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Sep 2019
There's something wierd happening to me nowdays ...
"I hate myself" is the only thing my mind says..

Even the most fun stuffs and close ones are failing to make me smile
It seems like everything around me is emitting negative vibes...

There's always a confusion whether my decisions were right or wrong .
The mind that used to dance on happy tunes , is now playing sad songs ....

My mind has become a mixture of sugar and spices .
In this teenage life I am going through the so called mid- life crisis .

There's always a war of negative and positive thoughts inside my head .
Negatives are stabbing the positive ones , the happiness gets shed .....

I am exhausted , I don't want to live but I don't want to die.
All I can do is to move on or atleast try .....
Written by
Sarah Saju  15/F
     Fawn, Cné and TheIdleOwl
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