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Jan 28 · 45
Redroses Jan 28
Behind the smiles
pain kept inside
Jan 27 · 57
Redroses Jan 27
Today you breathe
Tomorrow you die

Time is running
Souls are dying

Leaving everything
Carrying nothing

Do what you can now
What if theres no tomorrow
Jan 27 · 54
Redroses Jan 27
I wish i could fly
Floating in the clouds
Get out of this world

I wish i could erase
All the pain
But it's part of life

There's a sunshine
After the rain
It can't be all rain
Jan 27 · 665
Love or die
Redroses Jan 27
Let's play  
Were we stay
holding hands

Together we fight
Never leave
Each other side

I'd die with you
If I have too
Jan 17 · 45
Redroses Jan 17
I stood there
At the edge of the cliff

Clouds were fluffy
Wished I could fly

Thinking of you
Were we really
For each other

Will you hold
My hand forever

What if you
found someone better

Will you still
love me
Jan 15 · 168
Just Happy
Redroses Jan 15
Alone with
Brown old piano

White notes
Black notes

Play anything
With feelings
Dec 2021 · 1.0k
Redroses Dec 2021
You were lying
Close to me
I watched you

But then
I woke up

I wished
it was real
Sep 2021 · 359
Redroses Sep 2021
Just like everyone else
You only talk to me
When you need something
Sep 2021 · 77
Redroses Sep 2021
Everyone is trying
To do there best
So be kind
Sep 2021 · 80
Redroses Sep 2021
Clouds are crying
Must be hurting
Aug 2021 · 153
Redroses Aug 2021
Facing the unknown
Forcing the lies

Some paralyzed
Some hypnotized

Don't let anyone
poison your mind
Aug 2021 · 180
Redroses Aug 2021
Lost memories
Broken fantasies

Brain damaged
Mood swings
Aug 2021 · 71
Redroses Aug 2021
Would do everything
For you to stay
Aug 2021 · 61
Redroses Aug 2021
I love seeing you happy
Even though
I'm not part of it

It's enough for me.
Aug 2021 · 43
Redroses Aug 2021
Roses have thorns
Don't expect perfect life
That doesn't exist
Aug 2021 · 67
Redroses Aug 2021
I miss you
So bad

love you
till my heart stops
Aug 2021 · 411
Temporary life
Redroses Aug 2021
Life is too short
To be wasted

Value it
Cherish self
Jul 2021 · 50
Redroses Jul 2021
Bad memories

That part
Of me
Jul 2021 · 105
Redroses Jul 2021
Don't promise
What u won't do
Jul 2021 · 46
Redroses Jul 2021
Some die young
Some die old

Some trying to live
Some trying to die

You don't choose
It choose you
Jul 2021 · 127
Redroses Jul 2021
Do well
Jun 2021 · 76
Redroses Jun 2021
You picked up
shattered pieces
Of my heart
And put it together
Once again
Jun 2021 · 64
Redroses Jun 2021
Don't wait
Till your old
To fulfill
Your dreams

Don't stop
Until you
Jun 2021 · 118
Impossible dream
Redroses Jun 2021
Wish i have
So I won't work
Jun 2021 · 60
Redroses Jun 2021
Don't wait until
Someone is gone
To realize
Their importance
Jun 2021 · 763
Redroses Jun 2021
I hate seeing you in pain
But i can't do anything...
Jun 2021 · 67
Not now
Redroses Jun 2021
I can't stop time
But please, not now

Don't go
Jun 2021 · 168
Redroses Jun 2021
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You have my heart
And You are mine
Jun 2021 · 73
Redroses Jun 2021
Trying to make you smile
But don't know how

Trying win your heart
But someone has it

Trying to make a song
But it doesn't rhyme
Jun 2021 · 570
Redroses Jun 2021
You mesmerized my soul
Caught all my attention

Drawn me into your world
Lost myself into you

Still lost in your world
Trapped in you
Jun 2021 · 63
Redroses Jun 2021
My eyes smile
When I see you
Wearing a facemask. Haha
Jun 2021 · 66
Out of thoughts
Redroses Jun 2021
Words escape my mind
Jun 2021 · 67
Happy alone
Redroses Jun 2021
Sitting on rooftop alone
Observing people below

Breathing fresh air
Seeing beautiful stars
Jun 2021 · 170
Redroses Jun 2021
You were smiling
But crying inside
Jun 2021 · 50
Redroses Jun 2021
Let me go
If your not
Jun 2021 · 389
Redroses Jun 2021
Clouds are crying
Must be hurting

Pain is temporary
Its not the end
Jun 2021 · 523
Redroses Jun 2021
It's easier to die
Than to live
Jun 2021 · 48
Redroses Jun 2021
It's hard to share problem
To anyone
Because they might judge
May 2021 · 105
Be content
Redroses May 2021
Look at things you have
Not the things you don't have

Some have nothing
But they still feel happy
May 2021 · 221
Redroses May 2021
Time run fast
Another one dies

Next thing you know
Your the one next
May 2021 · 601
Redroses May 2021
If we could see
The time we have left
On this planet

What would you do
If you only had today
May 2021 · 57
Redroses May 2021
Yes, life is getting hard
Many people lose their jobs

But just like diamonds
It shines more in the dark

May people find positivity
Stop thinking negatively
May 2021 · 39
Too blessed
Redroses May 2021
Complained about work
Until I saw a man
Working with no hands

Complained about life
Until I saw a man
Smiling without legs

Complained having eyeglasses
Until I saw a man
Without eyesight

You don't know
How blessed you are
So stop complaining
May 2021 · 64
Redroses May 2021
If people treat
Like time

Then no one
would waste it
May 2021 · 59
Redroses May 2021
If all people help
one another,

No one would
Be poor.
May 2021 · 364
Redroses May 2021
You were like a drug to me.....
   I can't get enough of you.....
May 2021 · 331
Redroses May 2021
Never want to lose you
It breaks my heart
Seeing you with someone else.

But I can't force you to stay
I'll let you go away
May 2021 · 77
Redroses May 2021
I hope your okay
Even things don't go well

Nothing stays the same
Everything gonna be alright
May 2021 · 980
Redroses May 2021
We can't be friends

I might fall for you
May 2021 · 417
Redroses May 2021
Let's get lost together
Where will find our journey forever
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