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Cuts on my wrists
hands curled into fists
will i even be missed

Writing a note
i wrote
i love you and it wasn't your fault

That's a lie
i want to die and
its partly your fault

I can't tell you that so i
Sit and i cry

Why do i
Live like this

Will i even be missed
I am not in a good place anymore
I don't want to be here!
 Jun 2018 Hiba Aamer
You were hardly ever there
So how can you say to me that you cared?
I was a little girl who kept looking for you in a crowd.
But you were nowhere to be found.
You’ve lied to me countless times.
You can take credit for the tears in my eyes.
I believed I could put my faith in you.
I thought that's what daughters were suppose to do.
I mean I trusted you with something as precious as my heart.
So why weren't you there from the very start?
Was I really just not enough?
What kind of excuse is  “ sorry honey, something came up”.
You’ve missed out on so much.
Never had a chance to watch me grow up.

Do you lose any sleep?
Over the promises you made but didn’t keep.
How could I be proud to call you my “Dad”.
When you have ripped my heart in half.
Couldn’t even help our mom with Child Support.
Told me it was because your pockets were too short.
Too short to give?
Too short to help build a future for your kid?
Maybe that’s true.
But money could never equal a daughters value.
I should have meant more to you.

Lied down to make a baby.
But couldn't stand up to be alittle girls “Daddy”.

— The End —