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Sarah Saju May 2020
Raindrops falling on the ground.....
Whirlpools that spin round and round...
Waterfalls , rivers , streams
Puddles , ocean and seas.

You know how it sounds during downpour?
Like pearls falling down from a necklace you adore.
Water droplets speak to each other in melody...
Sleeps during rainy nights are heavenly.

Overhear the conversation when two waves meet...
They speak a language that is way too sweet.

Ripples , trickles and burbles
Sploosh , slosh and gurgles....
Splish-splash and pitter-patter
I love the sound of water.
Sarah Saju Dec 2019
My dear Sarah
This shouldn't take more than a para .
Let me start off with good things
Like that YouTube video that brings
some kind of satisfaction in you.
Ofcourse I appreciate many things you do
but I have few complaints that you might find rude .
Take it as an advise that might save you from getting *******

You love me a lot infact, you are obsessed with me
And I know that from the way you stare at me .

I love to help you with your homework and all those assignments
And seeing your expressions when we meet - filled with excitement.

I love your fingers touching me and ofcourse I love to entertain
But I don't want you to get low grades or make your eyes strain .

You are addicted to me , I must say.
Being with you is fun but not for 24hrs a day!

Whatever...may you use your time judiciously
And always work hard ambitiously .

Never forget to put that pretty smile :)

Yours truly
             Mobile ❤️
Teenage probs XD
Sarah Saju Oct 2019
At times I miss those days when I was young and crazy ,
when I didn't have to tell anyone "sorry , I am busy" .

At times I wish to grow up and be an adult ,
and be free of all that stress given by exam result .

I just want to be my own boss and be like a queen .
But here I am , between these two age groups as a teen .

People tell me that I am living in the best years of my life ,
as I don't have to think about a job , kids ,a husband or a wife.

7 year olds tell me that they envy me as I am the most fortunate .
I have freedom to roam around whole day with my mates.

I guess we , teens have failed to realise
that everything in this world comes with a price .
Teenage is the youth at its prime
So ENJOY as it comes once in a lifetime ...... ❤️
Sarah Saju Sep 2019
There's something wierd happening to me nowdays ...
"I hate myself" is the only thing my mind says..

Even the most fun stuffs and close ones are failing to make me smile
It seems like everything around me is emitting negative vibes...

There's always a confusion whether my decisions were right or wrong .
The mind that used to dance on happy tunes , is now playing sad songs ....

My mind has become a mixture of sugar and spices .
In this teenage life I am going through the so called mid- life crisis .

There's always a war of negative and positive thoughts inside my head .
Negatives are stabbing the positive ones , the happiness gets shed .....

I am exhausted , I don't want to live but I don't want to die.
All I can do is to move on or atleast try .....
Sarah Saju Aug 2019
A system that has the fairest laws
A mother who taught us patience
A society that accepts our flaws
It is nature , always showing brilliance.....

Dance around and share your smile
Earth has music for those who listen
Meet those pretty flowers in the wild
Move away from today's digital prison ...

Let us feel the rain when it kisses us
Let's not cut a single
Enjoy the multiple colours during dawn and dusk
Let all the unhappy birds there free .

Beautiful rivers entering
Seas joining the
oceans ...
Humming of insects , especially bees ,
Wind setting leaves in
And the smell of soil when it is wet
Are all the parts of heaven on earth , uniformly set.

Let us enjoy nature's beauty
For we know it's worth
Nature is truly to me
A poetry written by Earth......
Sarah Saju Jun 2019
I just want to be in a world
where every rule is made by me .
Where I can fly like a bird
and like a mermaid , swim in the sea .

Where I have control of everything  including time......
And be always praised by my friends and      family .
Where in darkness , like a bright star I would shine......
And literally , the whole world will admire my beauty .

These thoughts are of a happy young child ,who has everything she needs......
But no one explains this to her , after all she is young , just like a seed .

I am a teen now who has many realistic dreams to pursue ......
I often laugh at my childhood thoughts as I know they will never come true .
Sarah Saju Sep 2018
I'll like to go on a trip
but if my parents won't come , it's better to skip.
When was the last time that the comfort of your own sweethearts was felt?
Perhaps we really don't appreciate the presence of something until it's absent...

We usually feel comfortable to go to a place when there's someone whom we know are from our comfort zone....
I mean the comfort of going to a school filled with our beloved friends and a family to make a house , a home .....

If I had a control in time , I'll just pause , rewind and resume...
just to feel the comfort again and again of my mother's perfume .....

Unlike others who fade away , these people stay with us for a great extent
just to ensure that we are happy and the comfort we get from them, never ends......
Dedicated to those lives who dedicated their life to me
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