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almat011 Jul 2019
Chocolate Gemstone
You are my powerful *** drug. My love tears reality into pieces and shows the true reality, where only the dimension of eternal love and eternal happiness. Wild exotic without control passion of love feelings, there is simply no place to get hotter, this reality is very hot when your hot body passes by me, because you are in excess of beautiful and lovely. Only you need me in this universe, looking at you, I begin to moan to myself from pleasure becauce you makes me so *****. It seems that you have survived hundreds and even thousands of plastic surgeries, but no, this is absolutely natural highest beauty, the goddess of men's hearts, the eternal queen of all subscribers, all my attention is only for you.
When you touch me I shudder with happiness. You are my chocolate gemstone of love and ***. Charging me with an eternal source of love and *****, fascinating with its unique universal beauty, and I again and again, again and again, I thirst for *** only with you, we have a sweet, romantic melodrama. You have a very exciting chocolate skin, I would ride you on my love rocket, would take you to the endless depths of the highest cosmos of *******.
*** with you is the highest paradise of the highest universes of pleasure, which are strengthened only with you billions of times, my brain explodes every time you kiss me with your juicy, the sweetest lips, the soul flies out of the body and dances at this moment from happiness, my mind is completely immersed in spiritual pleasure, it is as if turned off. There is nothing more gigantic and powerful than my endless and eternal love and excitement, only you rule there. Your skin glitters like black latex seduction, VIP Queen of my sweet dreams. The kingdom of eternally fabulous romance, I give you the crown of the master of my romantic ****** fantasies. My love echoes in my future lives where I will only dream of you, my highest ideal, my idol, my *** totem for worship, I idolize your forms, your body is the highest peak of ****** aesthetics, there is no greater and higher enjoyment than to look at you on your body, nothing is more interesting than you. Looking at you, I see how the perfect girl should look like. Whatever you do with your appearance it makes you even sexier in my eyes.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
almat011 Jul 2019
Love piercing eternity
My true love for you pierces the universe and eternity. In all the great darkness of solitude, all of it is from the shadows of people, past, present and future, all of them are just shadows compared to you, you sanctify yourself of darkness, you are the flame of my sincere love and passion, and in all this darkness of egoism I see only you - it is infinitely beautiful, sensual and ****** magic of temptation. Too much juicy, too much sweet, sweeter than ever, too, unbearably beautiful and lovely as wondrous relaxing tantric *** music of temptation, dance of lust. Beauty is so picturesquely painted in the sultry hue of hot sexuality, it raises the temperature of my body, soul, consciousness and incredibly high limit, which creates a burn in my soul and heart, like sensual *** in a sauna. The goddess, who collected all ***** and love likes of my heart, in the head only one emotion of admiration, delight. Your beauty is of the highest quality, the poetic aesthetics of ****** romance, highly detailed in small details, the delicate ideal divine appearance is the highest art. You are supernatural ****, beyond beautiful. Your **** dark skin has conquered my heart. Leather is like a black gem. You are great and beautiful. Juicy, black skin, you are so beautiful that you want to bow down. Your beautiful juicy dark skin, burning predator's passion that stole my heart, in me is the cult of your beauty and personality in general, I worship your beauty, I am the best a fan of your appearance and soul. Your ideally black skin is truly, luxury, royal skin color, too much sweet sugar, when I caress your body, I have a huge amount of endorphins in my soul, you like strong stimulating coffee on a sleepy morning. Your skin is the color of sweet *** from which you can hear the groans of pleasure and ******, the sweetest music in the world, the colors of a very hot night of passion and lust. Thoughts about you are my only **** ****** fetish of romance in my mind, since I am obsessed with you. None of your vile deeds can break my heart, my love for you is stronger than hurt, guilt, treason, I love you even if you do not love me and despise you, you feel disgust for me, because my love is stronger for you than your hatred and disgust is stronger than any dependence and obsession you are the one about which I will dream and wait forever. In your arms, I’m supposedly in the arms of a fulfilled dream of my life, happiness itself kisses and kisses me — it’s so cool and cool — it’s just the highest fly of joy, I have so much sincere happiness that it’s hard for me to breathe, talk, think. Having *** with you is immersion in the infinite beauty of your soul and body. Your body is a powerful exciter, all my memory is filled with you, you fill me with your image. You are so much too much Shocking ****, my every word is a tender kiss of love, I kiss and caress your soul, mind, heart, your hot, ardent, sultry skin color just breathtaking. I fanatically adore your beauty, every second is filled with the powerful force of love and this only increases with time.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
almat011 Jul 2019
White cream
You are the ultimate luxury. There is a great altar of love in me, you are so beautiful that you want to worship and kiss your feet, bow and bow before your divine beauty, there are powerful vibrations of love emanating from my soul, these are powerful signals of a deep obsession with love. The fire of my infinite love for you will illuminate and burn this world and hundreds of billions of worlds around me, my love is deeper than the universe itself, my whole inner world is dedicated only to you alone, all my thinking is crazy and dreams of you, everything says in me that I need only you are one among all worlds and universes.
It seems to me that my ***** will explode with *****, the heart will not sustain a huge amount of love, and the mind will go crazy. Thoughts about you are a cute sweet ****** of true love feelings. My heart is the soul of the soul and my male ****** ***** are completely in love with you, it is useless to even try to fall in love with another, it is absolutely useless, because I only want you alone in the whole universe.
The taste of your kisses is the taste of your sweet tender soul, these are kisses of higher and at the same time deep feelings. I want to thoroughly insatiably lick and kiss literally every millimeter of your body and soul. From your kiss and touch, I fly away to nirvana, it's a billion times better than *** is a taste of true love, a trillion times better than anything else in this universe. Emotions are amplified trillions of times and the heart is supposedly stopping now from a high amount of heartbeat, adrenaline of love and happiness is going through the roof. I feel nothing but love, passion, excitement and delight, only true happiness from the fact that you are with me.
You are my ****** *** muse of true love, ****** relaxation music. You are a flame that caresses, but does not burn. Cold, but sweet like an ice cream you quickly conceal from caress, sweet as sugar. You are a sweet white cream, skin like white snow. You are a masterpiece of confectionery, a divine dessert, too much juicy and sweet as the most expensive, precious delicacy of the highest pleasure.
Seconds with you are priceless, it seems that life has not lived in vain. I would have pounced like a wild lion on you with kisses. You are light as a cloud. You have the sweetest skin tone, the rarest and the most perfect one for the envy of all, so soft, tender, sensually ****. It seems that the most beautiful and fashionable created for your image.
My male ****** ***** is in love only with you, he is obsessed with your beauty, he wants and loves you more and more powerful, every day he longs for you more and more and it cannot be stopped. I feel powerful to what extent you are beautiful. You are the supreme pleasure and bliss for my eyes, nerves, the heart seems to break from love, and the soul as if wants to escape from my body and have wild *** with your soul.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
almat011 Jul 2019
Philosophical poetry
The lonely jazz saxophone of solitude in poetic comic books of memories, with a slight eroticism of romance. All filled with philosophical silence and self-talk.
Almost finished cigarette, it is like a thought going to the logical conclusion of the arguments of philosophical poetry, where you are looking for a way out of prison of reality.
You play poker with the fate of someone luck, and someone pass. It rains from sinful tears; it does not make the city more conscientious, but a little cleaner. The city is in a fog of reflection, red lightning flashes of anger, black clouds of depression and then cold snow of indifference lit by the lifeless light of the curiosity of the gods.
Soon a new dawn of thoughts, a black and white reality of pessimism, where in bright colors of expressive contrasts of oppositions, there is only a faint light of conscience and animal instincts of darkness. Everywhere deep darkness says that the other world is very close and the door is always open there. Everywhere the harsh gray of deep thinking, the melodies of the emptiness of truth periodically resound.
Here everything is gray and only blood is red - the color of eternal guilt. Everything can become colored only from self-suggestion in bright colors of the illusions of optimism. The mind plunges into the darkness of gothic despair, and only the woman you love can pull out. Heart saves scars, but it does not stop, it continues to live for the sake of loved ones, for the sake of curiosity.
In this cold emptiness of the illusions of materialism, only true love warms the soul, but not lust, because after ****** you feel sad notes of loneliness, performed on the piano of sorrow. Lust is the girlfriend of selfishness, who is the six self-deception.
Vivid memories are a consoling prize of eternity, unlike life they are eternal - these are prose scenes of karma cinema.
Scenes comedians of heroes and villains, where you put up an antihero, and your tormentors victims. Here you feel literally every frame of sadism of fate.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
almat011 Jul 2019
****** dope
You are a billion percent more beautiful than any other girl. With you, I feel ***** every day. Every day, youmakes me ***** more and more. ****, you're so ****. In you there is a hyper realistic beauty so natural and sensual, powerfully fall in love at first sight by a billion percent.
About such as you I dream since childhood. You are the only decoration of reality, of my life. You are just fabulously magically beautiful, sensual magic of temptation. The powerful element of passion overflows in me at the sight of you, the whole body is covered with goosebumps over the skin with joy and delight as if it overflows like soda.
Your beauty is in full control of my mind. You are my juicy ideal. A cult epochally beautiful and sure of this for a billion percent I would have voraciously kissed and licked your divinely beautiful body, it radiates a powerful charisma of passion and *** - it’s just the divinely perfect appearance of true perfection.
I love you in my thoughts for days on end.
With your very dark skin, I plunge into the chocolate sweet paradise of passion, it's like a fabulously sweet ******, romantic dream of my dreams come true, you are the limit of my sweet pink, luxury fantasies.
Your kisses are just immersion in a love-****** dope, one kiss is sweeter than another, it is impossible to stop and it is impossible to come off, and I also want to get excited. Your appearance gestures and movements - this is very beautiful ****, sweet cute erotica, sensual striptease.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
almat011 Jul 2019
Hot ****** dark skin
You have the most juicy **** skin color, it is so sweet, so beckoning and eager caress. You are the goddess of love, *** and erotica. Every millimeter of your body is perfect and perfect. You are all that my heart and soul wants. Only your body and your kisses makes me *****. Only i look to your body, I feel powerfull *** and love addiction. You are the highest value in my life. You are a temptation and a seduction, you want to have *** countless times with you.
Your skin is the color of one hot, unforgettable night, your libido is the word lava in your hot body, burning passion, only your photos can makes me *****, only your beauty turns off my brains, you have a ****, ****** tune in my head, you are like a hot bath after a hard of the day, like an ****** massage, like a soft pillow with sleeping softness.
Every day I am drawn to you more and more and it cannot be stopped because it is uncontrollable every day my ***** wants you more and more aggressively he craves endless *** only with you and I once again make sure that you are the most I will want forever and ever. Because I am truly in love with you in your body and soul. And this feeling is only enhanced with time on the mental and physical levels. Looking at you in your head is only one word Goddess, the empress of my heart, or one ***. It’s just an ecstasy of excitement, every movement you take is so ****** and beautiful, burning your skin’s passion and in your eyes so much ***.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
almat011 Jul 2019
Hipper juicy, mega **** sweet candy

Oh God, so ****. Hipper juicy, mega sweet candy. Delightfully beautiful. I am uncontrollably drawn to you ultra powerfully. When you walk in front of me, this is a mega juicy and beautiful and very sexually exciting, seductive dance of **** buns. You are the most **** ****** dope of my mind and heart. I want you with all my heart, every night all night long flight. Your kiss is a powerful energetic, this is my strongest addiction.
*** with you is the embrace of true love. You're just super ****, too beautiful. Every second, when I see you, I think to myself: wow, just woooooooooooooooow, ooooooh yeaaaaaah, so hot well, just auch, toooooo much ****.
I can upload a lot of your photos into the computer and watch all day long for a slide show, and watch with great pleasure and just admire. All the compliments from all the universes just for you. I am in love with you over super ultra turbo mega, supa dupa powerfully. You are my ultra powerful *** attraction, your only passion, a powerful obsession with you.
When you are close to me, I’m supposed to be delighted, it’s like a multi powerful ******* vibratory pulsating sensation in my soul, when I touch you and embrace tenderly, kissing it is just indescribable pleasure, all this is mixed with true love, joy and true happiness. Time stands still as everything except you is not important, you are the only value of my eternity and eternity with you - this is heaven on earth. You awaken in me a hard ****** hunger because you are very appetizing, charming delicacy, chic dessert.
Luxurious, **** chocolate color of your soft skin , hypper juicy and sweet, hipper juicy candy . Than blacker the skin, the sweeter and juicier. Unbearably **** and beautiful. Mega ***** sweet dream is like an ****** jazz melody, a prelude to hot ***. I give you my ***** universal size, infinite amount of likes.
Than more I look at you, than more I'm falling in love you and get *****. On such as you can with great pleasure to look for ages, day and night for days on flight. You have powerful *** magnetism. The movements of your luxurious body is aesthetic erotica. The more I look at you, the more I fall in love. The blacker the skin, the hotter and hotter and torrid it is, the heat of passion emanates from it. You are synonymous with torrid *** and delightfully beautiful passion of romance. When your sweet skin is in sweat, it plays with the bright tinges of the eloquent colors of aesthetics with the highest form of seducing a very powerful temptation gently falling in love with yourself. I am quite clearly aware of how beautiful you are to the extent that beautifully illuminates the day and how it beautify
the night. Only you awaken in me a powerful unquenchable hunger for ***. My libido seems to be grilled like barbecue meat.
You are my sweet dear masterpiece of the universe juicy candy I will love so strongly others will just be jealous. It is difficult to believe in your existence that there can be such a beautiful girl. Gentle sensual chocolate is a supremely royal shade of luxury. Everything that is connected with a beautiful sweet, sweet and touching is associated with you. You are a beautiful girl to tears. You are too sweet like a sugar and so sweet and cute. I have powerfull love and *** addiction to you is even more than anything else.
Your love is the most invaluable and most valuable phenomenon in the universe.
Author: Musin Almat Zhumabekovich
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