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1.0k · Dec 2021
Redroses Dec 2021
You were lying
Close to me
I watched you

But then
I woke up

I wished
it was real
983 · May 2021
Redroses May 2021
We can't be friends

I might fall for you
854 · Apr 2021
A warning
Redroses Apr 2021
Don't trust easily
Not everyone is nice

It takes time
To know a person
763 · Jun 2021
Redroses Jun 2021
I hate seeing you in pain
But i can't do anything...
673 · Jan 27
Love or die
Redroses Jan 27
Let's play  
Were we stay
holding hands

Together we fight
Never leave
Each other side

I'd die with you
If I have too
662 · Apr 2021
No regrets
Redroses Apr 2021
Do what you can today
We can't go back to yesterday
601 · May 2021
Redroses May 2021
If we could see
The time we have left
On this planet

What would you do
If you only had today
601 · Mar 2020
Redroses Mar 2020
We can't stop death
It's going to come

Things meant to end
No one last forever

Do what matters
No regrets later
600 · Oct 2019
Lets face it
Redroses Oct 2019
what you
put in your mind

Is full of trash

Vain thoughts
572 · Jun 2021
Redroses Jun 2021
You mesmerized my soul
Caught all my attention

Drawn me into your world
Lost myself into you

Still lost in your world
Trapped in you
526 · Jun 2021
Redroses Jun 2021
It's easier to die
Than to live
432 · Dec 2020
Redroses Dec 2020
If you need me,
I'll always be here
For you

417 · Dec 2019
Redroses Dec 2019
And for once in my life
I was happy because
You came back to me
417 · Dec 2020
Redroses Dec 2020
time is drifting,
days are passing,
souls are dying,

world is ending,
are you preparing
to meet God soon?
417 · May 2021
Redroses May 2021
Let's get lost together
Where will find our journey forever
411 · Aug 2021
Temporary life
Redroses Aug 2021
Life is too short
To be wasted

Value it
Cherish self
389 · Jun 2021
Redroses Jun 2021
Clouds are crying
Must be hurting

Pain is temporary
Its not the end
364 · May 2021
Redroses May 2021
You were like a drug to me.....
   I can't get enough of you.....
361 · Sep 2021
Redroses Sep 2021
Just like everyone else
You only talk to me
When you need something
333 · May 2021
Redroses May 2021
Never want to lose you
It breaks my heart
Seeing you with someone else.

But I can't force you to stay
I'll let you go away
320 · Feb 2020
Redroses Feb 2020
When i think of you
I smile
320 · Dec 2019
And still
Redroses Dec 2019
Re-reading your messages
Makes me smile alot
291 · Mar 2020
Better not
Redroses Mar 2020

283 · Apr 2020
Who's to blame
Redroses Apr 2020
Invent the problem

Then finding solution
262 · Nov 2019
Redroses Nov 2019
I regret everything
All mistakes and wrong things
I've done

I wish I could go back
in time
Erase all ugly memories
255 · Nov 2019
Redroses Nov 2019
it scars the heart
but gives meaningful lessons

it shapes personality
to choose to do right

but also mistakes
if not learned
repeats itself

until you learn
you have your mistakes
251 · Feb 2020
Redroses Feb 2020
Still love you
Even i know
You won't
244 · Dec 2019
Redroses Dec 2019
It is a matter of choice

And so what
If you face difficulty in life

Isn't it normal?
Your human

Sadness is part of it.
It means your growing

But sadness is new trending today
People listen to sad songs
People write broken poetry

Sadness is more popular today
Just like poetry today

Sadness is more trending
Than happy poems
227 · Nov 2019
Redroses Nov 2019
Why do people die

Death was a curse passed down
When Adam and Eve disobeyed God

People die because of sin
It is the payment of sin

People die to enter eternity
Only to places people will go
Heaven or Hell

Where will you go?
221 · May 2021
Redroses May 2021
Time run fast
Another one dies

Next thing you know
Your the one next
214 · Mar 2020
We don't know
Redroses Mar 2020
We don't know
If we even live

We don't know
If our heart
Still beats

We don't know
If there is
Still time

Accept Jesus Christ
In your heart

He can only
save our souls

Repent of your sins
Do it now
Before it's too late
Jesus Christ is our Savior. Only He will save us.
206 · Dec 2019
Redroses Dec 2019
We lost communication
No interaction

I wish our lives our connected
So we will see each other again

190 · Apr 2021
Redroses Apr 2021
Roses have thorns
Just like
Life can't be perfect
187 · Dec 2020
Redroses Dec 2020
Things you hope for,
Things you pray for,
185 · Oct 2019
The reality
Redroses Oct 2019
You are human.
You feel pain.
You are imperfect.
You are weak.
You are sinful.

But God loves you
He died for you
He took your pain
He washed your sins
He gave you strength
He gave you life
181 · Aug 2021
Redroses Aug 2021
Lost memories
Broken fantasies

Brain damaged
Mood swings
180 · Jan 2020
Redroses Jan 2020
When you don't know
What to do
178 · Mar 2021
Redroses Mar 2021
It's hard to find a friend
Who will take interest of you
Ask you if your okay
177 · Apr 2021
A reminder
Redroses Apr 2021
Express love to your parents
Because you won't have them
All the time
176 · Feb 2020
Redroses Feb 2020
List the things
You want to accomplish

It's a matter of time
You decide

What's important
And what's not
173 · Jan 15
Just Happy
Redroses Jan 15
Alone with
Brown old piano

White notes
Black notes

Play anything
With feelings
172 · Jan 2020
Redroses Jan 2020
Still love you
Even though
I know
I shouldn't
170 · Jun 2021
Redroses Jun 2021
Roses are red
Violets are blue
You have my heart
And You are mine
170 · Jan 2020
And i see now
Redroses Jan 2020
You were happy

Even without me
170 · Jun 2021
Redroses Jun 2021
You were smiling
But crying inside
169 · Dec 2019
Redroses Dec 2019
169 · Mar 2020
The situation
Redroses Mar 2020
Confined at home
Nowhere to go
157 · Feb 2020
Not knowing
Redroses Feb 2020
We know
When we don't
Have cash

But we don't know
How much time
We have left
Read it somewhere.
155 · Aug 2021
Redroses Aug 2021
Facing the unknown
Forcing the lies

Some paralyzed
Some hypnotized

Don't let anyone
poison your mind
145 · Nov 2019
Redroses Nov 2019
running through the woods
until I couldn't catch my breath and fell

Tears keep falling
felt so alone

heart full of pain
felt so drained

buried my heart
and hope it would die

I didn't want this pain to stay
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