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April Oct 2020
Until recently...
I wouldn’t have considered that I...I...
Was just..
a Character in somebody else’s dream...
When do we wake up?
April Sep 2018
Where ?

Never understood in my youth how relevant that English lesson was.
#Why?  # guess I wasn’t paying enough attention .
  Sep 2018 April
andromeda green
Are you okay?
Are you alright, are you fine, are you good?
Are you adequate, are you decent?
Are you emotionally stable, sleeping without crying, smiling because you want to?
Are you breathing without questioning, are you waking up without trying, are you eating without throwing up?
Are you reading this poem right now and thinking no?
Are you thinking for the first time, will I ever be okay?

You will be okay.
You will be alright, you will be fine, you will be good.
You will be adequate, you will be decent.
You will be emotionally stable, you will sleep without crying, and smile for the happiness blooming inside of you.
You will breathe without questioning, you will wake up to a new day, you will eat easily
are going to be okay.
So please smile sunshine
It’s a fine new day
To be okay :)

- a.g.
just a reminder that everything gets better folks. please, please hang in there. i believe in each and one of y'all.

UPDATE: thank you so so so much for 51k. the overwhelming amount of comments and messages and loves make me feel so happy to spread this poem. thank you.
April Sep 2018
“Say what you mean and mean what what you you say child”

A Dear reverence from my 6th grade teacher. One I will never forget or admire more.
Mr. Murrey. Semper Fi
You will live on fore ever.
You placed me in a corner.  I learned, you inspired me..
April Sep 2018
Sorry is not enough.

I try to express that. I wonder
do you hear the heartache in my words or do they fall on deafened ears
These truths of mine alone do you believe them
You have been told so many lies
I thought I was saving you from pain.  
Poisoned lies that belonged not to be felt by you and your innocence though that was ruined prematurely
I was not willing to fuel  that fire  
sadly I did light the match and added kindling without intent
I thought I was protecting you saving you from some of the gore
I’m left to wonder if I caused more harm than good.
My soul aches with every beat for every lost moment
Stabbed with every ignored plea and unanswered message
I can do no more  to change that allthough  I will keep trying
I can only hope that from the ruins one day a sprout will immerse I will care for it tenderly but not overshadow it  and with every truth I pray it may grow.
#remorse #pain #hope
April Sep 2018
How lucky I am to have found this safe haven
This sounding board
United among beings who share openly
Who let their hearts be it in sorrow, joy, fear, or enlightenment be open
People who share their amazing talents and minds without reserve.
Tell stories of grandeur or simple thoughts
Who acknowledge without judgment
I am blessed.
Thank you.
April Sep 2018
One of my favorite times of day
The world lays silent and still
I need not hear or wonder
about the thoughts besieging
myself or another.
I can laze sleepily in the silence
Enjoying the remnants of dreams
still somewhat within reach of my minds eye.
The onslaught of doubt and worry
still quiet giving me a moment maybe two before reality sets in and the noise inside won’t overwhelm me with questions I can’t or won’t answer.
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