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May 2018
We once dined together on goodly tables
and laughed together at funny fables.

Me was 'us'
back then when the fields were green
Love was the boss
we cared not who was the lord
as long as he could our peace afford.

Time grew taller
and bonding cords grew shorter
our once glittering tables
Decomposed on beign fed upon by unhealthy fables.

Like little foxes
forces of grudges and sentiment arising from resentment crept in
and the bond we once shared was threatened.

Those cherished days are long forgotten
relics of our lost bond keep us hurting
A little 'sorry' would have let it go
but it wasn't in the tune of our ego.

Regrets like matchets cut our hearts deep leaving wounds that time's woo can't recuperate.
rays of hope
make us cope
knowing someday someway we'll return to the land
Where 'me was we' and 'his was us.'
A poem dedicated to all lost friendships and as many that will still be lost
Sajini Israel
Written by
Sajini Israel
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