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Julio Dec 2019
If we bet the obvious
We Will lose
Julio Dec 2019
The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of dreams
and go for them.
Tonight I will   make a toast for a happy new year for you and your dreams!
Go for all your dreams!
Julio Dec 2019
What you do not give, you take it away.

Only a little sand fits in a closed hand,
and  open one let all the desert sand pass.

In autumn the forces regroup,
mutan, shut up .....
..... in spring they will be scream and scandal

To give you must be willing to receive.

That leaf is eternal ....... !.
Julio Dec 2019
I'm just a bubble of foam from a wave that breaks on the coast
Julio Sep 2019
Friend of the soul,
my brother.

Do you remember grandfather's attempts with the violin?
And grandma's cake?
You are good then ...

There are still things that give you goosebumps ...?
A word,
or a smile
or the white of a snowfall,

You weigh your affections
even above your appetites?
Are you loyal even though you shouldn't be?
Do you look at the moon every so often?

If so,
I have good news
very good news

You are still alive!
Julio Sep 2019
here spring broke his back to winter
all awakening is coming
And Im glad for this
Julio Aug 2019
Memories like drops in the sand
but  not lost
they come and go
today and always

The feeling of petals brushing my face
wrapped my body in your vibrant voice
the complicity of ours skins
and the delicious humidities

I remember that day
that moment
that you
today and always
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