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One stormy night among the heavens the moon appears to cry
She felt alone for there were no stars twinkling in the skies
The clouds drew near to surround the orb with their soft embrace
Hidden beneath the cloudy night the sun wouldn't show his face
Such a lonely place to be when your primary task is to shine
Shedding light amid the twilight hours a part of the great design
Yet even when the moon in all of its glory can sometimes lose her way
Abandoned at times and solely forgotten by the discontented and dismayed
If only for one stormy night will these waters grace the skies?
Whereas once again she'll cast her brightness and leave behind the cries.
© 8/22/2020
Red suffuses the cosmos often subtle to the naked eye
Yet its vibrancy expands the universe similar to a crimson colored sky
Often red resembles decadence perhaps signifying shame
Hidden behind decaying backstreets where lust seems to be the game
Presuming a sign of power its mere presence commands attention
Even the brightest star in the galaxy will approach with apprehension
Signifying profound love red rages against the norm    
An impostor of shooting stars a violent cataclysmic storm
Red bares the shade of Sacrifice cleansing all humanity from sin
Covered first in scarlet red now transformed to pure from within
Red has the longest wavelength yet its energy appears quite low
But it’s the primary color of the life force with an iridescent glow
© 4/30/2020
Winds dance with me under the moonlight
Capture my loneliness into your void
For my true love is far from my sight
Surrounded in solitude that even the stars hide
Grey shadows drift into the folds of the night
While my beating heart a divine action soars towards the heavens
I am a wandering soul seeking the tone of his rhythm
Entrusting the moonlight’s glow to be my guide
It will divide the grey that separates us
Rescued from solitude I’m resolved by the hands of fate
Now I shall rest into the passion of his love
© 3/27/20
Alluring daughter of the Sun, luminous princess of the night
The heavens are your majestic domain shine through the shadows with your light
Be still above the rushing waters for they will obey your commands
Basking in your splendor that you stroke with a lover’s hand
The rhythmic movements of the clouds disperse to the melody of the winds
The stars hidden within the mist peek through as the darkness trickles in
The fleeting moments of passion infuse the air with a subtle caress
While madness creates nightmarish dreams upon those who are not at rest
Luminescent daughter of the night so many faces that you wear
A tranquil look, smoldering eyes with a touch of insanity and despair
You are more than just particles of dust and rocks evolved from a cosmic mix
Without your celestial form above all life would cease to exist  
© 2/10/20
The Kiss
An insatiable taste so sweet
Is bestowed upon my purity
Merely an embrace indiscreet
For my heart waits in obscurity
Delicate are these petals untouched
Yet they yearn to be blemished by love
Could my judgement relinquish too much
Akin to fallen angels from above
So how long from your sweetness I’ll endure?
Since my lips crave for the taste of your kiss
Will I relent to pleasure or remain pure?
To shower in this heavenly bliss
Instead I will offer my cheek
In exchange for my virtue you seek
© 12/3/2019
This piece was inspired by the painting "The Kiss".....Gustav Klimt
Imagine a prison formed from flesh and skin
A place you could never escape from or invite anyone in
Confined to a sick bed watching the world from above
Wondering in misery if you’ll ever find love
This was Frida’s fate just a young pretty girl
Who had aspirations and dreams this shiny new pearl
In the darkest of hours she fought with unbearable pain
Disturbing images and anguish played over in her brain
Yet she knew her spirit was able to fly
She opened up her heart and closed her ears to the lies
With broken bones clamped together from her pelvis to her neck
She created from her soul her truth and allowed the paintbrush to reflect
Though her self portraits were disturbing in demeanor and theme
Profound in raw beauty her body depicted in the extreme
Noted as a revolutionary perhaps a feminist with a cause
Yet she married her Diego twice maybe one of her flaws
Her poetic form was expressive and colorful as her flowers
She adorned her hair and garden so alluring engaged in her power
In spite of her suffering Frida kept eyes her on the prize
“Feet, why do I need you when I have wings to fly.”
*A quote by Frida Kahlo. This quote inspired me to write this poem.
Time has no beginning, middle, or end it simply exist
It does not reason, nor does it love or hate
There is no standard or moral compass that is abides by
It does not possess the characteristics of human nature
Nor does time touch, taste, hear, smell, or need
However everything in the universe evolves with time
The sun rises and sets at an appointed time in the heavens
After the light fades the moon appears to cast its illuminating light against the shadows
Also the seasons assimilate with time by springing forward and falling back
Even King Solomon wrote "there is nothing new under the sun; for there is a time and place for everything under heaven.'
Life desires time because without it there is no hope or purpose
Yet time does not pause or stand still in anticipation
Nonetheless time is essential; it is significant, and precious.
© 9/6/19
This poem was inspired by a prompt " The Triad of Time."
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