soul back ,
He lamented over the fact that
he was the one who had shattered her in the first place..
Her eyes a beautiful shade of brown
hid her fragile emotions deep within a frown.
Those plump lips that always remained silent ,hardly curled into a smile because of the past that harmed her inner child.

Once an innocent girl who
loved too easily,
trusted too easily,
cried too easily,
had now grown up into a woman who refused to break down her walls too easily..
Left alone to handle her past tremors,when all she needed was support at the most,
morphed herself into an ironlady who denies any help even when she needs it the most.
Maybe someday there will be someone worthy enough to enter her personal hell,
to reveal a child locked in her own walls....
Maybe the ironlady will break down her barriers someday,
not because of hate or defeat,
rather out of love and faith,
that finally dragged her out of this mess.
An eerie feeling of loneliness consumes me everyday,
more miserable than death is what i have to say.
Death lasts for an instant,but loneliness for an eternity.
I wonder what would happen if i had no memories,
would i remain the same or much worse than before?
The silence which once made me feel protected has turned into shackles,
leaving nothing behind but memories that strangle.
Somedays i feel like an eagle soaring high in the air
but sometimes i feel like a burden and think of ending my life in despair...
Days are much more easier than nights,its easy to adapt around  without any fright,
Nights scare me the most ,the feeling of being trapped inside my head, drives me mad to eagerly  accept the pain as if i want it the most.
People say love is not a choice it happens in an instant,but with love comes a price ,i am not ready to pay.
So i stay silent and withdraw myself into the peacefullness of my own realm,
embracing the loneliness and dread that is a life sentence till death...

— The End —