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Ashley Sep 2018
flowing down the river at sunset
flying over the city at midnight
jetskiing through the water at noon
it doesn't matter when you are doing it
as long as your having a good time
feel the wind against your smile
nothing can change it to a frown
not the rapids
nor the lightning
or even the sharks
nothing can take that smile off your face
other than a frown on his face
because you feel what he feels
you feel together
but he doesn't feel what you feel
because your connected with him
but he's not connected with you
Ashley Sep 2018
City lights
And stop lights
And the stars you can't see shining so bright
Hate is like the stoplights you can see
But we are blind to love
Blind to love because of who we have become
Because of how we look at ourselves and others
The tortures we have all faced
Because of eachother

— The End —