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Sarah Saju Sep 2018
I'll like to go on a trip
but if my parents won't come , it's better to skip.
When was the last time that the comfort of your own sweethearts was felt?
Perhaps we really don't appreciate the presence of something until it's absent...

We usually feel comfortable to go to a place when there's someone whom we know are from our comfort zone....
I mean the comfort of going to a school filled with our beloved friends and a family to make a house , a home .....

If I had a control in time , I'll just pause , rewind and resume...
just to feel the comfort again and again of my mother's perfume .....

Unlike others who fade away , these people stay with us for a great extent
just to ensure that we are happy and the comfort we get from them, never ends......
Dedicated to those lives who dedicated their life to me
Sarah Saju Jul 2018
One of the most tiring job you do while sleeping
is unintentionally dreaming

I am not talking about the ones which helps you to reach the height of success and you see them open eyes.
I am talking about the one in which you start running inside your school because there's a monster behind.

I told a dream  as a job which is the most  tiring
because whenever I get dreams , it is sure that I will not wake up early the next morning.

I usually get really unique ones where I will be fighting with an unexpected person  for cakes and ice creams .
These are the wierd things that happens to me after someone says 'sweet dreams'.
Sarah Saju Jun 2018
The happiness I get when I see you
is much more than you think .
My love for you is so true
that I miss you every time I breath or blink .
Do you love me too , I don't know
but anyone going against you , I can't tolerate .
My love for you shows that you are my Romeo .
My love for you shows that I want to be your Juliet .
Sarah Saju Jun 2018
Who is a hero according to you ?
Iron man , super man or the kind winnie-the-pooh ?
Oh but they are not in real life , just in story ,
gone in a jiffy will be their valour and glory .
But what about the artists and thinkers and people who have made it big in the game ?
But not everyone wins the hall of fame .....
You would be surprised to know
that hidden inside you is a superhero
that you never show !

Sometimes when time is hard and life is not a song
the hero  inside you keeps you going
on .
Sometimes when you lend shoulder to a crying friend ,
you become her superhero at that instant .
You are the iron man , you are the super man .
You would be surprised to know that you can be your greatest fan !
A friendly hug , a helping hand like an angel to guard ,
a little courage when times are hard .
Raises you above all
And the hero in you gets a call .

So all my dear friends, you all must say
Each one of you is a hero in your own way .

— The End —