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The world will never be as you think if you think such,
Have a nice day
"I'm not a poet. I don't feel like one.
I like writting. That's all."
Have a nice day
You want to runaway?
-Yeah let's do it!

You want to?

Let's do it then...
Let's rock
Have a good day
You are,
This awesome person who really loves to laugh with anyone; to make friends and not enemies; who worries about who's infront of them righ then right now, at that moment.

Because, if not?
Why are you here then?
Have a nice day
Poetry never felt this comfortable. Here, take a seat. Tell me;
Who can love you like I love me?

You got me,
Now and forever.
Have a nice day
Can I be considered a poet yet?
Can I be treated like so?
And, how would you treat it if you will?
I hope somebody would some day reply.
I hope it's not too late to save me from my poet;
And, if it kills me tell me
I would love to know
Have a nice day
  Nov 2018 Contraducción
Consumed by the thought of what might happen next,
she lost her only chance to find out.
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