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AesaraH Mar 2019
that's what happens when ghosts fall for us vampires
AesaraH Dec 2018
Why dont you care?
Ornaments trying to reach out of the mandalas on your arms and find
                                                            ­                            the last rigth sense.
Really fell in love with you?
Leaving all the loving marks on my skin.
Do you know how all my six senses tingle and shudder when you
                                                                ­drag your fingers up my thighs?

Wishing i could walk past you without looking back.
I know i did wrong, but do you?
Dont break me, i begged you.
Em pleh ouy tnow yhw?

Wondering..all i did was wonder.
Even when you had everything you whined for more, am i right?
But you lost more than you could ever wish for.
dont break me, i begged you.

— The End —