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Redroses Aug 2021
I love seeing you happy
Even though
I'm not part of it

It's enough for me.
Redroses Jun 2021
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You have my heart
And You are mine
Redroses Aug 2021
I miss you
So bad

love you
till my heart stops
Redroses Aug 2021
Roses have thorns
Don't expect perfect life
That doesn't exist
Redroses Jun 2021
You picked up
shattered pieces
Of my heart
And put it together
Once again
Redroses May 2021
You were like a drug to me.....
   I can't get enough of you.....
Redroses Mar 2020
Out of billions
Of people

I choose you
You are my always
Redroses Aug 2021
Lost memories
Broken fantasies

Brain damaged
Mood swings
Redroses Jan 2020
You were happy

Even without me
Redroses Jan 2020
Nobody can replace
my love for you
Redroses Dec 2019
Re-reading your messages
Makes me smile alot
Redroses Nov 2019
I'm the angel of death
We'll meet on schedule

I'm the one assigned
To take souls away

When we leave
you won't bring anything
Just yourself
Redroses Apr 2021
You were born with nothing
You will die with nothing

We leave everything behind
Only our souls live

We will enter another world
Hell or Heaven

People choose Heaven
But not all goes there

Only who believes Jesus
will enter Heaven

People go to hell
Because they don't believe God
John 3:16
For God so loved the world that He gave His only.begotten Son that whosoever believeth him should not perish
Redroses Apr 2021
Express love to your parents
Because you won't have them
All the time
Redroses Apr 2021
Don't trust easily
Not everyone is nice

It takes time
To know a person
Redroses May 2021
Look at things you have
Not the things you don't have

Some have nothing
But they still feel happy
Redroses Feb 2020
Death is coming
One day soon
leaving this world

When you do
Either heaven or hell

Only Jesus can save

Not ourselves
or any religion
Redroses Mar 2020

Redroses Jan 2020
We have

From a quote..unknown
Redroses Dec 2019
You: Hi
Me: Hello

End of conversation
So meaningful haha
Redroses Jan 2020
When you should have,
But you didn't

When I should have,
But I didn't

When i was there,
But you weren't

When you loved me
But feelings faded

When I loved you
And I always will

When you and me existed
I wish it really did
Redroses May 2021
Time run fast
Another one dies

Next thing you know
Your the one next
Redroses Jul 2021
Some die young
Some die old

Some trying to live
Some trying to die

You don't choose
It choose you
Redroses Dec 2019

Everthing loses its value
When you die
You won't bring anything

What you work for is
All in vain
Redroses Aug 2020
When death comes
A soul enters eternity

Only two places
Heaven or Hell

Receive Jesus Christ
As personal Savior

Only He can save you
No one else

Tomorrow may be
Too late
Redroses May 2021
Yes, life is getting hard
Many people lose their jobs

But just like diamonds
It shines more in the dark

May people find positivity
Stop thinking negatively
Redroses Feb 2020
Redroses Jun 2021
Don't wait
Till your old
To fulfill
Your dreams

Don't stop
Until you
Redroses Dec 2020
Things you hope for,
Things you pray for,
Redroses Mar 2020
I wanted to see you
Even i know
I couldn't

I long to be with you
Even i know
I shouldn't

Wish you could
Visit me even
In my dreams
Redroses Jan 27
Today you breathe
Tomorrow you die

Time is running
Souls are dying

Leaving everything
Carrying nothing

Do what you can now
What if theres no tomorrow
Redroses Apr 2021
Don't get too attached
Everything you see is temporary
Redroses Oct 2019
letters scattered in the brain
Can't express what to say

words upside down
can't understand the books written down
Redroses Apr 2021
So much too say
Yet no words form
Redroses Jan 27
I wish i could fly
Floating in the clouds
Get out of this world

I wish i could erase
All the pain
But it's part of life

There's a sunshine
After the rain
It can't be all rain
Redroses Mar 2020
I love you
Even though
you forget I exist

I care for you
Even though
you don't care at all

I protect you
Even though
You hurt me

Sincerely yours,

Redroses Nov 2019
If your last day on earth was today,
What would you do,

How will you say goodbye
How will you treat other people
How will you spend your time

I think you would not dare
To waste any hours,
Minutes and seconds

Live as if it was your last,
You'll have no regrets
If you do

What would you do
If today was your last
Redroses Aug 2020
Why you exist?
It was no accident

It was planned
By God

God made you
For Him
Redroses Jan 2020
There's a gravity within you
pulling me closer to you
Couldn't explain
Redroses Dec 2019
You said,
Thirst for love
Inside my soul
When I saw you

Soon those feelings
Fade when you met her

I wish I've never
Felt your kindness

Because I thought
Love is forever

But you change
Your mind anyway
Redroses Jan 2020
My mind is full of you
But i guess i myself became a fool
Because of you
Redroses Oct 2019
Even without sorry

Even everthing was a lie

Let God
Take vegeanceย ย 

Because He can,
But we can't
Redroses Jan 2020
Giving is thinking about
Others need
Before thinking about yours

It's a selfless act
Expecting nothing
In return
Redroses Jun 2021
Don't wait until
Someone is gone
To realize
Their importance
Redroses Jul 2021
Bad memories

That part
Of me
Redroses Mar 2021
Time is up
Deaths arriving

Leaving everything
Meeting the Creator

But can you enter Heaven?

Only Jesus can
Save your soul

Jesus died for you
He loves you
More than anything

He doesn't want you
To go to hell

But it's your choice
Make up your mind
Before it's too late
Redroses Mar 2020
We can't stop death
It's going to come

Things meant to end
No one last forever

Do what matters
No regrets later
Redroses Dec 2019
And for once in my life
I was happy because
You came back to me
Redroses Jun 2021
Sitting on rooftop alone
Observing people below

Breathing fresh air
Seeing beautiful stars
Redroses Dec 2019
My time stopped,
when you left.
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