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noren Dec 2018
The dice defies
many a choice
noren Dec 2018
In the foggy mirror
of a thought,
the invisibility
of a vague
dilemma reflects
noren Dec 2018
You don't have to
flex your strength
in every battle.

There are many wars
that you have to fight
with your inaction.

It might appear
to be your weakness
but actually holds
the power to bring peace.
noren Dec 2018
Our monster moments
are too many,
our saintly seconds
too less.
noren Dec 2018
Leave it,
Live a bit
noren Nov 2018
Chart your course
in the pathlessness,
Find your purpose
in the emptiness.
noren Nov 2018
The posers won't cease
to nag you
And the answers
will not be forthcoming.

Let the endless questions
catch your conscience
and let the answers
remain elusive.

It is in these whirlwinds of thoughts
that you will finally realise
the necessity to forget the unknown future
and the futility to remember the harboured past.
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