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                Edward Iacona

From just after breakfast
Till the Sun stops gleaming,
If you're perscribed Torsemide
You understand  "On Demand Streaming".
Edward Iacona Feb 16
For reasons defying reason
A rationale does crystallize
I delight within the aspect
Of my darling's eyes.

When I'm feeling low and blue
What makes my spirit rise?
It's the comfort that's often found
Within my darling's eyes.

If ever there's a lapse of thought
I call on my muse so wise
And the thoughts come clear again
Thinking of my darling's eyes

Disappearing into her magic
For me is no surprise.
It's well the spell that is a glance
From my darling's eyes

What a smile she can beguile
Like a thousand butterflies.
It's the one that greets me daily Underneath my darling's eyes.

I'm admit'en that I'm smitten.
I can offer up no disguise.
As I remain a willing captive Of my darling's eyes.
For someone VERY SPECIAL....

— The End —