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Jeff Lewis Oct 2019
The club was hot.
The music rocking.
On the floor I was dancing for
Only to find out she left with
her girlfriends.
Jeff Lewis Oct 2019
Rain on a Monday.
It’s been done.
In that over-and-over sorta way that so much of
life has been done.
Like crippling heartburn after tacos on Tuesday,
or crippling heartbreak after that wonderful date,
or DECLINED while you’re standing at the register,
when you know you’ve got money,
or thought you did—
and of course there’s a huge line waiting,
or burnt-on-cheese in your favorite pan,
or that traffic jam on Friday afternoon.
You know,
when you had those plans
with her
or him
or whomever,
or whatever.
Weekends spent laying in bed,
staring at the ceiling ’cuz that’s the only way
to face the week ahead,
and the only real positive you can find is
you don’t really wish you were dead.

It’s all been done, every bit,
and so much more.

We need a change,
a different way,
a different plan
some sort of revolution,
but one where everybody wins.

We need a bucket,
But one without a bottom.
a place to drop
all those worried woes.
We need…hell, I don’t know…


…strawberry ice-cream by the gallon?

maybe…wise and kindly dragons?


I want a dragon,
and greenish bronze with scales the size of dinner plates,
a whiff of smoke and a faint essence of sulphur.
crimson eyes that pierce the soul.
And so wise he makes Merlin seem like a dolt.
he’ll tell me stuff—tons of really smart stuff.
All those things I already know,
and know that I know,
but somehow just won’t see.

…and I want ice cream.
and a place that makes time go slow
so I can sit and take a pause.

and, of course—
I need a Fricking unicorn!
Like, why not!
Who couldn’t use a their own personal unicorn on a
                                                  nasty, rainy Monday afternoon?
I think I’ll name him Fred.
Jeff Lewis Oct 2019
.                                        Waiting.

          Just that.


And knowing
                               futility in this course.
I think I  may be forced to take action before I see any change. Funny how that works.
Jeff Lewis Oct 2019
He had read the leaves like
love notes back then. Heard music
in the breeze. He knew
each tree by name. As a child
he was at home.

Now leaves are code.
Music growls on jumbled wind.
The forest is a stranger...

...and he knows exactly why.
Jeff Lewis Oct 2019
Chasing the horizon
ever westward
toward a dipping sun.
I pursue that line,
that point of inter-
between land and sky.
Never bothering
ask what would happen
if I caught it.
Reaching the coast I rent a boat 'cuz I didn't know how to fly.
Jeff Lewis Oct 2019
Had a dream.
Dreamt I was brave.
Like a knight who slays dragons.
Like a great adventurer.
Like a martyr dying for conviction.

Yet woke, I lack
to follow such a dream.
Jeff Lewis Oct 2019
I see you.
sitting there thinking
no-one see me
sitting here.
I see you sitting there.
Or are we all invisible in our little bubbles?
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