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Harriet Shea Oct 2018
A Day to Be Remembered
October 29th 2017
Today is one year since my grandson
Robert Allen Dollar was killed on South
Mountain in Phoenix Arizona by a drunken
driver while riding with his bike group.

A courageous loving sincere young man with
dreams to start a Foundation to give riders
three feet while riding on the side of all roads
instead of just hitting them, without any
thought, how precious a human life is.

Robert Allen Dollar's dream came true, by
giving his life on the South Mountain road
where he biked every week end, hit and killed
in a second of his young life, by starting a
(Rob Dollar Foundation) To give cyclist three
feet, and save a life.

Today is his day in heaven, riding through
the blue skies, glorified and in harmony
with the Universe.

He may of been a dare devil, at heart,
but what a 'Dare Devil' he was, and
shall always be missed by all who love
him and respect him..
With a loving smile he rides so
high, with eyes glowing bright
has his heart.
He cannot ride fast enough to
keep up with his energy flow
so he lays back awhile, and starts
all over again, saying! ('Hell! get
out of my way! I'm on fire!')

That is Power man of the Universe
riding ahead of the team..

Go Power Man Go

(We All Love You)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Just want to say good-bye my sweet
friend..I knew it was going to be this
way for a few years now..I already
felt your sadness because we could
not see each other..
God in heaven and all your loved ones
will welcome you home, you can once
again smile, you always had such a lovely
smile..You can see all the snow birds we
all loved so much.
Fly high my friend, your free at last, no
more fear to hold you down, you can
now fly through the heaven of light
and love.
You can go to Rainbow-Bridge and all
your dogs will be waiting for you, with
tails wiggling all over.

I will be down here to pray with light, love
and peace my friend..Good-Bye.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Jun 29
(A Man Of Beauty And Respect)

A True Story

Who was he? He called himself the
unknown Poet, my great great great
grandmothers uncle Joe. He lived
a long exciting life, loving one woman
in time of war.

A Martin Trapper he was, an artist of fine
design, a poet in his time, a fine gentle
soul of the universe capturing each
thought writing them down in journals
and poetry.

If you should ask him what he believed
in! he would say; “I believed in God, sounds
of nature, love of mankind, love of words
anything to do with nature is where my
heart roams best.”

He was true to his own beliefs, a man
of heart, determination, a man who
would walk a mile in another man's shoes.
He was the heartbeat of the land, a
true mountain man of the wilderness.

He wore leather, long hair, beard
and a loving heart for all animals
including the bear. He grew with them
closer as he traveled the mountains
year after year doing his Martin trapping
for food. He was a God-fearing man of courage
and strength all his own.

He was truly remarkable, who
fought with George Armstrong Custer
and the men of the 7th Cavalry where
they met their fate and the Sioux on June
25, 1886, at the Battle of the Little Big
Horn'. Uncle Joe was sent to get
reinforcements at the age of fifteen
when he returned, they found them all
mascaraed. Including (George Armstrong

Many of his journals, poetry and
sketches were burned in a trailer
fire, but to this day, still remember
at a young age trying to read his poetry
I do remember seeing some of his sketches
he had sketched with pencil by candlelight
in his cabin in the winter in the Canadian
The Rockies.

One sketch I remember well was of
a lovely lady dressed in a long gown
with hair piled high upon her head.
It was lovely.

That winter was long and cold and Joe
never returned home from his trapping
the Royal Mounted Police found him dead
next to the creek by his cabin. He died
of starvation.

This is just part of his story my great great
great grandmother told me of her uncle Joe. I
wish she would of told me more about his life.

I want to pass this on to my family so they can keep
passing it down from generation to generation.

By DerenaBree
© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea May 2018
Walking toward you I smile, a shallow look
I see, why I feel that cold cold stare, was
it caused from last nights walk, around the
lake you worshiped so?

You never tell what's on your mind, I always
feel such distance when we are alone. you
carry the world upon your shoulders while
each day it seems to weight a little more..

I see so much wisdom in your eyes so deep,
you been around for a very long time, you've
always taught me something of value to
carry in my heart as I age gracefully.

I shall walk this world in glory, it's a world
of life and strife, it only shows what one
feels deep, when you gaze around the
starry skies..

Much is taught and read in books, just
one look could never fit, the feeling one
has, standing on a mountain top, no
words to fill a single book, the beauty
that you see in just one glance.

I may see your shallow eyes, your heart
could never be, if you were born a million
years I know I'd know your name, it's in
each sunrise, sunset, rainbows of amazement
and how new and beautiful you'll always be
to those who capture the value of your sweet
whispering breeze.

Poem taken from my "Nature Collection"

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Mar 17
A poem written in gold is worth more
then gold.

May this poem stay next to you as you
read it every day.

If you don't own an ounce of gold you
surely will today.

It will give you an ounce of luck making
you pass this on to those you love that
have no gold.

Making a wish with luck to you today
written in gold.

By Derena
© 2019 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
A smile I send to you,
just a little smile, but
true, to let you know
your thought about
often my friend..

You know how to
make me smile
with little things you
say and do..

The sun rises and
sets on your wonderful
ways to make one
feel so alive.

I send this little
poem your way, to let
you know you are
the bestest person
in the whole wide world..

So I send this little smile
your way, along with all
my love and friendship
my friend to the end..

(For family and friends)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
A wish that keeps growing with each passing day

it covers the waters of each dream, it controls me
like a whisper in the night, it weakens the heart

making each day a wish of love that shall always

grow deeper and deeper, till there is only dreams

left to dream, wishes have now become a reality..

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Jul 2018
Higher higher flying along
coolness of breeze, carrying
me to mountain tops.

Singing with birds
how glories I feel
country roads
flowers in the valley
green with trees
ferns tall, sweet grass
mingling with lilies white
in forest of dreams.

Dancing in sunlight along
country roads with dirt and
weeds, vines climbing up rooted
trees, leaves rumbling along the
darkened woodland trail, almost
forgotten, waterfall flowing down
ward, in a creek kissed by rocky
boulders of grown moss dampened
by mystery.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Nov 2018
Why cross the bridge without thinking
that living is forever, and nothing will
ever change? We change continuously
not always for the best, without knowing
true essence of love, in it's purest form.
Confiding in self among ageless
sprees, dust flows freely without each
speck of understanding, forcing
subconscious mind control, majestic
manifestations, appearing among truth
intimacy, and pleasurable passions of
foreseen images before direct contact
Admission not accepted, releasing truths
only known to the heartless, would cause a
backward flow of understandable knowledge
to unreasonable reactions limited for a short
time in dimensional space.
Taken across our space of wonder, do we
pronounce the reality of inspirational

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
Why worry in life my dear, life is much to
short to dance with the still remorse of
a constant itch that will not leave without

Breathe and breathe some more till your
lungs are filled with energy, escaping through
your pours of life.

Upside down smiles do not become you my
dear, they make your eyes dull, making
you fake like a Barbie doll.

I know! That look is familiar, but at times
others could give you some help in the line
of good advice, without that sneaky
smirk my dear.

I know actions speak louder than words
and with all those troubles you don't
have, you think you do, give me a hug
sometime, just to make you feel you are
not alone without anyone in your

When you really notice, in which you
will some day, you will be the one giving
some good advice to your little one who
thinks life really *****.

Strange how a person's outlook
takes a double take, finding out that
all answers are not correct, most of them
are wrong, till you live and find out that all
your life time was just a ego problem..

(Nice to find out it took all these years
to find that out)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
I gather my energy from mother earth
she is my church, and nature is my
I cannot find calmness anywhere, just
running free and wild under the skies
of pure energy.
Flowers are my perfume, they linger
forever in my blood, as I swim the
cool waters of tranquility.
Their is no place I rather be just breathing
freshness of God's green earth.
Was born to mingle through life, gathering
energy from earth's sweetness, running with
the animals, flying with the birds, swaying
with the breeze kissing mother gently
where ever my heart roams.
This is where I shall be, when my body
leaves mother earth, “With dust I was
made, to dust I will return.”
Could never find another place I'd rather
be than collecting all my energy from
mother earth..

(Thank You Lord for Giving me Mother Earth)
She is my energy source, that forces me
to my knee's with love.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Mar 5
Completeness, surrender among the meek for you will be the maker of peace and they will follow what the laws of love consist of within your words.

You shall proclaim the rules of contentment among the brave and weary.
You shall have a glow opening the sky of light, way above the Universe.

What was promised in the book of knowledge, will come about in a completely different way, a way that will change mankind into beings of light!

A new world of consciousness will be born and we
shall not remember the life we lived once upon a time in the world of dismay.

Imagination will be the key to knowledge, understanding
and wisdom will the blueprint of our foundation
of believers.

There will never be a question in our minds once
we have found all the answers within.

Have patience, we shall move mountains
like the sparkling of the stars in the
velvet heavens.


By Derena
© 2019 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Nov 2018
Along long road to travel, it's
wide and never ending, it goes
on and on from morning till dusk
and still you keep moving on..

Why! does the road lead you on
does it make you satisfied with
yearning in your heart, does it
keep you searching without

Along long road to travel alone
the hours run into days, and days
into months, still you travel these
long roads from dawns early
light, till shadows fall without a
doubt upon a restless heart.

Are you crying silently leaving
the road calm your insanity? is
it the way you chose to go, down
that long road to peace or escape.

Lead not your heart down this
road that makes you a slave
climb that mountain that leads
you to your inner peace, then it
soon will end, without another
lonely thought, just the depth of
understanding of who you always
been from the beginning.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Before eyes so blurred, behold beauty
no other can gaze upon, wonders so
magnificent no words have power to

Treasures of vastness, beauty, nature
in it's splendor, appears so still among
years of growth, what happened through
centuries when Indians roamed this
mighty land I wonder!

History born without notice among this
land so thick with wonder, sit and listen
to sounds of nature, music not forgotten
new sounds, new life, new treasures no
other can make so complete...

Glory is each moment spent with life's
mysteries, many thoughts, much peace
comes from a heart so sensitive to
mother nature, God was certainly good
to her and mankind..

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Nov 2018
If ever I could shed my tears, they may spread throughout the world
and save the people of lost souls, not yet know how to radiate there light..

Cometh into your dimensions, cross your heart with love, think of how you got here in a second of your dream light last night.

Remember your path does not cross you, you make it happen where you seem to appear without your own knowledge.

Being you can be amazing if you only release your pain, loving
self will always love as long as you recognize who you really are.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea May 2018

You fought for our country brave
and strong, you gave your all the
best you could.

You prayed so hard I felt your tears
when blood soaked in the dry hard

You called for help the angels came
with brilliant confidence, they gave you
strength to finish your fight.

You  fight the war now within yourself
to try to make people understand that
love comes from deep, not from the
depths of darkness, so easy to follow.

You will always be a brave young man
in the hearts of all men and women of
America, the home of the free and the

Thank you for your protection to all our
fighting men and woman and those who
have laid down their lives for America.


“God Bless America”

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 6
Among the ashes, tears do flow
building foundations strong with fear
binding threads, behind masks show
the count down has just begun.

While darkness seeps through hearts
of doubt, the land cries from thirst and
shame, why man had to make his mark
across the universal plain.

Where shadows fall upon misty nights
dawn hides away what can't be found
thorns never seen, must bleed away
tears that fall upon deceit.

Truth may be a passing thing, while
silence flow like thunder across skies
among the ashes of time we see
a world distorted, a world we lost
a world of ashes known has history.

Though bleakness draws its final
breath, life flows faster yet, to settle
down across the land, forces of false
conclusion end, in sorrow and heartache
among the ashes of yesterday.

Today's another day, where ashes were
thrown among never-ending sorrow, years
and years ago, now freedom rings no
more, we walk among disasters new
where only shadows flow and darken
in these new days of uncertainty.

(Cross your arms each and everyone, that
we may never see the shadows appear)

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Mar 2018
Among the ashes, tears do flow,
to build foundations strong from fear,
binding threads, behind masks no
more, the count down, has just

While darkness seeps through hearts
of doubt, the land cries from thirst and
shame, why man had to make his mark,
across the universal plain..

Where shadows fall on misty nights,
dawn hides away what can't be found,
thorns never seen, must bleed away,
tears that fall upon deceit..

Truth may be a passing thing, while
silent whispers sharp like thunder,
among the ashes of time we see,
a world distorted, a world we lost,
a world of ashes, known has history..

Though bleakness draws it's final
breath, life flows faster yet, to settle
down across the land, a false
conclusion ends with pain, among
the ashes of yesterday...

Derena (Harriet) (2018 Copyright
Harriet Shea May 2018
A Angel in her glory and wonder
watches your love for all little birds
flowers and mother nature.

You are an amazing lady of love and
compassion and those who see you
can feel the light flowing through
more and more with each piece of
your heart you give in love.

God bestows blessings upon you dear
lady of magical wonder, and you shall
fly high above the trees of mother earth
and touch the face of God.


By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
Angel of peace comfort the lonely
bring forth happiness upon this
troubled earth, shelter those who
have no home, or loved ones to
help them, in time being alone.

Shine down your guiding light
help those who cannot help
themselves, give them strength
and comfort in these days of
uncertain times.

Angel of peace, help the weary
and troubled souls, show them
a life of promise and forgiveness
and faith to release sadness that
lies deep in each mans heart.

Be merciful to those who cannot
understand reasons of unfair
treatment, when abuse kills so
many without notice.

Angel of Peace! please help those
who cannot forgive another in God's
Holy name.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Nov 4
Complications renounce anointed lesions
caused by doubtful recurrence upon
another, for one simple reason of
fear and insecurity.

Annoyed to destruction, world affairs
programmed, a virus spreading
throughout a confused complicated
world-leading nowhere, only blank

One at a time falls off the cliff
celebrating the indifference of a
complicated situation, unfolding
to the greater of all, falsely rolling
the ball in the opposite direction
of understanding.

Time collapsing against each other
wreaking foundations, ruling ridiculous
thoughts to confuse the program
operator to discontinue power to
continue performance.

Falling apart the partials form into
a explanatory alliance to repair all
damage made from a machine.

(Watch Technology)

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
Another day to look at, with
feelings of uncertainty. I cannot
see beyond an hour, or even two..

I feel a calmness within, not to
say why I should! Too many ways
of today; tell me I'm not happy
go lucky! Just a sad feeling
enters my heart ,making me wonder
how tomorrow shall be.....

When life brings clouds of darkness
upon the fields of uncertainty, that is
when light should shine through
clouds that brought fear..

Another day, another second
another heartbeat in days we
now live to the fullest..

Upon the ledge of today we start
making a memory, we hope we
put in our diary of another

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Jul 2018
Only dreams of wonderment seem to
linger on without explanation, sweet
lovely thoughts, caressing my heart with
love, affection and laughter sought from
another place in time.

Linger softly across my mind, leaving your
presents melting like ice, upon hot coals
glowing brighter through times, when love
held the spear of bitter sweetness, passion
capturing natures loving ways.

Summer of youth was wild and free, holding
it's magical spell, simplified and adorned, by
mystical dreams, mingling together as one
entity, bounding endlessly in loves sweet

(Days of Wine and Roses, and never
Ending Memories)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Dec 2018
One more story, one more day
another smile to soothe a hurting

Another glance across the way
another story, a simple hello to
a stranger passing by..

A kiss for the little ones, a hug
of love before the sand man comes
a prayer of thanks for blessings
adorn from the heart..

Another day, painted in colorful hues
a miracle sweeping away with the breeze
a blanket filled with sparkles in dreams
a night of misty bliss lingering by..

One more story, one more smile to give
another hand shake for a day well spent
another year of growth, another lesson learned
a heart filled with love along the path of

One more story from the history books
a what use to be, that is not today, a new
world approaching the landscape of tomorrow
and dreams of a promise well kept..

A new love entering into haste, time is wrong
a pressed rose of beauty in the summer
time of youth, another story of what was
and what could of been..

A special song, bringing memories floating
across thundering clouds, casting rainbows
after each refreshing rain..

Another story told about the past, today
and maybe tomorrow the future, will
bring a glow through each ray of sunlight.

Another story added to collections of
memories, adventures adding mystery
alluring joyous illusions of sweet reflections.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 29
Wrote this poem for my grandson Robbie Dollar!
Two years today he has passed..

Another Year Passes

(We All Love and Miss you Robbie)

Another year has gone by my dear Robbie
yet your so close within my daily thoughts
bound in the soul, bright as your light
shining on and on.

Your dreams are coming true, always
been the law to give cyclist three feet
but wasn't recognized as the law till
so many had to die in vain, and your
the one to make everyone realize cyclists
have rights too, by starting the Rob
Dollar Foundation for the safety of all
cyclists. ((Robbie's inspirational Dream))

I know you're so proud of everyone who
loves you dearly, and those who shall
carry you in their hearts forever while
your riding up there in the wide open
spaces with no end.

We all love you Robert Allen Dollar
and I Grandma Shea, shall always
have that little star in my soul just
for you.

You are the Star of all who love
you Robbie!

Ride on with love from all of us.

Love you, my Grandson,

Grandmaaaa Shea
Roaming enlightened, astray I ascend
into the depths of my reality unknown
to surroundings that enclose my thoughts
within the light of my soul's fire.

Beyond blissfulness, a place known to
those who did not falter underserve
pressure when alignment occurred
within the arch of serenity watching
beauty disappear.

Softy, infinity defines herself within my
realm of confusion, existence is beyond
grasping, each surrendering thought in vain
collapsing silently, in my humble manner
acknowledged by confidence adorn to
full complicity of spirit.

Captured, fulfilled in wisdom, fleeing away
in thoughts of yesterdays sweet beliefs
that caught my light lingering in
the darkness of unawareness and gloom
sighing in my unconsciousness state
of mind.

No time for awakening, accepting
what must soon come our way.

© 2019DerenaBree(All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Apr 2018
Around each bend their stands
a plastic folder, information about
life's true purpose living on earth
around each bend, another reason to
keep travel on.

Around each bend, a tear is shed
for mistaken lies, lost emotion, no
more tears before our final walk
our final dream, our final sleep.

Around each bend, regrets grow,
not from mistakes, not from love,
not from a misty night unseen,
regrets that peace was never found
on God's holy earth.

Around each bend, a flower grows
hiding away it's beauty to those
who cannot find it, in themselves,
to pray in a whisper untouched by

Around a bend, a thought, only simple
thought, of how it was, and could of
been, if their was another bend instead
of just a road paved in confusion to
have one more chance to repent.

Across the road, a path, leads to
a good side an bad side, when life
has made the final choice, shadows
disappear, no bends, no questions,
no answers, just the final place to enter
good or bad side, You picked the side
you wanted, when you lived your life the
way you did.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Jul 2018
Gold, cherished with heart,
given away so long ago,
when destiny called from the
wilderness, like a fairy tale,
perfect, glittering in the afternoon

Fairy tales all never shine
like gold, they turn dull
like metal foundations, building
upon it strong with promises..

Awaken, dreams are wishes,
wishes become a promise
with expectations demanding
something, like each glow
of moonlight fading in the
mist of time...

Stars shine brilliantly
above, like a candle in the
wind, soon disappearing in
morning light, sweet love
touching down, turning bad
each loving thought...

Love was never meant to be,
it was stolen away in the storm,
that left with the mighty wind,
sparkles never burn out, embers
lying hidden away, lost, but
remembered, such a love was
never meant to be..

Returned now the child, he
was lost, hoping he has
found his direction to walk,
to hold, to cherish, no regrets,
just a journey dismissed, a new
one goes on, wiser in love
maybe, when he learns to love
his own person....

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
Awaken children of the light, it is
time to go forward into the Universe
finding why you have had no knowledge
of your present life and where it is leading
you now.
As we know! living is all we have ever known
it is about love, respecting, working hard
on all we believe, and taught, simple as that.
False belief's grow stronger behind doors of
confusion as we place our complicated thoughts
on hold, fabricating excuses without knowledge
of what they themselves are trying to understand.
Now, it is time to find out all the answers to your
questions. As you know, we are only using very little
of our brain, and now we are awakening our brain
which means our intellect will be energized to the
point for us to travel through our own dimensional
state of awareness, finding knowledge, is only
a scar away from the main wound.
Your mind will be opened to all creation, with
no definitional length of intelligence we
have inherited through the beginning of man kind.
We have been enlightened once again for the last
time, for in finding our own light, we will be our
guide for ourselves and all your thoughts of the past
will be erased and a new life will start once again.
Seems hard to understand this is taking place right
now, but it is! and as time passes by, time will be
no more, it will no longer be important.
Living will be different from what you know it to
be, it will be spot intellect, without memories
to hold you down. Memories have only been the
after math of having a brain in the first place,
all that happened in your life was not a memory
it was a thought, manifesting a memory that
was never a reality from the beginning.
All to complicated in our small minds right now
only you shall travel into your own enlightenment
Yes you:! will travel without knowing, you will be
enlightened and nothing will be the same again.
You will be your own person and know all answers
to every question you have always wanted to know.
No more questions will be asked, we will know all
answers, right from the beginning.
Be observant! you will no longer move into the
darkness, when your enlightened, no fears, no
doubts to hold you back from being your true
self enlightened being of the Universe.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Nov 2018
Before this dream of ignorance and self discipline
is over from illusions made and kept sacred with
fragments of dust related scriptures filled with
mysterious fearful disillusionment.
All continues on with love and dismissal of understanding
lost in the realities of another faltered gesture, we cannot
travel among the monuments of yesterdays knowledge, we
must awaken before the great Universe and Master of love
and inter-dimensional structures of lawful intelligent entities
performance, awakened after eternal resurrection, traveling
through black holes of new creation, new worlds completing
perfect performance installed, blueprints of love and peace
among all universes.

(Alive, enlightened, united in love of all bodies and Universes)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Dec 2018
Baby girl Harmony, so pure
so bright, a blessing of love to
Mommy and Daddy and all who
love her so.

She come into this world already
loved from within, and now with
all the sparkles and sunshine smiles
she is loved more and more.

Miracles always happen and we never
realize until a beautiful baby filled
with light, is born into the world
and treasured always.

God is good, he gives us all the riches
we can ever wish for, and the miracle
of birth is the most beautiful love we can
ever have from God.

Keep our love always new, and let
it keep growing unto the Lord in heaven.

This is a poem for little Harmony Dollar
born with love light and peace within
her precious heart forever..

Derena Bree
Harriet Shea Dec 2018
Listen well, there lives a silent whisper
deep within, if you lay among natures
finest, you'll hear those whispers softly
blowing across your mind, be aware.

Listen well, you may not hear, not
till silence appears surrounding
misty nights of natures sweet embrace
be aware.

Walk in the wilderness of peace, capture
enlightenment from your soul, whispers shall
flow like the the streams, fresh, ready
to swim in delight, if you listen, be aware.

Don't wait, follow whispers escaping
from within, peace shall follow you, now
you've found silence, the light that radiates
from within, blow like the mighty wind, wild
free, shadows of doubt disappears when you
listen to those silent whispers
from within..Be aware.

Listen and be aware!

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Sep 8
Listen well, there lives a silent whisper
deep within, if you lay among natures
finest, you'll hear those whispers softly
blowing across your mind, be aware.

Listen well, you may not hear, not
till silence appears surrounding
misty nights of natures sweet embrace
be aware.

Walk in the wilderness of peace, capture
enlightenment from your soul, whispers shall
flow like the streams, fresh, ready
to swim in delight, if you listen, be aware.

Don't wait, follow whispers escaping
from within, peace shall follow you, now
you've found silence, the light that radiates
from within, blow like the mighty wind, wild
free, shadows of doubt disappears when you
listen to those silent whispers
from within. Be aware.

Listen and be aware!

By derenaBree

© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Sep 2018
Be free, be you, never stand
uncovered unaware, always
share your love and peace with
those who are lost.
Be the one you were meant to
be, when you were first created
from love.
Be the flower no one can see, it is
only you who can see what you have
become, your world is brighter, fresh
with understanding of heart, you
dance with songs you hear within
with a satisfied mind.
Be the mist upon the trees that
sparkle in the early morning sun.
Be free, fly through the clouds white
pure of un-perfections.
Climb that mountain of deep knowledge
sow what you have been taught to the
world of unbelievers.
Show them freedom comes from the pool
of tranquility, eternal peace, love of new
enlightenment, power of the Universe.
Be free, be you, there is no other, just
you, to be the one you are, becoming
the best you can.
Be free, with the hope you carry, and
faith that grows daily, through lifes
sweet embrace.

(Be Free, Be You)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Jun 24
We should never judge anyone, even how jealous we are! Many are filled with dislike cause they can't be
stronger in mind, and spirit, unable to change their thoughts of who they wish they could be. Always be your unique self. Thank the Lord in Heaven he made us the way we are. All men think and see everything in different ways we are made from God's image, with free wills to do what we want in life. Many paths, many decisions, many hurts, many deep holes to climb out of, only one direction to embrace comes from our soul's intuition following, listening, to our inner voice which is the intuition of our souls, power eternal.
If we learn to listen to our inner voice we will begin healing learning who we are, and why we must know our power of soul, body, mind.
Loving ourselves with deep respect will show our love is the master of our hearts, inspiring us to go deeper within, to find our true connection. Many life's to find ourselves! when the time arrives, that we have evolved enough, to find answers
destined by God, peace, true power of self, we shall then
be teachers of self- control and knowledgeable wisdom.
We cannot be something we are not until we realize we must find the answers to our own existence by going past the darkness into the light of understanding, visual depth
of true reality, focusing on the river flowing free, wild with
the tranquility of spirit and light.
We all have to wake up from our deep sleep finding who we really are! in time when all has passed with many failures, we shall appear like stars shining in our
Multi-inter dimensional Universe.

We have become one person in one Body and Spirit.

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Jul 11
Dress in love, being who
you are, not another's fool
in games of chance.

Waking up before your time
may never make you wise, will
only bring you doubt, fearing
darkness before your time.

Dream with all your heart
never leaving angels warmth
behind, while you sleep peacefully
in majestic glory.

At times we wonder why
rain must wash away
dust upon the rose, watching
droplets falling to the ground
shining like diamonds.

Miracles always happen if we
believe it or not, we shall always
be who we were meant to be.

No reason to hang our heads
it will never change the way we

God made us all miracles!
We are his children.

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Beautiful heart, untouched
and pure, free like a
hawk in flight.

Beautiful dreams of love
never known a dream
such as you.

Angel of loveliness
standing in your
own space, capturing
all who look upon you.

Beautiful eyes, made
for only me, a savage
deep, with no evil
flowing, only love
locking up with mine.

Singing songs that echo
above the mountain tops
a softness that calms
me, when my eyes may

Beautiful, everlasting
dreams, and rainbows
surrounding you my

Beautiful heart, so pure
letting me in step by
step, oh, sweet love
your my everything.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Jun 29
Magic of beauty surrounds my soul
heart and mind.

Beautiful peace comforts me with
love flowing with light and grace.

Freedom rings in the depth of loves

How flowers bloom in beauty when
one wakes up without flaws of

When I saw the light shine within me
the first time, I thought I was only
dreaming awake, when it was a true
warmth coming from within, I closed
my eyes found myself for the
first time knowing exactly where
I was from and what my mission
was here on this earthly plane.

Strange enough I feared nothing
my doubts were no longer doubts
but the understanding of our Universe
becoming clear as glass, I shuffled
each illusion in my deeply formed
sub-consciousness finding the
oneness in me.

Now foundations build strength
beneath earthly weakness, I
can touch each moment before
it becomes a reality.

Beautiful magic silently captures
my spirit leading me through
the vortex of eternal bliss.

(Life has just begun)

By DerenaBree
© 2019 DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Mar 18
Beautiful Mother Earth connected to my very soul now and forever shall I cross the lands of forgiveness, bringing forth my hearts desires while I walk the lands of freedom and
inner peace from deep within the cosmos of the now, and blessing of our people who hold Mother sacred in all our hearts and souls.
Never have the Gods before us, held life in nets of disturbed turmoil, has today we climb the mountains one last time with no looking back, time is near to cross our hearts in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.
We have no more than our own selves to save and follow the light of stardom in the Universal plane waiting for us to know where we belong and have always belonged before breathing our first breath.
Laying flat on the ground of Mother, shall we be connected again as from the beginning everything become a reality, not an illusion from an imaginary intellect.
We make life, we show love, we praise our infinite savior of the Universe, capturing our souls from our super-consciousness coming from the firmament of creation.
Drifting in rhythm with each beat of our inner drums of love, power, we have created, and will always create forever
no end, no beginning, just being now with nothing but love flowing through our Universal veins of life, listening to the silence of each song heard from soul, heart, mind,
spirit of our glistening knowledge beyond the rim
of understanding, pressed together with silver cords
leading us from each dimensional light, teaching us why, who we are without knowing.
Nothing communicates just knowledge, just the essence of
each sphere connected to the next, combining a new world of divine creatures created from us.
We are the now, the freshness of the breeze blowing from the four corners of world's intentional vision, watching mother sunshine her light down, pass the shadows of darkness.
May we forever thank Mother Earth for her brightness
and gifts she has bestowed upon us.
May we treat her with tenderness, and kiss each night hoping her light will be seen again each day that passes.
May we never forget to stare in the heavens at the stars that sparkle, hoping the light of our Universe shall
dance in peace among all nations.
May we be taught from Mother, where love penetrates the deepest part of our own existence, showing light and harmony among all theologians of the Universe.
May we have one last chance to change this so-called living, a life of wonderment, a mystical journey into a world of tranquility, magical mysteries of the cosmos of
ecstasy and mystery.

By Derena
© 2019 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
There are places you can only imagine to be
once you have entered the scared realm of life
you never forget why hearts were never meant
to be cold.

Reverent silence drift across no mans land
glistering glory rises high among each sigh
slowly rays shoot across inner thoughts
leaving emotions untouched.

Winds flirting along river bank cliffs
softer kiss, tender glance once restless
with hands holding bars of steel and anger
yards of satin flow toward roads, untraveled
gathering untouched memories.

Soaring in darkness a speck, a light, a silence
quietly breaking through stain glass foundations
dissolving like quicksand sinking fast within
each lingering thought.

(My Sweet Realm of Destiny)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Dec 2018
A world magnificent filled with wisdom
dripping in golden thoughts, magical mist
flowing through gates carved in marble
crystals adorn, on ground of green, brown
orange sensational emotions, capturing
intuitive clarification among st empires
boldly floating above universal sensational
adventures, administrating vows in terms
of understandable communication.

Remembrance; coated with satisfaction, among
each glance, given in a moment of was, now
and will be.

Cannot comprehend differences than, when
beauty was pronounced in many ways
that no longer exist.

Unimpressed, confused emotional acceptance
unbearable to conditions, having no excuse
for ways unexpected to humans now
living upon planet earth.

How this world of warmth and beauty
could radiate love, if we understood
what unconditional love consists of
without resentment.

So easy to follow hearts warmth
souls guidance, still we walk
in shadows of lost re-ensured truth
of our own making, caring less
camouflaged under restraint

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Jul 2018
When you walk away don't look back
it will only cause a tear to fall my dear
so if you want to leave the one who loves you
don't look back before the next tear falls..

There was never a time I have stopped loving you
now the clouds have darkened and you want to leave
I could never leave the one I love, it would **** me
it would make the teardrops fall upon my heart..

So if you choose to leave me dear, I who loves you
don't walk away with a tear drop in your eyes
it would only make my world fall apart to see you cry
so stay with me the one who loves you so...

There was a time I meant the world to you dear
you never spoke an angry word like you do now
You looked at me with love and you were so sincere
now I feel so far away when your around it's not right
no more love I feel in your cold heart, what happened?
why did you let your love fade so far away!!
was it I who made you shed tears and frighten you
If it was I never meant to hurt and stray away..

You told me to leave you alone when I didn't
I cried so many tears behind your back it hurts
so now you stare pass me with no love in your eyes
all I do now is walk away before the next teardrop
fall upon the ground, no more to hold you in my
empty arms, I will never stop loving you dear, never

Now I will walk away before the next tear falls
upon my heart that hurts like it's been cut out
so now I say good-bye with no feelings left, only
a heart that has died, no more here I'll be, I have
just dried and died under the hot sun from a broken

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 7
Begin your adventure in life
follow the road without a road
you shall live your own true
adventure, watching life
unfold before your eyes.

Climb the mountain never
been climbed, it has a trail
of enchantment, still not

Believe without anyone
telling you too, you shall
fine each page of life
worthy of seeking.

Unwind the scrolls of time
you shall be amazed at the
wonders concealed.

Combine, all knowledge
power, teachings, and you
will find the master to your

Your journey is the secret
of everlasting life, key
of love.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
With each sun set, it never really sets
it lives forever in each memory that lies
in the vault of time, it controls the mind
of restlessness, bringing a calmness..

Each memory never ending, in living
shall we always play our roles making
each one a never ending story...

There is never an end, it lingers softly
adding depth along it's way, it goes on
forever, leaving a mark down each path
that leaves memories of yesterday...

Forsake all sadness, in feeling sad
we have grown strong in our beliefs
we have added another memory to
one we added only a few minutes

Writing feelings down, only is part
of what you feel, it is in feeling from
the heart that one becomes a
person of love, and understanding.

To really love, one must feel down
deep, search the cavern of the
soul, come out refreshed and
new, that is how you find what
lies deep, searching and yearning
keeping true to yourself...

One must not walk through life
blind, it will cause confusion, let
life come to you, it will seep inside
showing great wisdom..

With wisdom comes self worth
deeper then the shadows that
follows in the darkness, they are
fears that appear without notice
welding deep inside if you let

Capture your wisdom, hold on to
it, it is worth more to be wise
than unwise, for in living does one
become wiser, knowledgeable
compassionate, loving, it shall
always be the savior to your own

Words of wisdom come easier
for in living and understanding
does one really hear one's
heartbeat, with awareness, you
become alert to each blessing
that comes your way..

With blessings there are no
more days of misery, the concept
of life is like a breath of fresh
air becoming fresher with each
breath you take..

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Feb 16
Crystals glowing across lands of redemption
sands of time disclosed with an attitude of deceit
no room for a constant thought of a promise once
kept and forsaken.

Indescribable beauty soars high above imagination
gathering waves digested by lingering aromas lazily
drifting above treasures shimmering with one little tear
of memory never forgotten.

Mesmerized, dazed, pictures combine, dance, and unite
in an orderly manner, rearranging the situation perfectly
in a formation featuring dimensional structures on earth
behind the scenes of yesterday.

Close to thee thou are, upon a single branch with
leaves of gold, sparkling brightly beyond infinity
placing your heart next to the desire you yearned
for, in silence, and patience.

One ornament placed high, bright! a light that
brightens with every smile that flows from a
heart filled with love.

Derena Bree
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Between you and me, a silence, a word not spoken
a quick glance, a peace within both our minds, and
deep connection of heart.

Between you and me, we have a special understanding
like soul mates, listening to our inner voice flowing
deep within.

Between you and me, our life smoothly runs in
blissful contentment, forests of beauty lies ahead while
we walk into nature.

We share our time with special magic keeping
our love so new, we have that unique feeling that
connects us together in harmony.

Between you and me, we shall swim the rivers wide, walk
fields wild, soak up the summer sun, and take in the evening
magic, with sweet jasmine blowing in the breeze.

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Beyond each rule is order
it controls your heart, it
leads you to the place you
need to be.

There is no rule so hard
or so deep, to understand
the reason it appears.

Each emotion is ruled by
your senses, never always
perfect, still the ruler of
your existence.

Careful of the tears cried
in vain, each mark is never
to deeply installed.

Your the ruler of your heart,
follow it, your dreams could
be paved in gold.

Beyond each rule, you will find
out you made it on your own
with the help of your Heavenly

You never gave up the fight
you gathered all your faith and
created your strength you were
born with..

(Keep your rule simple! Love)

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 25
Beyond my fondest dreams, I sit alone gazing into space, opening up a star-filled sky of memories long passed.

Dreams of color shooting like rainbows around my mind letting the sunshine warm my soul, unknown to myself I have entered into a world of dreams.

My fondest dream now becoming reality understands the sadness of my long-forgotten past.

Treasures golden and pure among my loves of earthly dreams, disappearing before my eyes without knowing they were once my fondest dreams holding tightly against the secrets of my own existence.

Flames of passion shoot inside me once again while the gray skies turn into blue memories locking, securing lost sadness, forsaken in despair.

Time is our best healer as we remain the same in body, different in spirit. We have become a friend in need of our own forbidden thoughts.

No more space to put the memories, I just forgot where they were stored once in time.

© 2019DerenaBree (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Oct 2018
Rest your head upon my shoulder
let me reach deep within your heart
Fill my mind with glorified visions...

Raging rivers run deep, majestic
mountains touching the heavens,
power of restless love flows on
and on into the river of no return...

Spectacular light shines bright into
the soul of Innocence, a powerful
and irresistible magnet of energy
and tranquility...

Restless, raging, against the fury
of once confusion, lays a soft and
tender hand upon my mind of untamed
wildness and rage...

Sleeping is the rage and fury of restless
love, it hides away in the depth of the
darkest part of the soul, locked, welded
in spirit. Fear no more, love has now
calmed down after the storm..

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
Harriet Shea Aug 2018
Building is a art they say
if you know how, your a
lucky son of a gun..

Build your home on love
it will last forever, if you
have a trusting heart..

Build your foundation
around your heart,
and the circle shall
be closed around your

Build your understanding
on what you have learned
and never stop comprehending
what may come your way..

Build your fire place strong,
with brick, like love, it shall
burn forever.

Build your compassion for
others, you will never forget
your rewards.

Build your life on your beliefs
you will then have the blue
prints locked inside to pass
on to others.

Building is a art, if you learn
it from the start, and never
stop learning, their will always
be something new beyond your

By Derena
© 2018 Derena (All rights reserved)
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