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Julio Aug 2019
Memories like drops in the sand
but  not lost
they come and go
today and always

The feeling of petals brushing my face
wrapped my body in your vibrant voice
the complicity of ours skins
and the delicious humidities

I remember that day
that moment
that you
today and always
Julio Aug 2019
Our soaked faces
in a warm rain
The laughs, the jokes
our looks

Wet hugs
shiny skins
yearning bodies
on that morning

It was a great rain
of sparkling moments
our love  all around us..... was a great day

Life never stops
Julio Aug 2019
I assume my sins
my life, my deads
what I have left
it's more than a groan

I broke promises
I killed some hopes
walking winding roads
not defeated

My soul is not captive
shouts ,
and sometimes he cries.

My love still survives

The winds of the West will bring me peace
Julio Jul 2019
The woman's hat was blown
she runs wobbly to reach it
The clouds pass quickly to the horizon
There are puddles on the pavement

It has not stopped raining
Nothing is left dry
the blue of the sky
and the sun's rays are missing

The woman definitely lost her hat
My memories are like these raindrops
and drain from my head
forming stories on the pavement
Julio Jul 2019
The laborious goldfinches
look for seeds under the snow
persistent creatures
they don't give up!

The neighbor's dog
sleep on the fallen leaves
above  eaglets hover in circles
alerts and proud

The cypress waves its branches
to the west wind
drawing riddles
on snow

Even in the white wasteland
life does not stop for anybody
Julio Jul 2019
A cold and calm dawn,
with the silence that the snow gives.
Some bird songs are heard
leaving clear tracks on the crunchy ground

The sun doesn't even guess above.

The heat of your hand
rub my cold lips.
The words are crystal clear
when they are said.

Today I see you all
and it is not necessary to understand
listening your soul
on an empty day of words

Today our love is diaphanous and simple.
Julio Jul 2019
Without your voice and your whispers
nor your warmth
and your softness
This bed seems bigger

Without you
the night is broken
and meaningless
Tonight the stars turn to black
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