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1.5k · May 2018
Broken brotherhood
Sajini Israel May 2018
We once dined together on goodly tables
and laughed together at funny fables.

Me was 'us'
back then when the fields were green
Love was the boss
we cared not who was the lord
as long as he could our peace afford.

Time grew taller
and bonding cords grew shorter
our once glittering tables
Decomposed on beign fed upon by unhealthy fables.

Like little foxes
forces of grudges and sentiment arising from resentment crept in
and the bond we once shared was threatened.

Those cherished days are long forgotten
relics of our lost bond keep us hurting
A little 'sorry' would have let it go
but it wasn't in the tune of our ego.

Regrets like matchets cut our hearts deep leaving wounds that time's woo can't recuperate.
rays of hope
make us cope
knowing someday someway we'll return to the land
Where 'me was we' and 'his was us.'
A poem dedicated to all lost friendships and as many that will still be lost
1.0k · May 2018
Eternal strings
Sajini Israel May 2018
Strings sting
Sticking feelings on eternities billboard
All roads leading to the altar
For comemoration of a promise made in thick and fulfilled when the chances looked slim.

'Can't be together'
Some said.
but forever didn't bother.
Cos fate had drawn the borders
knowing we were meant for each other.

How did we become lovers?
I need not know
Why u chose to wait
is still a source of debate

Carpets fell to the floor
Wow!they are red
Threadless needle
sew our hearts
as we exchanged vows crisply

Nuptial cords
soothing like piano chords
Hearty jingles
escaping from your dimples
Exchanging smiles
Cos now I can finally say you are 'mine.'

If I were you
You would be me
I don't need you
French says we are 'une'.
We have loved each other from our early teens
but each morning our love takes a new theme.

Heaven stunned by earth
Angels admiring lovebirds
Cos though we bound by eternal strings
We don't wish to be free
Confined in the cell:
You is me and I is you.
Dedicated to the nothern star #13/05/2018#
898 · Apr 2018
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
The moon calls my name
fate shivers in terror.
Is he now late
or is this a piece of horror?

Stormed by mind tapes
inscribed by good days.
Weights of shared affection and passion
are now buried in the sand of memories and imaginations.

The earth weeps,
as it is being whipped.
The world's greatest gift,
Is about to be enclosed in it.

Darkness embrace the earth,
Stings of viral sadness is felt.
Loved one's soaked in the river of tears,
My beloved Mom was drenched in the rain of fear.

As the earth opened it mouth,
Memories from good old days began to replay,
Of how we rushed home from school at the end of the day
to see your loving face.

Running back through time,
I recall how you answered many of our questions with just a stunning smile.
Turning back the wheels of the clock,
I am overwhelmed by the affection you showed your flocks.

Six feet down,
the heavens frown.
Hoping we meet again,
never to part again.

My tear filled soul can only say I MISS YOU.
Dedicated to the loving memories of my father Late Pastor Ejiro Sajini
772 · Apr 2018
Would you be mine?
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Beautiful melodies
sounding like lullabies
sung by garnished beaks
hurrying across the sky

Wonder sprouts
as melodies fall.
roses smile
at incredible sights.

Quavering lips of mine
Spill words in time
'I love you please be mine'

Kneeling on one knee
blooming rose stretched by my hands.
Looking at my reflection
in the mirror of your eyes.

Mouth speaks,
making ripples
On eternities stream.

Would you sing for me
when my piano skills you no more feel?
Would you hold my hands
when I've lost my fans?
Would you be mine
till I can no more write?
Dedicated to.................................................
whom it concerns.
742 · Apr 2018
Tides of love
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Boiling or freezing
I really can't tell
I just feel uneasy
Is it external or within?

I listen to blues
But it's still no substitute for you.
Admitting it is as difficult as wood,
But deep down you know
I miss you

I don't need you
for pleasure
Cos i know it'll torture.
Just walk by me,
Laugh at me and with me.

When holding on gives you more cuts than hugs
and you dim it feet to run for cure
Always do what's best for you
Though I might bleed
Joy stills flows from my bleeding septum
With the assurance of you being fine.

I ain't the best
am just a little different from the rest.
Choices better exist
for sure
I know your taste
I just talked with fate and He said:
'If you can wait
We'll be great'

We don't need to date
to feel loved
True love
grows from the seed of friendship.
I don't need to posses you to appreciate you.

In all I owe you all,
I wish you the best
Who'll give you rest.
If fate entwines our path
I would love you till forever comes
I would still love you if forever never comes.
Dedicated to the northern star.
696 · May 2018
Immortal lyrics
Sajini Israel May 2018
My ear itches
for those whispers
in the dark
Which once made me calm

Darkness was friendly back then
and reality was dreamy
Immortal lyrics
Played my soul like guitar strings
When wondering eyes jammed.

We were both young then and love was painted like Lions den.
But deep within we yearned for a song whose lyrics were as few as the stars in the milkyway,
but it's soothing surpassing ice in the desert.

Far apart I could still feel your hands in mine.
Far away I could still hear your songs rewind.
I'll keep sending you smiles across the miles hoping someday you would be mine.

My heart will still trickle from the grave when those wordings and melodies resonates in my ears 'I miss you'
Dedicated to the northern star
693 · Mar 2018
Memories stride
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
The moon kisses the sea,
Darkness swallow the last rays of moonlight.
The horizons laugh heartily,
As it watches the romance of the seas with the moon.

The rainbow rising from the ocean makes the cloud ecstatic.
The nile sparkled under the ever watching eyes of the sun,
The earth is engulfed with fantasies that only the blind can see.

The rain cuddled me with it's cold droplets,
My head feels the painful pleasure of memories flight.
I struggle with the grasp of internal strikes assured by the doctor they would soon take a nuptial flight.

Time runs with a speed that empties the oceans.
Time's depth is infinte i said feebly as age steadily ate up my boyish vigour.
I can't walk foward without taking flowers from memories lane.

When the light of our youth is extinguished by the rivers of time,
And our hair is painted white by nature's design.
Let the cloud from the evaporation of our memories today,
Rain on us affection and care in those lonely days.
Dedicated to the first girl i ever loved.
688 · Apr 2018
My dream for us
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Walking down the aisle
with a sheepish smile.
Holding your hands
as we fall into dream's land eternal pit.

Living in paradise,
whose beauty can't be displayed on any device.
Waking up each morning to an oleic beauty,
to whom I bow my pen in admiration.

Looking from our windows
we see flat verdant fields,
Kids playing with trees,
Birds hurrying across the sky.

Strolling together in nature's garden
Flabbergasted by the smell of sweet flowers.
Amazed by the awesome vocals
from the Choir of insects and birds.

Sitting together by the river shore,
I would write a thousand love notes.
Running round rocky terrains,
We'll express our feelings without restrain.
Dedicated to the northern star.
686 · Apr 2018
A thousand years from now
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
A thousand years from now,
there would be no more me.
The streets will be brand new
And civilization will have taken a different dimension.

A thousand years from now,
technology would replace human digestion process.
A thousand years from now,
men of amazing genius will walk on the sky.

A thousand years from now,
Science will repaint the sky.
A thousand years from now,
The world would rewire it's solar system.

A thousand years from now,
would I still be remembered?
A thousand years from now,
Will the grave have curtailed me?

A thousand years from now,
I would still be with you.
A thousand years from now,
My pen will still wipe your tears.
Dedicated to all who come behind me.
682 · Mar 2018
Writers live forever
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
If I could live forever,
I would still strive for more medals.
If I could write in time,
I would love to engrave my writings in the hearts of men.

The mountains stand forever,
Don't tell me they don't quaver.
My feelings stay eternal cause am in love with historic medals.

Together is not forever.
Leaves will always wither,
Ice melts even in winter.
Stem and branches will not always be together,
Those who doubt can ask Mr timber.

If we think we can be mighty,
Let us fight but don't get *****.
Those who read will become legends.
Inspiring lines live forever.

He who speaks lives for a while,
he who writes lives in time.

After time has past
and a thousand years has come and gone,
Someone somewhere will pick up your work like a scribe from the sky and blend to the rhythm of your pen like young men from the west to the tune of Kayne west.
Then you will realize  your effort wasn't in vain and that the joke of fate didn't tamper with your taste.
You will then begin to live again.
659 · Apr 2018
Love Temple
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Many sages across the ages,
have sought for a way to define love.
They came up with books of many pages,
many of which were for the wages.

As I wallow in the depth of its definition,
Let this line caress your imagination.
As we worship in the sanctuary of affection,
Let the rivers of passion inspire our decisions.

Love is an attraction,
The earth is held to its orbit by an attractive force.
Can we say love holds the earth?

Love is unjust,
It doesn't act according to contract
It steps in where duty demands
and fight till the end without retreat.
Oh love endures!

Love is not a word,
It acts from the depth of its compassion.
Love doesn't grow old,
It rekindles with every smile, touch and shared passion.
Love will lead you home,
no matter how far you've strayed into the arms of fallacious propagation.
Love will give you warmth,
when cuddled by the frost of discrimination.
Love will be your temple,
irrespective of your religious affiliation.
Dedicated to the loving memories of my father Late Pst Ejiro Sajini. I miss you so much
624 · Mar 2018
Let it go,let it flow
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
Perturbed by heights of ambiguity,
Engulfed in the snare of my desires.
If you must smile like the Nile,

I am hurt and broken by my expectations,
Abandoned and frustrated by those I've shown affection.
Then I overhead the sages say that If you must glow like gold in the cold,

Tired and exhausted my weary heart is beating,
Defeated and discouraged I could only resort to thinking.
How on earth could I erase this feeling?
The wind calmly whispers in my ears,
592 · Apr 2018
Nuptial flight
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Cosmic dust,
run around the cloudless sky.
Angelic voices,
Sublime with the silent night.

Oleic vocalist of Ibredeic origin,
spin macho skulls like some bottles of dry gin.
Lanky keyboardist of jeremic extraction,
blends those notes to audience satisfaction.

Bees buzz in their budding hive,
preparing to fly away some sunny night.
Trapped in a summer,
no space to run further.

loosing those strings,
built by camp stings.
Drowns those feelings,
in the ocean of friendship.

Don't run to a stranger,
Just to have a taste of life outside the manger.
Don't forget years of shared hopes and strives,
Just for the promise of a ride
or nuptial flight.
Dedicated to the northern star
592 · May 2018
Our world
Sajini Israel May 2018
Awaiting coronation
Into Prince hood
dependent on you being my princess.
Searching for shelter in your heart
in exchange for you in mine.

wanting you not just for now,
but until every earthly grain is emptied in eternities hour glass.
'I do' will forever resound in my ears,
Millennias after its altar degenerates.

I hope when you think of me
Your heart flutters
and soul overflows with joy
that tongues can't mutter.

Beyond the bond 'eros'
I know you need a hero.

Bustled and bugged by a bustling world
we create our world
Whose name is 'Us'
filled with peace money can't afford
and gentility from an ever smiling hero.
Dedicated to the northern star
571 · Mar 2018
The hefty pen
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
The rain drizzles,
Some birds whistle.
Gently and gradually warm sensations fizzle.
Wow!! The accuracy of the universe is beyond mechanical precision.

In a scuffle for recognition,
Each animal developed a distinct sound that will stand as a mark of identification for millenniums until evolution takes pre-eminence in all ramifications.

Smarter than all animals,cunning in skills and crafty in dealings came the sapiens.
He processed things mentally with the speed of light not minding its limited size.
It could tame all other animals which where a hundred times its size because its brain was a well developed device.

Amidst men,some men stood out for their skills in Academics,science,humanities,medicine and engineering.
Beyond their natural eye focal length they extended their vision to a radius far above the limitations of mediocre imaginations and consolidated thier works for future generations in writting.

Give me a pen and I will conquer the universe.
Teach me to use the pen and I will reshape the earth.
Give me an audience and I will reform your minds.
Watch me write and I will show you the meaning of might.
By Israel Sajini(SAJO)
561 · Apr 2018
One starless night
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Days of utter darkness,
could not match the blackness of darkness of one starless night.
those trapped in the casket,
will tell you better the horror and indignation aroused by a night without a Star.

I would give up my prestige and honour to scale through that night.
I would surpass the speed of sound with my feet to escape from the furry of ever haunting shadows.

The star has been my guide for so long,
how can I walk now?
I've been addicted to its serene smile,
from whence do I get sunshine?

One Starless night,
and hope will be flushed down the eternal drain,
One Starless night,
and darkness will swallow the last rays of moonlight.
Dedicated to the northern star
492 · Mar 2018
Natures law
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
The mountain is just a hill,
the oceans are like the streams.
Its just the depth and height,
That set the paces right.

Learn to work till it hurts,
Strive to reason even when you are weary.
Though some problems may look witty,
There is no obstacle that can limit the willing.

Hard work *****,laziness spoils.
Choose your lot and set your worth.
Don't be scared as you mix with people.
Swallow your pride but don't be feeble.

The truth be said we will love some people,
And their smiles will make our hearts fickle.
Don't loose them in a moment of weakness,
Cause you never can tell who will be your fortress.

Let us strive to do our hearts bidding.
Just like the stone that falls in water makes some ripples,
Those who strive to please people end in disputes.
457 · Apr 2018
The man I want to be.....
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Childhood notions transmigrate,
as seconds increases time's height.
The manly instincts begin to prevail,
as I spread my wings toward Adulthood.

The man I want to be is a man who conquers defeat.
Beaten but not broken,
defeated but not limited.
Rising above the dreary shadows will serve as light for all who come behind.

The man I want to be is a relentless dreamer,
whose mental eyes envision spring from summer.
The man I want to be is an accurate planner,
Whose calculations provide food in famine.

The man I want to be is an epitome of discipline
Who rises up every morning to derive a schedule for the day.
The man I want to be is a workaholic
Who works tirelessly till evening and drive home to the hands of firm embrace.

The man I want to be is a man of wealth
Whose worth is not measured by the money he possesses but his contribution to humanity.
The man I want to be is a man of value whose judgement cannot be impaired by money.

The man I want to be is a strong man
whose strength is not in the size of his arms but the elasticity of his ideas.
The man I want to be is a strong man who hides a million feeling under a smile.

The man I want to be is a just man
who respects every man's opinion with equity regardless of religion and ethnicity.
The man I want to be is a tough man whose conviction will not be eroded by people's opinion.

The man I want to be is a father to the fatherless and a defense to the voiceless,
whose ears will always be opened to the pleas of the deprived.

The man I want to be is a man of varlour
Who shapens his life and the lives of those around him on his knees.

The man I want to be is you Dad
Dedicated to the loving memories of my beloved father Late Pastor Ejiro Sajini.
453 · Apr 2018
Love Burst
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Enclosed in a conical ***** are a thousand feelings,
waiting to be expressed but the tongues are unwilling.

Each of your stares keeps me startled,
Just a stare at your penetrating smile gets me baffled.

I dream of you,
But I can't speak of you.
I feel warmed by your eyes,
But I dare not reach for your hands.

I've tried many times to bury those feelings in the sand of religion,
Just like a ball submerged in water
It keeps popping up against my decision.
I've let it go several times
But it keeps bouncing back in different styles.

Tingling sensations engulf me,
Flames of sincere passion consume my human will.
My heart dances to the rhythm of your eyes,
Your stare kindles the fire of my desire.

I love you so much,
but I can't say a word.
You are my world,
but I can't offend my church.

Rain drops from my eyes form oceans of passion.
The sky sheds tears as my bowels swell with compassion.
Dedicated to the northern star(my first sarang)
443 · Apr 2018
Innocent love
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Though the distance
between the star and the earth
be a thousand light years
I would gladly walk on rough pebbles
till I get to the stars feet.

If heaven were a physical city in some distant land,
I would hold your hands and surmount the mountains between.
If depression were an island in the Pacific,
I would hang you on my shoulder and swim across.
If fun were a drop of water,
I would rain on you showers of memorable moments.

I will take you to the moon
and dance with you on those barren rocks.
We'll visit Mars and stand on Olympus Mons
At night we'll watch the stars
Pitching our tenths in space we would never grow old.

I would rather hold your hands,
than steal your heart.
I just want you to be fine,
Even if you aren't mine.
Dedicated to the northern star
432 · Mar 2018
The nothern star
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
Am lost in the cosmos,
Surrounded by darkness in a terrain I can't explain.
'lead me through the night' I could only yell.
The more i yelled the fainter my reverberations struck my ear.

Should i turn to the left or to the right?
My weary heart spoke in protest.
The thought of my predicament made me feel dizzy.
Twas a long night filled with despair.
I could only feel the stings of some silly insects and hear the sounds of some happy crickets.
All around me I could Perceive uncertainty.

I waited for hundreds of hours for day to come,
But time proved to me that I was in a zone of perpetual darkness.
I looked to the skies all my eyes could find was a thick dark cloud.

Days rolled into weeks.
Though i lost track of time,each second seemed like a million years.
At this point i had lost strength to speak and my vigour was at its brink.
Turning to my left i could see a shadow of a stone.

I gazed at the atmosphere in admiration,
As i saw darkness being overtaken by light.
In a matter of some microseconds a star appeared and dominated the galaxy.
Hurray! It was a northern star.
Its brightness was unique in that its radiance produced a fragrance of calmness and serenity.

As soon as i could find my pouch,I began to move in the direction of the Star.
It led me through the grass lands and savannah there I settled and ate some cashews
Gradually we entered into a rain forest.I stopped by a river flowing eastward from the savannah to drink some water.
Step by step I kept trailing the star till I got to my abode.
The northern star stood at my roof and shone forever.
403 · Mar 2018
The Revolution
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
Just some moments of meditation,
will trigger our imaginations
and will give rise to an inspiration
that will give birth to an innovation
and will ultimately transform generations.

We can't have a revolution
Because we don't have strong resolutions.
We can't have a solution
Until we change our disposition
and we can only do that in the place of meditation.

We are faced with multiple instructions,
Challenged by absence of leaders with vision.
We are at the edge of fission.
The youths have to start offering contributions so our nation can reach it destination.

If when overwhelmed by confusion.
we eventually take the wrong decisions,
our children unborn will have to face derision
Because we surrendered to our Emotions
At every Junction where our discretion was supposed to function.
386 · Apr 2018
Radiant night
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Rain drops smartly caress me,
the ponds are getting full.
Insects Brooding ground
have been fertilized by tears from the sky.

Darkness embrace the earth,
as night kisses my sight.
My eyes yearn for light
but it needs were yet to be met.

In the forest,
Stood an old church Hut,
Which bloomed sometimes in summer.
It was different
and I knew it.
It had just one bulb
And I could see it.

The bulb shone that night
Flying insects danced in delight.
My eyes fell for it's brilliance
And my nose couldn't withstand it's radiant fragrance.
Dedicated to the northern star
366 · Apr 2018
Last minute
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
Tension high,
the air is saturated with dust and mist
moving about like asteroids in space.
Time is almost up
our once high morale
Gradually drops.

Radiation from Ice,
electrify our veins.
Last drops of adrenaline,
Supplement race in the field.

Hope is swallowed by panic pangs,
the galaxy smiles on the sixtieth second.
Yeah! that last minute.

The metal lands on the pedal with an accuracy like that of the dance of the milky way.
The net is shaken,
not by the winds,
but by a circular ring of fire.....
And it is a goal.
Dedicated to yesterday's Match of Real Madrid against juventus
356 · Apr 2018
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
A young man once sat
On the shore of a gurgling stream
Falling into the arms of thought seduction
He began to swim across the vast landscape of the Earth
Indeed the Earth is great why can't I be?

They are mountains taller than Everest
hanging freely in a parallel universe
You will keep thinking you are at your peak
till u move into space.

Alexander the great,
was mighty not by virtue of age
but for his courage to venture into unknown space
Yeah! he moved beyond his comfort zone
He conquered territories
as vast as the ocean
because he learned to utilize his brain.

Regardless of your race,gender and size
Let greatness be your drive
when small minds try to limit your potentials
Look to the moon
and remember they are heights taller than Everest.

Aim for the skies,
Dream of walking on the Nile.
Records are meant to be broken
You can be great!
If you put your best
to the little things you do.

Little drops of water make an ocean,
Rome wasn't built in a day.
It's all starts with a spark
like the Big Bang
It goes 'gbosa'

Ignite your passion
Chase your dreams even when they look out of fashion.
When the storms get tough as it sometimes will,
remember the greatest force on earth is the human will.

Achievers never surrender
my momma always tells me.
There is no limit to who you can become
How do I get there?
relax boy as we go down the hill.

Speaking to young minds,
I know right now you got a lot on your mind.
I could see your defeat
am here to tell you don't retreat.

Drowning in the ocean of depression
and your imaginative power is about to go on relegation
Think of greatness
Let it consume you like flimsy paper cords in a furnace.
Hold on to your dreams when no one sees it
and nuture it when no ones feels it.
As greatness possess your mind
You would rise above the horizon
And not only be stars
but will light up your galaxy.
Dedicated to my beloved Mom Dr (Mrs) Faith Iwejingi Sajini
341 · Apr 2018
Shattered moments
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
My spirit floats like a kite,
Caught in the moment is this a myth?
Just one peck
Cleared my vision better than specs.

Each meeting we had was sweet
though we rarely met I could feel it was real.
Every encounter,
Developed a better me.

Holding on to those moments,
they fall and shatter,
into a million pieces
packed and stored
In the bin of unforgettable memories.
Dedicated to the northern star
312 · Mar 2018
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
I want to be free,
Old sages tell me it goes with a fee.
I go on my knees and ask for the key,
They tell me to learn from what i see.

The bird is free to roam the sky,
But they aren't built to swim like the fry.
The fishes are free to swim in rivers,
But they can't touch the sky.

The rivers are free within it's bank,
to flow randomly across its path.
The sun is free to smile with style,
As long as its remain in its track.

Freedom can make you high,
When it does just take a chill.
Freedom goes with a fee,
Eureka! the price is just to know yourself,set your limit and drive your wheel.
307 · Apr 2018
Sajini Israel Apr 2018
I missed those long nights,
Where I clapped my hands to those high pitched melodies
Those smart creatures
Outwitted the best of tutors.

Bees love nectar,
Mosquitoes can't you learn?
Drinking of red wine
like vampires
I wonder how African's blood make your taste buds feel.

Mosquito mosquito
You've Perturbed our nights.
Noisy and infectious
Your stings have made us sick.

Why rescue mosquito to safety?
Noah why let them into the ark?
We would  never have had to tackle witty mosquito.
Dedicated to the northern star
304 · Mar 2018
The meeting at the stadium
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
It rained cat and dogs,
The terrain was marred with mud.
Atlas my crew had arrived Warri in a bus,
My joy at the moment knew no bound.

I alighted with ecstasy,
My mind engulfed with fantasies as i made few calls to my Bestie.
We both began to search for each other desperately,
As we defied the rain tirelessly.

After some futile attempts we finally caught ourselves.
Twas like a dream come true though it didn't come cool.
Atlas we meet again!

You walked towards me like a queen from the sky,
My hearts skipped several beats as i was raptured in moments divine.
As we watched each other smile,
Nature had no choice than to slow down time.

Those speechless seconds where like blood stains in the blue sea that refused to be eroded by time,
The connection in those shy eyes and broad smiles where stronger than ocean tides.
The radiance from our happy faces where like gold sparkling in fire.

Lost for words but we still had to talk,
Though we were drenched by the rain we couldn't abstain from its reign.
You called relentlessly till we found our way.
We walked together till we got a shelter.

Oh! what a wonderful day.

Sitting together we watched the choir,
Sing happily like a soldier about to retire.
During the message we were busy with our jotters writing like scribes from yonder to the dictates from order.
Once a while we stole stares at each other.

Message is over and my bus about to go,
I wish i could sing a parting song but it was time to go.
Moment gone, memories shone as we waved goodbye with sincere smiles.
Dedicated to my second meeting with my first love on 5th of september 2016
292 · Mar 2018
Dream land
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
Strolling in the woodlands,
I see ahead of me a large stretch of ****** timber where blackberry thickets foam white in spring time.

In the valley littered with gold,
winter reaches for me.
It cuddles me with frost and restrains me with cold.

Words from inking pen strikes me,
Its stinging sentences reviles me.
Rising from deep waters I learn to be bold.
I face my predators unlike days of old.

Wondering in dream's land,
my eyes quake at mountains taller than everest.
Lost in dream's arms,
I rise above the tempestuous plunge of sea tides.
268 · Mar 2018
The first day we met
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
The tree dance to the rhythm of the wind,
The gentle breeze from the east caress me.
Fascinated by the ambidexterity of nature,
I began to venerate my best friend.

Bleeding and bereaved I was the first day we met,
Trapped in the net of frustration I could only lament.
You came to my house as a lamp curing my darkness
And penetrated my heart with volatile sweetness.

As i watched you smile with the precision of divinity,
You built in me memories as tall as infinity.
I learnt to escape realities grip,
As you taught me how to dream.

You walked in the shadow of my mind
And put a sunshine in my smile.
You dived into the river of my tears,
And whispered comforting words in my ear.
Dedicated to my best friend.
236 · Mar 2018
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
Run to the Garden,
there lies some harps With melodies so cool
that makes nature's hand's ignite our thoughts.

Run to the stream,
there we search for sweet waters
to retire our feelings
and refire our thinkings.

Run to the desserts,
there we find rough stones and big rocks.
Beneath the hardest rock
Shines the greatest luck.

Run to your mind
Embedded there are treasures untapped.
Run to your heart
For it overflows with stories untold.
233 · Mar 2018
Mirage of existence
Sajini Israel Mar 2018
Beneath the faces of Jasper
lies some rough clay.
Inside the darkest coal
we find gold refined.

Within each stormy phase,
lies a sleeping node.
Around every peaceful road,
We hear chants of warfare.

In every broken villa,
stands a fence too high to scale.
In every fortified garrison
Lies too many vaults that can be penetrated.

The mightiest pens,
use the smallest hands.
The smaller heads,
wear the biggest crowns.

— The End —