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If only
You could see, me now,
And, not before.

If only
You, could have, met me now,
When my heart, wasn’t so sore.

If only
You could, be with me now,
You would, know that I’m better, than that then that time/day/night,
Then, things might…

If only
Thinking, things would, have had, a different outcome,
I thought, you might have been,  ‘A potential’ I now feel, quite numb.

If only
The ‘timing’ was right…
Or maybe it was, seeing me now?  
And not before.

If only
You could have, met me now,
As my heart, isn’t so sore.

If only
You could be there,
With me now,
You would know,
That I'm ready,
To just be there,
With you
By your side (as an equal),
With just me.

-If only

© By HF-Whisper
Allow yourself to be open and free
To be yourself, for someone new to see,
The me, that I am now, and not, as before.
To leave behind, the past, and close, that door.
To help you, move forward, and allow yourself, to be free.

Allow yourself to be open and free,
The you, that you, want to be now, and not, as you, that you were before,
To leave behind, the past, and close, that door.
All the beauty, around you, and dream, of all the things, that you want to do, see and be.
To take a step back, breath in, and observe and see.

Allow yourself to be open and free
Just to be free,
And, keep being free,
To allow, all the good things, that you deserve, that will, come your way,
For all the above mentioned, for you, I do prey.

All of this
And soon, you will be free,
From, whatever it was,
That wasn’t allowing, you to feel,
So/as free,
From, what you, felt before,
To leave behind, what happened and close that door.

© By HF-Whisper
10/5/2021- 12:55PM-11/5/2021
 Jul 23 Philipp K J
Thinking contemplation
leads to revelation
seeking information
for a transformation
In a simulation?
this entire nation
an insinuation
of greater creation
or the ultimate narration
piques our fascination
less human conversation
more alienation
engenders more destruction
than annihalation
so, forget this complication
& make life a Celebration.
Why so serious?
When the mind calms down,
the self emerges.
Wherever I go
there's a dog called Ego
that follows me.

I'm the new Plato and Shakespeare;
I'm the prophet and the Messiah,
I'm Caesar and Brutus,
Robespierre and Napoleon,
I'm Queen Victoria and Jack the Ripper;
The father and The son,
I'm the voice and its Echo,
the alpha and omega,
big bang and big crunch,
the visible universe and dark matter;
I'm the poem that hasn't been written yet;
The word that means every other word:

Theatres are closed.
There's people suffering and dying,
The Anthropocene
Vegas take us
to the Promised Sand.

There, sun dries the minds
And greens money,
Though not for many.

There, you will see Luxury
or listen to an adagio by Lake Bellagio.

There, Venice has a painted sky
and Caesar hasn't ceased to cast dice.

There, things are real
and truth is a Mirage.

And there your anguish drear
will soar into the Stratosfear.
A post global warming town
 Jul 22 Philipp K J
How do you expect me
to heal
when you keep
stepping all
over me?
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