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Luna May 2019
Do you remember how often I used to tell you about the holes that he left on my soul ?
Lately, I’ve felt how the golden lights passed through them,
that’s when I knew, the light comes from your eyes.
Luna May 2019
You know, there are days when you just want to lay down with that person and tell them everything, and, instead of telling you, I decided to write about you.
We have lost everything, the love, the hope, the dreams and most importantly, the future.
I’ve been trying to write for a couple of hours and I only discovered that my grief will always have a sour taste when it comes to endings.
My heart tried so many times to handle the bruises that you left on it, my soul tried to fly away so many times, but here I am, trying to understand how a person could have this kind of impact on you. How can I smile knowing that the coldest moments are waiting for me, that the sun will stop touching my soul, that the thorns made a wall which covers my entire body, and it gives me so much pain, they are scratching me, my harmony, leaving me bleeding with memories that once made me radiate.
And as soon as the bleeding will end, maybe I will realize that we have our own lives. Maybe I will realize that I will fall in love again, and I will dance away my sadness, that I will write poems about him and you will be all about her, and “us” will be just another word that you will use with her thinking about us. We will hold other hands and kiss other bodies, feel pleasure through the agony or tenderness during the suffering process.
I will always wonder where I went wrong and I will always blame my chaos because of your calm. I will always remain awake thinking about this misery.
And I will always have people surrounding me, and they are all that it matters now, knowing that you have a shelter when your world is falling apart. And I will always laugh and dance, write and cry, and I will always remember that this is life and I should take it the way it is. I will always embrace the mess that will bring me peace.
And so should you.
thank you.
Luna May 2019
Hit me with pain so I can lay the words down to my paper.
Let me heal the rest of the world with my grief.
Luna May 2019
The truth is that you never loved me enough.
   And, I never expected anything more than a compliment through out a day, never. Still, my soul will never forget the way my hands kept writing poems about your lips, about your sparkly eyes and soft skin.
But you forgot to remind me that in some days even the moon is heavy on your shoulders, you forgot to ease my pain. You forgot to remind me that I am beautiful without all of the work that I've put in doing the perfect eyeliner or the sexiest lips ever, you forgot to tell me that I am beautiful because of my acne scars and tired eyes. You forgot to remind me that I have a strong mind and a powerful voice, you were scared of all of these. You were scared of the power that exists in these veins of mine, you were scared that once I know that power you couldn't control me anymore.
You forgot to adore the tragedy beneath my eyes and romance below my chest, how my beating heart was singing lullabies and how my mind created so many elegies.
You forgot to ask me how my day went or how can my bones still endure the pain that my body kept spreading , you forgot to care enough to ask.
You forgot to remind me who I am when I couldn't. You forgot to wipe away my tears, and then you had the courage to ask how can my eyes look so tired even after I put make-up on.
The truth is that you never loved me enough, but I will keep reminding myself every day how much I love the little girl that still finds a safe place inside of me.

I will remember every day,
until I will forget
the way I've learned
in the first place.
Luna Apr 2019
God bless the words that surrounded my heart
When your weak hands couldn’t.
Luna Feb 2019
If you are going to fall in love with me, here are some things you need to know.

I cry a lot. I’m crying when I listen to sad songs, when I speak about something that once made me happy, when I watch the sunset, whenever I feel, let me be.
I speak a lot. So, the unusual part about me is that, when I’m not speaking, and just start starring, there’s a battle inside of me, understand me.
I love sweet coffee accompanied by some good cigarettes. I love the taste of wine at 2 am, or champagne in the middle of a normal day.
Don’t set me borders, cause my soul runs free by its own, and even if I give you the sensation of needing you, don’t believe it, I don’t.
Let me live fully and organic. Give me wild flowers and bitter cherries, surprise me, write me a poem and read it out loud, write me a love letter, run with me, dance with me, and the most important thing, live with me.
And after that, I can promise you that those eyes of yours will become a permanent tattoo printed on my soul.
I will learn you how to look at the sea and just smile, about the constellations and the zodiac signs.
I will teach you the art of drawing,dancing and smelling flowers, stay with me.
We will dance, take shots and laugh until the morning at some random parties.
I’m difficult. There will be days that my thoughts will destroy me, that my tears will flow like blood in the veins, that my screams will cover any trace of peace. And when those days will come, remember that I don’t need an explanation or your arms around me, I need a good laugh and a strong coffee.
I consider myself a poet. An emerging artist. And that is gonna be your end. My words may be sweet as cinnamon, cause they came from my soul, but remember that not only my soul guides me. I have a strong mind and a powerful voice.
And those, combined together, will make you live.
We will create a hurricane, a chaos, hope you are ready to exist in it.

Human, I will love you instantly, I can promise you that.

But if you decide to leave me, may your nights be peaceful and your life easy,
Cause you’ve lost a minute of love trying to find an eternity of misery.
Luna Feb 2019
You are a woman.
Before anything else, you are a woman.
You hold an entire tornado under that skin,
  you are a woman.

You have the power to settle two heartbeats inside of you,  
    you are a woman.

Hear the sound of the universe and don’t panic.
Embrace the divinity that flows through your veins.
And accept your tiger skin which covers your thighs.
You are a woman.

Your eyes can keep thousands of tears.
Your smile can hide millions of screams.
And your skin dissolve any trace of wound.
You are a woman.

Your tears flow like the blood in your veins,
And you set down, like the cloudy sky,
In front of a mirror and start saying,
Anything but,
‘’You are a woman.’’
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