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May 2018
Strings sting
Sticking feelings on eternities billboard
All roads leading to the altar
For comemoration of a promise made in thick and fulfilled when the chances looked slim.

'Can't be together'
Some said.
but forever didn't bother.
Cos fate had drawn the borders
knowing we were meant for each other.

How did we become lovers?
I need not know
Why u chose to wait
is still a source of debate

Carpets fell to the floor
Wow!they are red
Threadless needle
sew our hearts
as we exchanged vows crisply

Nuptial cords
soothing like piano chords
Hearty jingles
escaping from your dimples
Exchanging smiles
Cos now I can finally say you are 'mine.'

If I were you
You would be me
I don't need you
French says we are 'une'.
We have loved each other from our early teens
but each morning our love takes a new theme.

Heaven stunned by earth
Angels admiring lovebirds
Cos though we bound by eternal strings
We don't wish to be free
Confined in the cell:
You is me and I is you.
Dedicated to the nothern star #13/05/2018#
Sajini Israel
Written by
Sajini Israel
         Sk Abdul Aziz, vircapio gale, Mack, RK, --- and 15 others
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